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Volume 9 No.4 (2020)

Article - 1 Title A Cost Effective Scalable Framework for Dynamic Threshold Based Autoscaling in Cloud 4168 –4181
Authors C.Venish Raja, Dr.L.Jayasimman   PDF
Article - 2 Title Impact of Morphology on the performance of Search Engine while retrieving information in Hindi Language 4182 - 4188
Authors Akanksha Sharma, Vikash Yadav   PDF
Article - 3 Title Design and Development of Wireless Fan Regulator using ZigBee Concept 4189 - 4194
Authors Anita Gehlot, Rajesh Singh, Amit Kumar Thakur, Rajeev Pandey   PDF
Article - 4 Title Implementation of Siamese Convolutional Neural Network from Cell Images for Malaria Disease Identification 4195 - 4200
Authors Devi Devani, Alethea Suryadibrata, Julio Christian Young   PDF
Article - 5 Title A Cluster based Routing Protocol for MANET using Mahalanobis Distance based Clustering and Gravitational Search Algorithm 4201 – 4208
Authors T.V.Suresh Kumar, Dr.Prabhu G Benakop   PDF
Article - 6 Title Enhanced Traffic Scheduling Algorithm by Implementing Committed Information Rate (CIR) in Broadband Systems for a Disaster-stricken Footprint in Telecommunications 4209 – 4215
Authors Aaron Don M. Africa, Fernando M. Dimaala   PDF
Article - 7 Title Local Area Network Monitoring: The Issue of Broadcast Storm 4216 – 4222
Authors Maxim Sergeevich Logachev, Ivan Vladimirovich Voronin, Valentina Valentinovna Britvina, Sergey Аlexandrovich Tichtchenko, Alexei Valerievitch Altoukhov   PDF
Article - 8 Title Sugeno Fuzzy Inference Method and MatLab Application Program for Simulation of Student Performance Evaluation in the Elementary Mathematics Learning Process 4223 – 4228
Authors Eka Zuliana   PDF
Article - 9 Title Speech Enhancement Using Novel Time-Frequency Analysis Techniques: A Survey on Comparison 4229 – 4234
Authors Jagadish S.Jakati, Shridhar S.Kuntoji   PDF
Article - 10 Title Video Conferencing and Webinars: Integration of Online Tools in Traditional Forms of Educational and Scientific Activities 4235 – 4240
Authors Tatyana Ilinichna Golubeva , Kapitolina Leonidovna Ulanova, Evgeniya Alekseevna Kurenkova, Nafiset Kirmizovna Kuprina, Olga Yuryevna Shvetsova, Vladislav Alekseyevich Dmitriyev   PDF
Article - 11 Title Design Mobile Application for Health Consultation during Pandemic Covid 19 4241 – 4244
Authors Rudi Setiawan, Zainul Kisman, Umar Al Faruq, Qassandra Chaidir   PDF
Article - 12 Title Novel Multistage approach of Medical Data using Machine Learning with Clustering Technique 4245 – 4250
Authors K. Sasirekha, Dr. V. Kathiresan   PDF
Article - 13 Title Development of a Pilot-scale Pulse Electric Field system for Processing Liquid Foods 4251 – 4256
Authors Oluremilekun Oyetunji, Opeyemi Adeagbo, Faruq Quadri, Felix Ishola, Angela Mamudu, Eniola Akinbode   PDF
Article - 14 Title A Machine Learning approach for analyzing and detecting Android malicious applications 4257 – 4261
Authors V. Joseph Raymond , R.Jeberson Retna Raj   PDF
Article - 15 Title Detecting Stealth-based Attacks in Large Campus Networks 4262 – 4277
Authors Mohammad Al-Fawa'reh, Mustafa Al-Fayoumiy   PDF
Article - 16 Title Prediction of Water Contamination Detection using Thermal Image Processing 4278 – 4284
Authors R.Venkatesan, T. Jemima Jebaseeli, K. Ramalakshmi   PDF
Article - 17 Title Model-Based Approach for Supporting Quick Caching at iOS Platform 4285 – 4294
Authors Ahd Radwan, Samer Zein   PDF
Article - 18 Title Applying grey systems to assess social impact on the extraction phase of the Palma mining project in Peru 4295 – 4301
Authors Alexi Delgado, Brayam Ortiz, Rodrigo Hurtado de Mendoza, Robert Monge, Antony Perez, Ch. Carbajal   PDF
Article - 19 Title Public Market Price Monitoring Information System with SMS Notification: A Decision Support System 4302 – 4307
Authors Jon Laurence B. Wenceslao   PDF
Article - 20 Title Performance Comparison of Virtual Machine Selection Policies in Cloud Environment 4308 – 4314
Authors Vikas Mongia, Anand Sharma   PDF
Article - 21 Title WOA based Reduced Order Modeling of LTIC Systems 4315 – 4321
Authors Jay Kumar, Girish Parmar   PDF
Article - 22 Title Telecom Big Data: Social Media Sentiment Analysis 4322 – 4327
Authors Salam Fraihat, Mahmoud AlMomani, Malak Fraihat, Mohammed Awad   PDF
Article - 23 Title R-Tree based Density Clustering for Multispectral Images 4328 – 4335
Authors Prasad Kaviti ,Valli Kumari Vatsavayi   PDF
Article - 24 Title A Hybrid Approach of Lexicon-based and Corpus-based Techniques for Arabic Book Aspect and Review Polarity Detection 4336 – 4340
Authors Raja Masadeh, Sa’ad Al-Azzam, Bassam Hammo   PDF
Article - 25 Title Two Fold Security on Cloud CRM using Hash Encryption and Role Based Security 4341 – 4351
Authors Pawan Kumar, Prof. Hariom Tyagi   PDF
Article - 26 Title Design and Analysis of an Ergonomic-Automated Adjustable Drafting Table 4352 – 4358
Authors Dana Salameh, Salah Abdallah   PDF
Article - 27 Title Design and Development of Low Power BTED Cryptography Algorithm on FPGA 4359 – 4362
Authors Ramesha M , Sridhara S.B , Anne Gowda A B , Anughna N , Bharathi Gururaj   PDF
Article- 28 Title Deep Embedding Data Fusion Scheme Using Variational Graph Auto-Encoder in IoT Environments 4363 – 4373
Authors Asmaa Mohamed fathy, Ahmed. A. A. Gad-Elrab, Sawsan Mohammed Aziz, Heba F. Eid   PDF
Article - 29 Title D-Talk: Sign Language Recognition System for People with Disability using Machine Learning and Image Processing 4374 – 4382
Authors Bayan Mohammed Saleh1, Reem Ibrahim Al-Beshr2, Muhammad Usman Tariq3   PDF
Article - 30 Title Smart Solar Grid integrated PV System with Faulty Permanence Enhancement: For Better Rural Electrification in India 4383 – 4388
Authors Krishna Chaitanya M, Sambasiva Rao G   PDF
Article - 31 Title Sentimental Analysis and Visualization of Food Reviews from Zomato using Tableau 4389 – 4393
Authors Bhanu Chugh, Mayank Pandita, Sejal Arya, Tanmay Jain, G.V.Bhole   PDF
Article - 32 Title Utilization of Artificial Neural Networks for Fast Encryption and Decryption of Messages 4394 – 4401
Authors Ayman Haggag, Khaled Elsharkawy, Eman Said   PDF
Article - 33 Title Real Time Multi-Scale Facial Mask Detection and Classification Using Deep Transfer Learning Techniques 4402 – 4408
Authors Ssvr Kumar Addagarla, G Kalyan Chakravarthi, P Anitha   PDF
Article - 34 Title Prediction of Source Code Quality Using Cyclomatic Complexity and Machine Learning 4409 – 4413
Authors G.Vamsi Krishna, M.Chaitanya Meher, Khushboo Jain, D.Nagamallesawari   PDF
Article - 35 Title SFS based Fractional Order PID Controller (FOPID) for Speed Control of DC Motor 4414 – 4423
Authors Rita Saini, Girish Parmar, Rajeev Gupta   PDF
Article - 36 Title Mood Detection Based on Arabic Text Documents using Machine Learning Methods 4424 – 4436
Authors Abdelbaset Hussein, Mohamed Al Kafri, Abdullah A. Abonamah, Muhammad Usman Tariq   PDF
Article - 37 Title Energy Efficiency Security Mechanism in Cloud MANET Mobility Model 4437 – 4450
Authors Niyati Gaur, Dr. Shish Ahmad   PDF
Article - 38 Title Use of Spline models in the Analysis of Signals collected during the measurement of Technological Processes 4451 – 4456
Authors Utkir Khamdamov, Avaz Mirzayev, Sirojiddin Xalilov   PDF
Article - 39 Title Decision Support System on Optimization of Information Protection Tools Placement 4457 – 4464
Authors Lakhno V. A., Lakhno M.V., Sauanova K. T., Sagyndykova Sh. N., Adilzhanova S. A.   PDF
Article -40 Title TSOU: A combined Traffic Scheduling, Optimization and Utility function based on Sailfish optimized DCNN in a Smart Grid (SG) communication network 4465 – 4473
Authors Sabita Nayak, Amit Kumar   PDF
Article - 41 Title Mathematical and Instrumental Methods for Calculating the Optimal Scheme of the Electrical Network 4474 – 4482
Authors Elena I. Mironova,Anna S. Sivirkina,Tatiana A. Asaeva,Inara A. Azizyan,Yulia I. Arabchikova   PDF
Article - 42 Title A Shopping Mall Indoor Navigation Application using Wi-Fi Positioning System 4483 – 4489
Authors Siok Yee Tan, Ka Jie Lee, Meng Chun Lam   PDF
Article - 43 Title A New Architecture: Informative Smart Parking System for Smart Cities 4490 – 4495
Authors Essa Abdullah Hezzam   PDF
Article - 44 Title A Novel Multimodal Biometric System using Face and FKP 4496 – 4502
Authors Komal, Dr. Chander Kant   PDF
Article - 45 Title Machine Learning Techniques for Life Expectancy Prediction 4503 – 4507
Authors Kasichainula Vydehi, Keerthi Manchikanti, T.Satya Kumari, SK Ahmad Shah   PDF
Article - 46 Title Energy Efficient Type II Fuzzy logic based Clustering with Quasi Oppositional Firefly based Routing Protocol for WSN-Assisted IoT System 4508 – 4514
Authors S. Nirmal Kumar, Dr T Suresh, Dr S Chakaravarthi   PDF
Article - 47 Title Power Spectral Density Analysis of Subsurface Electromagnetic Wave (EM) Radar Implemented in USRP 2932 4515 – 4520
Authors Vrian Jay V. Ylaya   PDF
Article - 48 Title Models and Methods of Corporate Information Protection System 4521 – 4524
Authors Karimov Madjit, Ganiyev Abdulkhalil, Sayfullaev Sherzod   PDF
Article - 49 Title Minimizing Time Complexity by Using Modified Strassen’s Matrix Multiplication Algorithm on Convolutional Layers 4525 – 4530
Authors Siddharth Narula, Akshit Mittal, Harsimran Jit Singh   PDF
Article -50 Title Moving Object Tracking using Inverse Perspective Mapping and Optical Flow 4531 – 4538
Authors Badr Almutairi1   PDF
Article -51 Title A Comparative Approach to Evaluate Different CVIs using Grid K-Means and Improved K-Means Clustering 4539 – 4545
Authors Hutashan Vishal Bhagat, Dr. Manminder Singh   PDF
Article -52 Title Construction of models for conversion of mortgage applications by the method of multiple regression and Neural Networks 4546 – 4550
Authors Aleksey V. Burkov,Ruslan V. Pshenichnov, Tatiana V. Yalyalieva   PDF
Article -53 Title A Modelling and Analysis Approach through Robot Simulation Tools and Break-Even Analysis for an Automated CANs Packing Production 4551 – 4557
Authors Khongsak S., Seksan C., Fasai W., Dechathanat T., Ismail A.H., Pramot S.   PDF
Article-54 Title Investigating Text Mining Features and Classifiers: An Experimental Analysis 4558– 4566
Authors Loveleen KaurPabla, Prashant Jain2, Prabhat Patel   PDF
Article - 55 Title LOC-LEACH: An Enhanced LEACH protocol for WSNs 4567– 4574
Authors Mohammed Réda El Ouadi, Abderrahim Hasbi   PDF
Article -56 Title Enhance of the Steering Control System for Electric Golf Cart Using MATLAB with FOPID 4575– 4579
Authors Mohammed R ABDULLAH, AbdullahiA Ibrahim, Noorulden B Mohamad wasel , Maan M Abdulwahid   PDF
Article -57 Title The Impact of Data Normalization on Predicting Student Performance: A Case Study from Hashemite University 4580 – 4588
Authors Esra'a Alshdaifat, Ala'a Al-shdaifat, Aisha Zaid , Ahmad Aloqaily   PDF
Article -58 Title A Pipeline to Data Preprocessing for Lipreading and Audio-Visual Speech Recognition 4589 – 4596
Authors Hea Choon Ngo, Ummi Raba’ah Hashim, Raja Rina Raja Ikram, Lizawati Salahuddin, Mok Lee Teoh   PDF
Articl3 - 59 Title Improving Laser Mark Detection for Retinal Images based on the AlexNet Model 4597 – 4603
Authors Mustafa Ali Abuzaraida, Osama Mohamed Elrajubi   PDF
Article - 60 Title Human Action Classification in Still Images via Human Skin Mask and Residual Neural Network 4604 – 4613
Authors Samar Monem1, Shereen A. Taie 2, Mohammed Kayed   PDF
Article - 61 Title Privacy Preserving Image Encryption Approach for Cloud Storage 4614 – 4620
Authors Mohamed Jafar Sadik, Noor Azah Binti Samsudin   PDF
Article - 62 Title Home Area Network (HAN) and Peripheral Devices using LV of Power Line Communication 4621 – 4626
Authors Aaron Don M. Africa, Tun Tun Oo   PDF
Article - 63 Title Forensics in Private Cloud leveraging the techniques in Machine Learning 4627 – 4632
Authors Savaridassan P., Dr G. Maragatham   PDF
Article - 64 Title Ear Recognition process using Hybrid System 4633 – 4639
Authors Jeel Doshi, Priyanka Patel   PDF
Article - 65 Title A Review of the Status of Scientific Research and Practical Techniques Related to Using Cement Kiln Dust to Stabilize Weak Soils 4640 – 4650
Authors Feras Al adday, Aymen Awad   PDF
Article - 66 Title Harmonic Distortion Analysis of ANFIS controlled PV fed three phase Voltage Source Converter 4650 – 4656
Authors R. Padmavathi, Dr. R. Kalaivani, P.S. Maheswari, Dr.K.Premkumar   PDF
Article - 67 Title A Novel Algorithm for Dividing Uzbek Language Words into Syllables for Concatenative Text-to-Speech Synthesizer 4657 – 4664
Authors Bakhtiyor Akmuradov, Utkir Khamdamov, Mukhriddin Mukhiddinov, Elbek Zarmasov   PDF
Article - 68 Title Safe Route Recommendation System for Pedestrians 4665 – 4670
Authors Anurag P , Kshitij K, Srividhya S   PDF
Article -69 Title Optimizing the Confidentiality of Lecturer Database using Elgamal Algorithm 4671 – 4677
Authors Edy Victor Haryanto S   PDF
Article -70 Title The iLearning Journal Center: Education Startup to Enhance Lecturer Research 4678 – 4682
Authors Indri Handayani, Dedeh Supriyanti, Giandari Maulani, Ninda Lutfiani   PDF
Article - 71 Title A Hybrid Knowledge-Based and Collaborative Filtering Recommender System Model for Recommending Interventions to Improve Elderly Wellbeing 4683– 4689
Authors Aini Khairani Azmi, Noraswaliza Abdullah , Nurul A. Emran   PDF
Article - 72 Title Lyco-Frequency: A Development of Lycopersicon Esculentum Fruit Classification for Tomato Catsup Production Using Frequency Sensing Effect 4690– 4695
Authors Alvin Sarraga Alon, Maria Cecilia A. Venal, Sammy V. Militante, Marlon D. Hernandez, Herman B. Acla   PDF
Article - 73 Title Data-Driven Methods for Next Generation of Wireless Communication Networks 4696 – 4700
Authors Vijayakumar Ponnusamy, T. Karthick, R. Nandakumar, Yuvaraj   PDF
Article - 74 Title Wavelet Analysis and Contrast Modification in the Study of Cell Structures Images 4701 – 4706
Authors Vyacheslav Lyashenko, Oleg Kobylin, Oleksandr Selevko   PDF
Article - 75 Title Image Steganography by Deep CNN Auto-Encoder Networks 4707 – 4716
Authors Ismail Kich , El Bachir Ameur, Youssef Taouil, Amine Benhfid   PDF
Article - 76 Title Water Quality Assessment using the Grey Clustering Analysis on a river of Taxco, Mexico 4717 – 4723
Authors Alexi Delgado, Nicolás Rojas, JonathanOblitas, Brenda Andrés, Araceli Huerta, Chiara Carbajal   PDF
Article -77 Title Applying Hopfield Neural Networks To Solve CSP Problems 4724 – 4728
Authors Anatolii Balanda, Mykola Pohoretskyi, Diana Serhieieva, Mikhail Hribov, Zoriana Toporetska   PDF
Article -78 Title Public Sentiment Insights Analysis using Word Sense Disambiguation Application on Twitter Data during a Pandemic – Covid’19 4729 – 4732
Authors K Anuratha, M Parvathy, R Priyadarshini, D Saisanthiya   PDF
Article - 79 Title Ontology and Clustering Based Heterogeneous Data Sources Integration 4733 – 4739
Authors Abrar Omar Alkhamisi, Mostafa Saleh   PDF
Article -80 Title Preventive Efforts and Risk Management in Information Technology Using COBIT 5 4740 – 4745
Authors Sarmini, Agung Prasetyo, Satria Pandu Adipurwoko   PDF
Article - 81 Title Optimal Feature Subset Selection and MSVM Classification Based CBIR for Medical Images 4746 – 4752
Authors S.Sankar Ganesh, S.V.Sudha, S.Ayyasamy, G.Pandiya Rajan, S.Chidambaram   PDF
Article - 82 Title An Improved Prediction Model for Software Vulnerabilities Count using Regression Approach 4753 – 4764
Authors Mohammad Shamsul Hoque, Norziana Binti Jamil, Nowshad Amin   PDF
Article - 83 Title A New Load Balancing Algorithm for Better Resource Utilization in Cloud Computing Environment 4765 – 4771
Authors Sanjiv Kumar Grewal, Dr.Neeraj Mangla   PDF
Article - 84 Title A Comparative Analysis of Filters towards Sign Language Recognition 4772 – 4782
Authors Fauziah Kasmin, Nur Shahirah Abd Rahim, Zuraini Othman, Sharifah Sakinah Syed Ahmad, Zahriah Sahri   PDF
Article - 85 Title Wireless Sensor Networks based Intelligent Localization in Hostile Environment for Energy Conservation 4783 – 4787
Authors P Shyamala Bharathi, C V Venkatasamy, K Latha, K Shyamala, G Ramprabu   PDF
Article - 86 Title Chatbot Smart Assistant Using N-Gram and Bi-Gram Algorithm 4788 – 4793
Authors Taqwa Hariguna, Yusup Efendi   PDF
Article - 87 Title Structural Information Management of Production Systems in Construction 4794 – 4797
Authors Iryna Arutiunian, Maryna Poltavets, Olena Bondar, Victor Anin, Fedir Pavlov   PDF
Article - 88 Title LTAI Management Based on Blockchain Technology to Increase Alexa Rank 4798 – 4802
Authors Petrus Sokibi, Marsani Asfi, Qurotul Aini, Alfiah Khoirunisa, Untung Rahardja   PDF
Article - 89 Title Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony Based Feature Selection in Bone Marrow Plasma Cell Gene Expression Data 4803 – 4810
Authors Ragunthar.T, Selvakumar.S   PDF
Article - 90 Title Design of an IOT Domotic System using the MQTT protocol 4811 – 4818
Authors Alexi Delgado,Enrique Lee Huamaní, Bengy Aguila-Ruiz   PDF
Article - 91 Title Performance Optimization for Distributed Hybrid Storage Systems using a Predictive Approach 4819 – 4826
Authors Maen M. Al Assaf   PDF
Article - 92 Title A Novel approach to Secure Patient Data in Cloud Storage 4827 – 4833
Authors A.Vikram, Dr.Gopinath Ganapathy   PDF
Article - 93 Title A Comparative Evaluation of supervised and unsupervised algorithms for Intrusion Detection 4834 – 4843
Authors Venkata Ramani Varanasi,Shaik Razia   PDF
Article - 94 Title Оrganizing E-Learning using Cloud Technologies 4844 – 4848
Authors Olga I. Vaganova,Elena A. Chelnokova, Zhanna V. Smirnova, Maria V. Mukhina, ElenaYu. Ponomareva   PDF
Article - 95 Title Intelligent Decision Support System for Disaster Managers using Machine Learning 4849 – 4854
Authors A. Yovan Felix, T. Sasipraba, Chilamkurthi Veera Srikanth, Daggubati Sujay, Chaduvula Ravi Kiran   PDF
Article - 96 Title A Superpixel and Mutual Information Based Band Selection Method for Hyperspectral Images 4855 – 4862
Authors Sonia Sarmah, Sanjib Kr. Kalita   PDF
Article - 97 Title A GCC Stock Market Classification Model using Sentiment Analysis based on HNBCs 4863 – 4874
Authors Ghaith Abdulsattar A.Jabbar Alkubaisi, Siti Sakira Kamaruddin, Husniza Husni, Nura Said Al-Saifi   PDF
Article - 98 Title Debit Card Fraud Recognition Using Enhanced Auxiliary Classifier Generative Adversarial Networks 4875 – 4880
Authors Indrajani Sutedja, Ford Lumban Gaol, Lili Ayu Wulandhari, Edi Abdurachman   PDF
Article -99 Title Hybrid Framework for Intrusion Detection System using Ensemble Approach 4881 – 4890
Authors S.R. Khonde, V. Ulagamuthalvi   PDF
Article -100 Title Emotion Recognition Using Artificial Intelligence And Neural Network 4891 – 4894
Authors Elena A. Chelnokova , Olga I. Vaganova, Zhanna V. Smirnova, Maxim M. Kutepov, Ekaterina V.Vovk   PDF
Article - 101 Title A Modified Sliding Mode Control for Circulating Current Control and Voltage Balancing in Modular Multilevel Converter 4895 – 4902
Authors M. Venkatesh, Dr. K. Chandra Sekhar   PDF
Article - 102 Title Segmentation of Diseased Leaf Images using Hybrid Clustering Algorithm 4903 – 4906
Authors Shabari Shedthi B, M Siddappa, Surendra Shetty, Sarika Hegde   PDF
Article - 103 Title Image Texture Classification using Fuzzy Inclusion and Fuzzy Entropy Measures 4907 – 4917
Authors M.Subba Rao, Dr. B.Eswara Reddy   PDF
Article - 104 Title A Multi Keyword Searchable Attribute-based Encryption Technique for Data Access Control in Cloud Storage 4918 – 4926
Authors Prashant Mininath Mane, Dr. Manna Sheela Rani Chetty   PDF
Article -105 Title Comparative Analysis of DSRC and 5G Technologies for Vehicular Communications 4927 – 4931
Authors Nagarjuna Karyemsetty, K Raja Kumar   PDF
Article - 106 Title Design of Collaborative Framework of Network Technologies to Enhance Surveillance Security and Intrusion Detection 4932 – 4938
Authors S.Sivachandiran, Dr.K.Jagan Mohan   PDF
Article - 107 Title Haze and Its Impact to Paddy Monitoring from Remote Sensing Satellites 4939 – 4946
Authors Asmala Ahmad , Hamzah Sakidin, Agus Dahlia, Zetriuslita, RahmaQudsi   PDF
Article -108 Title A Novel Ensemble Method for Detecting Outliers in Categorical Data 4947 – 4953
Authors Roy Thomas, J.E.Judith   PDF
Article - 109 Title A New Lightweight Proposed Cryptography Method for IoT 4954 – 4958
Authors Auday H. AL-Wattar   PDF
Article - 110 Title A Novel Method for Privacy Preservation of Health Data Stream 4959 – 4963
Authors Ganesh Dagadu Puri, D. Haritha   PDF
Article -111 Title A Paradigm Shift towards On-Premise Modern Data Center Infrastructure for Agility and Scalability in Resource Provisioning 4964 – 4971
Authors Bharani Dharan G, Dr.Jayalakshmi S   PDF
Article - 112 Title A Plant Disease Detection and Classification using Image Segmentation Technique 4972 – 4976
Authors D.Angayarkanni, Dr.L.Jayasimman   PDF
Article - 113 Title A Simulation Model and Break-Even Analysis for Improving Painting Robots 4977 – 4983
Authors Siriya K., Seksan C., Fasai W., Dechathanat T., Pramot S., Ismail A.H   PDF
Article - 114 Title A Single-Phase Electric Vehicle Battery Charger 4984 – 4988
Authors Sunildatta Somnath Kadlag, Dr. Mukesh Kumar Gupta   PDF
Article - 115 Title Data Security in Cloud Environment Based on Comparative Performance Evaluation of Cryptographic Algorithms 4989 – 4997
Authors Nagesh Shenoy H, K. R. Anil Kumar, Suchitra N Shenoy, Abhishek S. Rao   PDF
Article - 116 Title Feature Extraction for Emotion Recognition in Speech with Machine Learning Algorithm 4998 – 5002
Authors R. Aishwarya, Yogitha. R, M. Selvi, G. Kalaiarasi   PDF
Article - 117 Title FPGA Implementation of PSO Based RGB-Y Filter 5003 – 5008
Authors N.Sambamurthy, M.Kamaraju   PDF
Article - 118 Title A Study of Performance Evaluation of Convolution Neural Network for Diabetic Retinopathy 5009 – 5014
Authors Kusuma R C, Shilpa Ankalaki, Dr Jharna Majumdar   PDF
Article - 119 Title A Systematic Methodology to Modify Color Images for Dichromatic Human Color Vision and its Application in Art Paintings 5015 – 5025
Authors Anastasios Rigos, Stamatis Chatzistamatis, George E. Tsekouras   PDF
Article - 120 Title A Traffic Aware and Superframe Adjustment MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks 5026 – 5028
Authors Seong Cheol Kim, Hye Yun Kim   PDF
Article - 121 Title A WCO Based Cancer Survival Prediction Using Statistical Feature Selection 5029 – 5034
Authors Sanku Rajendra Kumar, Dr. Anil Kumar   PDF
Article - 122 Title Neural Network Management System for the Robot on the base of Raspberry Pi 5035 – 5039
Authors Khamidullin Rugat Yavdatovich   PDF
Article - 123 Title Using of Ontologies for Building Databases and Knowledge Bases for Consequences Management of Emergency 5040 – 5045
Authors Oleksandr Kuzomin, Oleksandra Dudka, Oleksii Vasylenko, Vadim Radchenko, Vyacheslav Lyashenko   PDF
Article - 124 Title Adaptive Model of Cybersecurity Financing with Fuzzy Sets of Threats and Resources at the Protection Side 5046 – 5052
Authors Akhmetov B.S., Lakhno V.A., MalyukovV.P., Doszhanova A.A., AlimseitovaZh.K.   PDF
Article -125 Title Adaptive Multi Type of Interpolation for Iris Localization 5053 – 5058
Authors Zuraini Othman, Azizi Abdullah, Fauziah Kasmin,and Sharifah S. S. Ahmad   PDF
Article -126 Title Aedes Mosquito Larvae Recognition with A Mobile App 5059 – 5065
Authors Siti Azirah Asmai, Z. Zainal Abidin, Zuraida Abal Abas, Ahmad Fadzli Nizam Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Hafizi Mohd Ali   PDF
Article - 127 Title Affinity Propagation SMOTE approach for Imbalanced dataset used in Predicting Student at Risk of Low Performance 5066 – 5070
Authors Lanie B. Laureano, Ariel M. Sison, Ruji P. Medina   PDF
Article - 128 Title Copy Move Forgery Detection Using Hybrid Algorithm 5071 – 5076
Authors Dr. Tekuru Chandra Sekhar Rao, Dr. Sateesh Kumar Kanagala , Kancherla Vijaya Vardhan   PDF
Article - 129 Title Aircraft flight route search method with the use of cellular automata 5077 – 5082
Authors Sergey Herasimov,MaksimPavlenko, EvgeniyRoshchupkin, Mykhailo Lytvynenko, Oleksandr Pukhovyi, Anatolii Salii   PDF
Article - 130 Title Algorithm for optimizing the parameters of the maintenance process according to the state with a constant periodicity of control over the criterion of minimum unit cost of operation 5083 – 5088
Authors GenadiyZhyrov , EvgenyLenkov, Igor Tolok , Ihor Pampukha, HennadiiBanzak , Dmytro Zaitsev   PDF
Article -131 Title An Agile Dimensional Data Mart Architecture for Clinical Laboratory Towards the Development of an Evolving Enterprise Clinical Data Warehouse 5089 – 5094
Authors Joseph George, Dr. M.K Jeyakumar   PDF
Article - 132 Title An Approach to Cryptocurrency Price Prediction using Deep Learning 5095 – 5102
Authors Gopalakrishnan T, Ruby D, Gayathri A. Saai Mahesh, Ritesh Choudhary   PDF
Article -133 Title Crowdsourcing Technology for Classroom Learning 5103 – 5110
Authors Ramonsito B. Adducul, Maria Visitacion N. Gumabay   PDF
Article - 134 Title An Effective LSTM Network Model For Accurate Prediction of Delays in Indian Railway Networks 5111 – 5116
Authors Lokaiah Pullagura, Dr. Anil Kumar   PDF
Article -135 Title Methods for Collecting and Classifying Data using a Soundlet Bayesian Neural Network 5117 – 5120
Authors Zavalko N. A.,Kirillova O. S. , Panina O. V. , Galkin A. I. , Bril D. V.   PDF
Article -136 Title An Efficient Congestion Aware Multipath Routing Protocol using Oppositional Artificial Flora Algorithm in Mobile Adhoc Networks 5121 – 5127
Authors R. Jayaraj , Dr. T. Suresh, Dr. K. B Jayaraman   PDF
Article - 137 Title An Innovative Reliability Allocation Scheme for Component Based Software using Soft-Skills 5128 – 5137
Authors Kiran Narang, Puneet Goswami   PDF
Article - 138 Title An Intelligent Health Monitoring System based on Secure Distributed Routing in Wireless Body Area Networks 5138 – 5147
Authors Rajeev Sharma, Dr. Sandeep Singh Kang   PDF
Article - 139 Title Detection of Cyber Bullying in Social Media Engineering 5148 – 5152
Authors M. Maheswari, M. Selvi, T. Judgi, G. Kalaiarasi, R. Yogitha   PDF
Article -140 Title An Overview of Routing protocols in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) 5153 – 5162
Authors Mohamed Nabil, Abdelhalim Hnini, Abdelmajid Hajami, Souad Alaoui, Abdelkrim Haqiq   PDF
Article -141 Title Challenges and Use Cases of Process Discovery in Process Mining 5164 – 5171
Authors Muhammad Faizan, Megat F. Zuhairi*, Shahrinaz binti Ismail, Razi Ahmed   PDF
Article - 142 Title Classification of IoT Gateway Intrusions using Machine Learning 5172 – 5178
Authors Guduri Sulakshana, Kondamuri Hanumantha Rao   PDF
Article -143 Title Virtual reality model as a means to fight obesity in Peru 5179 – 5184
Authors Alexi Delgado, Edson Aldair Vargas-Tarazona, Victor Hugo Espinoza-Coronado   PDF
Article - 144 Title Analysis and implementation of SDF Radix-2 FFT processor using VERILOG Hardware Description Language 5185 – 5189
Authors Phuong H. Lai, Manh Hoang, Viet Q. Tran, Tung V. Nguyen, Thien V. Truong, Phong H. Nguyen   PDF
Article - 145 Title The Production Model of Fuzzy Neural Network in Information Security Systems 5190 – 5192
Authors Zyryanov S. I., Berezhnov V. P. , Perepelkina Yu. V. , Shevtsov A. I. , Shevchenko K. K. , Kozlov V. V.   PDF
Article - 146 Title Analysis of Repairing Maintenance Schedule and Maintenance Management Designing in PT Horizon Investment 5193 – 5199
Authors Angeline Claudia , Fenty Novianti , Siellawati , Fransisca Dini Ariyanti   PDF
Article - 147 Title An Efficient Dynamic Parallel and Distributed Network with Hybrid Hyper Cube 5200 – 5205
Authors P Venkat Reddy, Dr. Sudarson Jena,Dr. V.Kamakshi Prasad   PDF
Article - 148 Title Analysis of System Development Priority Needs Based on Service Level Agreement 5206 – 5209
Authors Anita Ratnasari, Alen Boby Hartanto, Grace Gata   PDF
Article -149 Title Vault: A Model for Investigative Journalism and Whistleblowers 5210 – 5216
Authors Dr. V. M. Gayathri, Dr. P. Supraja, A. Helen Victoria   PDF
Article -150 Title ANTIPARA (Analysis of Tiny Particles in Aquatic Environment): A Water Scanning Device for Microplastics 5217 – 5221
Authors Roxanne Joy D. Dimaano, Alexis C. Albo, Ayesha Xillaine Zaira M. Adion, John Kenneth H. Brucal   PDF
Article - 151 Title A New Algorithm for Baseband Pulse Transmission over Band-Limited Channels for Wireless Automotive Communications 5222 – 5228
Authors Ahmed F. Ashour, Ashraf Ramadan, Aziza I. Hussein, Ashraf A. M. Khalaf, Hesham F. A. Hamed   PDF
Article - 152 Title An Improved Plant Identification System by Fuzzy c-means Bag of Visual Words Model and Sparse Coding 5229 – 5235
Authors Soodabeh Safa, Fatimah Khalid   PDF
Article - 153 Title Using Chaotic Stream Cipher to Enhance Data Hiding in Digital Images 5236 – 5242
Authors Sana’ Haimour, Mohammad Rasmi AL-Mousa, Rashiq R. Marie   PDF
Article - 154 Title Applying PSO Algorithm to Determine the Scan Plan for the PA Ultrasonic Probe carried Robot in Testing the Corrosion of Fuel Tanks 5243 – 5249
Authors Thanh Tuan To, Chi Cuong Le, Thien Ngon Dang   PDF
Article -155 Title User Privacy Protection Behavior and Information Sharing in Mobile Health Application 5250 – 5258
Authors Kong Jia Hui, Syarulnaziah Anawar, Nur Fadzilah Othman, Zakiah Ayop, Erman Hamid   PDF
Article - 156 Title Applying Two-Dimensional Piecewise-Polynomial Basis for Medical Image Processing 5259 – 5265
Authors H.N.Zaynidinov., I.Yusupov., J.U.Juraev., J.S. Jabbarov   PDF
Article - 157 Title Approaches to the Quality Assessment of Software System Design in the Development of Innovative Solutions 5266 – 5271
Authors A.A. Ryndin, N.A. Ryndin, S.V. Sapegin   PDF
Article - 158 Title Artificial Intelligence and Future Employment 5272 – 5277
Authors Sapna Khatri, Prof. (Dr.) Devendra Kumar Pandey, Prof. (Dr.) Daniel Penkar   PDF
Article -159 Title Assessment of Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for DAG Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing 5278 – 5286
Authors Nithyanandakumari.K, Sivakumar.S   PDF
Article - 160 Title Flood Prediction using ARIMA Model in Sungai Melaka, Malaysia 5287 – 5295
Authors Wei Ming Wong, Siva Kumar Subramaniam, Farah Shahnaz Feroz, Indra Devi Subramaniam, Lew Ai Fen Rose   PDF
Article - 161 Title Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder prediction using Machine learning 5296 – 5302
Authors Adarsh Kushwaha, Anmol Mishra, Ayushi Jain3 Adarsh Kushwaha, Anmol Mishra, Ayushi Jain   PDF
Article - 162 Title Multi Agent Approach for Environmental Customer Collaboration 5303 – 5307
Authors Mohamed Dif El Idrissi,Abdelkabir Charkaoui, Abdelwahed Echchatbi   PDF
Article - 163 Title Auto-fit two movable projections into a single 3D display screen for virtual and augmented reality scenes 5308 – 5314
Authors Zineb Rebbani , Driss Azougagh , Ahmed Rebbani , Omar Bouattane   PDF
Article- 164 Title Automatic Accident Avoidance and Detection System using LabVIEW 5314 – 5319
Authors M. Srilatha, N. Vamshi, R. Aniruth, P. Narendar, Ch. Hareesh   PDF
Article - 165 Title Sentiment Analysis by Novel Hybrid Method BE-CNN using Convolutional Neural Network and BERT 5320 – 5326
Authors Prerna Mishra, Ranjana Rajnish, Pankaj Kumar   PDF
Article - 166 Title Containerization for shipping Scientific Workloads in Cloud 5327 – 5331
Authors Manish Kumar Abhishek, D. Rajeswara Rao   PDF
Article - 167 Title Bio Impedance Signal Analysis with Variation in Input Signal Frequency 5332 – 5336
Authors Sheeba Santhosh, A. Vimala Juliet, G. Hari Krishnan,Sheeba Santhosh, A. Vimala Juliet, G. Hari Krishnan   PDF
Article - 168 Title Automatic Vehicle Classification for Electronic Toll Collection using YOLOv3 5337 – 5342
Authors Mohammad Akid Bahrin, Norhazwani Md Yunos, Noor Fazilla Abd Yusof   PDF
Article - 169 Title Autonomous Data Centers ADC: using Agent Role Locking Theory (ARL) 5343 – 5354
Authors Salaheddin J. Juneidi   PDF
Article - 170 Title User Centric Optimization in MANETS using Firefly algorithm 5355 – 5363
Authors N.Venkata Ramana Gupta, Ramesh Makala   PDF
Article - 171 Title Application of Multilayer Perceptron for Digital Society Sentiment Analysis towards Indonesia Biggest E-commerce Platforms 5364 – 5369
Authors Kevin Kelly Isyanta, Julio Christian Young, Nunik Afriliana   PDF
Article - 172 Title Fuzz-Fish: A Design and Implementation of Fuzzy Fishpond Aquaculture Control Sensing System 5370 – 5375
Authors Jennalyn N. Mindoro, Christopher Franco Cunanan, Edgar UY II, Elaine M. Cepe, Myriam J. Polinar   PDF
Article - 173 Title Battery Voltage and Room Temperature Monitoring using Website with Warning Notification for Pagardewa Compressor Station 5376 – 5383
Authors Heru Supriyono, Saiful Arifin Wahyu Wibowo   PDF
Article - 174 Title Big Data Analytics: Importance, Challenges, Categories, Techniques, and Tools 5384 – 5392
Authors Sarah Alswedani, Mostafa Saleh   PDF
Article - 175 Title Binary cross entropy with deep learning technique for Image classification 5393 – 5397
Authors Dr.A.Usha Ruby, Prasannavenkatesan Theerthagiri, Dr.I.Jeena Jacob, Dr.Y.Vamsidhar   PDF
Article - 176 Title Blockchain - Facilitated IoT Built Cleverer Home with Unrestricted Validation Arrangement 5398 – 5405
Authors N.Satheesh, Ganga Rama Koteswara Rao, Subrata Chowdhury, Kolla Bhanu Prakash, Sudhakar Sengan   PDF
Article - 177 Title Deformations of A Homogeneously Doped Al-ZnO Cantilever Using Ideal Wurtzite Crystal Structure 5406 – 5410
Authors Md Rabiul Awal, Muzammil Jusoh, Shakir Saat, Muhammad Syarifuddin Yahya, Nurul Islam Siddique, MohdZakiMohd Yusoff   PDF
Article - 178 Title Blockchain Technology for Managing land Titles in Nigeria 5411 – 5417
Authors Obamehinti Adeolu Seun, Touraj Khodadadi, Sellappan Palaniappan   PDF
Article - 179 Title BMBI: A Development of a Special Corpus on Homonyms for Multi-Lingual Sentiment Analysis 5418 – 5427
Authors Fitrah Rumaisa , Halizah Basiron, Zurina Saaya, Yoki Muchsam   PDF
Article - 180 Title Use case and UML Scenarios Engineering for Building B2B E-commerce 5428 – 5432
Authors El Mahi Bouziane, Chafik Baidada, Abdeslam Jakimi   PDF
Article - 181 Title Distributed Association Rules Mining of Varying Data Partition Size Using Nodesets 5433 – 5441
Authors Manoj Sethi, Dr. Rajni Jindal   PDF
Article - 182 Title End-to-End Human Activity Recognition using Convolutional Neural Network and Center Loss 5442 – 5446
Authors Tam V. Nguyen, Manh Hoang, Binh A. Nguyen,Tung V. Nguyen, Phuong H. Lai, Nhan D. Nguyen   PDF
Article - 183 Title Neural Networks in Statistical Analysis and Monitoring System Telecommunication Network 5447 – 5450
Authors Borisov V. V., Borisova S. V. , Lupinovich S. N. , Vihor V. G. , Torubara A. N.   PDF
Article - 184 Title Bottle-SegreDuino: An Arduino Frequency-Based Bin for Tin Can and Plastic Bottle Segregation using an Inductive Proximity Effect 5451 – 5454
Authors Jesusimo L. Dioses, Jr   PDF
Article - 185 Title Cooling Microprocessors with Commercial Thermoelectric Module Powered by Pulsed Current 5455 – 5462
Authors Saleh Alshehri   PDF
Article - 186 Title Calculating Diagnose Odd Ratio for Thyroid Patients using Different Data Mining Classifiers and Ensemble Techniques 5463 – 5470
Authors Dhyan Chandra Yadav, Saurabh Pal   PDF
Article - 187 Title Centralized Smart Parking and Insurance Applications for Intelligent Vehicles in a Smart City Utilizing the Cloud Computing Paradigm 5471 – 5475
Authors Elmer R. Magsino   PDF
Article - 188 Title Analyzing Soft Cheeses With Vegetable Additives With Neural Network 5476 – 5480
Authors Tamara C. Tultabayeva, Urishbay Ch. Chomanov, Mukhtar Ch. Tultabayev, Gulmira S. Kenenbay, Gulzhan E. Zhumaliyeva, Aruzhan Y. Shoman, Assiya K. Shoman   PDF
Article - 189 Title Implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in e-Commerce Website Using on Page SEO and off Page SEO 5481 – 5484
Authors Taqwa Hariguna, Bayu Navanto Sadiq,Husni Teja Sukmana   PDF
Article - 190 Title Neural Network for Modeling the Process of Network Infection and its Counteraction 5485 – 5489
Authors Cherniak Andrii, Pohoretskyi Mykola, Farynnyk Vasyl, Vilgushynskyi Mykhailo, Kaluhina Tetiana   PDF
Article - 191 Title Class-EyeTention: A Machine Vision Inference Approach of Student Attentiveness’ Detection 5490 – 5496
Authors Jennalyn N. Mindoro, Moises Fernandez Jardiniano, Nino U. Pilueta, Honeylet D. Grimaldo, Dennis P. Ordovez   PDF
Article - 192 Title Performance Analysis of Permanent Magnet Flux Switching Machine Based on Modular Rotor 5497 – 5500
Authors Irfan Ali Soomro, Erwan Sulaiman, Hassan Ali Soomro, Syed Muhammad Naufal Bin Syed Othman   PDF
Article - 193 Title Classification of Indonesian Presidential Campaign on Twitter Using Word2Vec 5501 – 5508
Authors Vion Age Tricahyo, Sani Muhamad Isa   PDF
Article - 194 Title Performance Assessment of Combination in Stacking Ensemble Model for Credit Default Classification 5509 – 5515
Authors Brenda Sylviasyah, Sani M.Isa   PDF
Article - 195 Title Cloud Architecture for Web Based Smart City Transport System 5516 – 5521
Authors Revati M. Wahul , Dr. Santosh S. Lomate   PDF
Article - 196 Title Performance Analysis and Improving Connectivity using Quality of Service-aware Routing Algorithm in Vehicular Network 5522 – 5528
Authors Ranjit Sadakale, N V K Ramesh, R A Patil   PDF
Article - 197 Title Cloud Computing Authentication Attack and Mitigation Survey 5529 – 5534
Authors Hesham Abusaimeh, Rame Al-dwairi   PDF
Article - 198 Title Gear Joint for Aerial Manipulators 5535 – 5538
Authors Balbayev Gani, Kalekeyeva Marina   PDF
Article - 199 Title Transfer Learning Based Activity Recognition using ResNet 101 C-RNN Model 5539 – 5546
Authors Neha Mangal, Aaditya Jain   PDF
Article - 200 Title Cloud Data Pipeline Automation Framework with Integrated Budget Management 5547 – 5554
Authors Sumant Kulkarni, Dr. Shashank Joshi, Dr. Manjusha S. Joshi   PDF
Article - 201 Title Towards the Enhancement of Text Plagiarism Detection Effectiveness: Experimental Study 5555 – 5559
Authors Waseem Alromema, Essa Abdullah Hezzam   PDF
Article - 202 Title CoCo-Dropping: A Color Composition Extraction of Gamefowl’s Dropping Using Image Processing 5560 – 5564
Authors Alvin Sarraga Alon, Estrelita T. Manansala, Elie Rose C. Francisco, Marites V. Fontanilla, Rolando R. Fajardo   PDF
Article - 203 Title Collaborative Tourist Information Sharing System 5565 – 5569
Authors Andriyanto Alif Mirza, Wan Hussain Wan Ishak, Fadhilah Mat Yamin   PDF
Article -204 Title Combinational Semantic Approach for Efficient Data Extraction from Multiple Documents 5570 – 5575
Authors Praveen K. Wilson , J. R. Jeba   PDF
Article -205 Title Determination of Optimal Pair of Thresholds in Three-Way Decisions using Objective Functions 5576 – 5582
Authors Remesh K M 1, Latha R Nair   PDF
Article - 206 Title Complex Methods of Processing Different Data in Intellectual Systems for Decision Support System 5583 – 5590
Authors Andrii Shyshatskyi, Oleksii Zvieriev, Olha Salnikova, Yevhen Demchenko, Oleksandr Trotsko, Yevhenii Neroznak   PDF
Article - 207 Title An Optimization on Task Scheduling for Makespan, Energy Consumption, and Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Using Meta-Heuristic 5591 – 5600
Authors Fajar Kusumaningayu, Antoni Wibowo   PDF
Article - 208 Title Computation of Heat Transfer on Flat Solar Collector Upper Surface and Power Balance of Solar Heat Supply System 5601 – 5607
Authors Didar Yedilkhan, Murat Kunelbayev, Ainur Kozbakova, Omirlan Auelbekov, Nazbek Katayev, Miras Amirgaliyev   PDF
Article - 209 Title Application of Neural Technology for Prediction Competitive Strategy of Trade Enterprises 5601 – 5612
Authors Khamidullin R. Ya., Zyryanov S. I., Galushkin V. V. , Kamalov N. B. , Smirnova S. M   PDF
Article - 210 Title Context modeling-based healthcare architecture in Pervasive Computing 5613 – 5617
Authors Abatal Ahmed, Hajar Khallouki, Khaoula Addakiri, Bahaj Mohamed   PDF
Article - 211 Title Converting Text to Numerical RepresentationusingModified Bayesian Vectorization Technique for Multi-Class Classification 5618 – 5623
Authors Hajah T. Sueno, Bobby D. Gerardo, Ruji P. Medina   PDF
Article - 212 Title Coronamask: A Face Mask Detector for Real-Time Data 5624 – 5630
Authors Chhaya Gupta, Nasib Singh Gill   PDF
Article - 213 Title FPGA Implementation of Simple Encryption Scheme for Resource-Constrained Devices 5631 – 5639
Authors Kiran Kumar V G, Shantharama Rai C   PDF
Article - 214 Title Detecting malware using the MLP algorithm 5640 – 5644
Authors Do Hoang Long, Tisenko Victor Nikolaevich,Do Minh Tuan, Nguyen Anh Tuan, Nguyen The Lam   PDF
Article -215 Title Data Life Cycle: Towards a Reference Architecture 5645 – 5653
Authors Mohammed EL Arass, Khadija Ouazzani-Touhami, Nissrine Souissi   PDF
Article - 216 Title Towards a knowledge graph for open healthcare data 5654 – 5662
Article -217 Title Deep Learning-based Self Organizing Map for Content-based Image Retrieval Applications 5663 – 5669
Authors Eman Awny, Alaa Sagheer   PDF
Article - 218 Title Design and Development of Travel and Tourism Recommendation System using Web-Scraped Data Positioned on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 5670 – 5679
Authors Krishan Kumar, Vivek Birla, Allan Sasi, Ayush Deep   PDF
Article - 219 Title Performance Evaluation on Single-Input Single-Output and Multiple-Input Single-Output Technique in Visible Light Communication 5680 – 5685
Authors Norharyati Harum, Wahidah Md Shah, Haniza N., Nurul Azma Zakaria, Zaheera Zainal Abidin   PDF
Article - 220 Title High Performance Computing using Containers in Cloud 5686 – 5690
Authors Manish Kumar Abhishek, D. Rajeswara Rao   PDF
Article - 221 Title Performance Anatomization of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network 5691 – 5699
Authors Mohamed Najmus Saqhib, Lakshmikanth .S   PDF
Article- 222 Title Design and Implementation of Single Node NoC Router using Small Side Buffer in Input Block and iSLIP Scheduler 5700 – 5709
Authors Priti Shahane   PDF
Article - 223 Title Design and Implementation of Smart Home System using Packet Tracer 5710 – 5715
Authors Aaron Don M. Africa, Tun TunOo   PDF
Article - 224 Title Design and implementation of multilevel security based Home Management System 5716 – 5720
Authors SaifAJamal, Abdullahi A Ibrahim, Maan M Abdulwahid, Noorulden B Mohamad wasel   PDF
Article - 225 Title Design of Elementary Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Radiators for Shock Wave Therapy Machines 5721 – 5725
Authors Sergey G. Ponomarev, Andrey V. Smirnov, Alexander A. Vasin, Alexander V. Reznichenko, Ivan A. Poselsky, Arkady A. Skvortsov   PDF
Article - 226 Title Design of Multiband Printed Flexible antenna for Body Wearable Applications 5726 – 5729
Authors Vilas Ubale , Dr. O. S. Lamba   PDF
Article - 227 Title Integration of Decision-Making Method and Data-Mining Method as A Preliminary Study of Novel Sales Forecasting Method 5730 – 5735
Authors Rendra Gustriansyah, Ermatita, Dian Palupi Rini, Reza Firsandaya Malik   PDF
Article - 228 Title Estimates of Efficiency and Control Methods of Communication Network Functioning 5736 – 5740
Authors Mirzaeva Malika Bakhadirovna1,SobirovMuzaffar Azatovich2   PDF
Article - 229 Title Prototype Web Application to Reduce Time for Cross Kidney Donations in Lima, Peru 5741 – 5747
Authors Alexi Delgado, Jorge Mamani Idme, Alonso Barón Preciado, Mauro Canales Zapata   PDF
Article - 230 Title Design Optimization of a Permanent Magnet Brushless DC motor for Power Density Enhancement for a Particular Application 5748 – 5755
Authors Upendra Kumar Potnuru, Dr. P. Mallikarjuna Rao   PDF
Article - 231 Title Topic Modeling Coherence: A Comparative Study between LDA and NMF Models using COVID’19 Corpus 5756 – 5761
Authors Sara Mifrah, El Habib Benlahmar   PDF
Article - 232 Title Design and Verification of novel classical error control codes using VERILOG Hardware Description Language 5762 – 5767
Authors Hieu V. Dang , Tung V. Nguyen, Manh Hoang, Viet Q. Tran, Nhan D. Nguyen, Duc M. Nguyen   PDF
Article - 233 Title Designing and Developing A Software to Control Drone 5768 – 5771
Authors B.V. Subba Rao, J. Rajendra Prasad, S. Sai iKumar   PDF
Article - 234 Title Geological and Mineralogical mapping in Moroccan central Jebilet using multispectral and hyperspectral satellite data and Machine Learning 5772 – 5783
Authors Mohcine Chakouri, Abderrazak El Harti, Rachid Lhissou, Jaouad El Hachimi, Amine Jellouli   PDF
Article - 235 Title Multicriteria Optimization Problem for the Layout of a Complex Technical System 5784 – 5787
Authors Ekaterina Yu. Churakova, AyubjonVokhidov   PDF
Article - 236 Title ECG Classification using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Data Analysis 5788 – 5795
Authors Ritesh Sharma, Mahendra Kumar Gourisaria, Siddharth Swarup Rautaray, Manjusha Pandey, Sudhansu Shekhar Patra   PDF
Article = 237 Title Neural Networks and Algorithms for Modern IT Systems 5796 – 5801
Authors Olga V. Kitova, Vladimir A. Kitov   PDF
Article -238 Title A Comparative Study on Univariate Time Series based Crude Palm Oil Price Prediction Model using Machine Learning Algorithms 5802 – 5806
Authors Kanchymalay Kasturi, N.Salim, Ramesh Krishnan, U.R.Hashim, M.B. MasAina, Mutasem Jarrah   PDF
Article - 239 Title Designing User-Centered IoT Middleware Solutions for Small and Mid-Scale Farmers for Precision Agriculture using Cloud Computing 5807 – 5814
Authors Nallusamy C, Dr. G.Rajeshkumar, Dr.S.Sadesh, Arokia Jesu Prabhu L, B.Manjubashini   PDF
Article - 240 Title Detecting Audio Steganography using Machine Learning 5815 – 5820
Authors Lai Van Duong, Tisenko Victor Nikolaevich,Nguyen QuocHoang , Pham ThiThuong, Dong Xuan Anh   PDF
Article - 241 Title Expending RSACQTT Protocol for SDN Based Secure Communication of Internet of Things 5821 – 5827
Authors Rajeesh Kumar.N. V, Mohan Kumar. P   PDF
Article - 242 Title Detecting Phishing URLs using Machine Learning Lexical Feature-based Analysis 5828 – 5837
Authors Mohammad Alshira’H, Mohammad Al-Fawa'reh   PDF
Article - 243 Title Determination of the lower border of Cramer-Rao for evaluation of the carrier frequency of the radio technical communication channel signal 5838 – 5845
Authors Oleksandr Turovsky, Liubov Berkman, Oleksandr Drobyk, Andrii Zakharzhevskyi, Oleksiy Khakhlyuk   PDF
Article - 244 Title Deterministic Optimization Method (DOM) of Permanent Magnet Flux Switching Machine (PMFSM) for Application of Electric Bikes 5846 – 5852
Authors Laili Iwani Jusoh, Erwan Sulaiman, Hassan Ali Soomro, S.M.N.S. Othman   PDF
Article - 245 Title eIC-Home Access: A Multi-Factor Home Security Framework Using Electronic Identity Card for Access Control 5853 – 5859
Authors Julie Ann B. Susa, Christina P. Atal, Erwin Mariquina, Alan V. Ranario, Mary Ann M. Tejano   PDF
Article - 246 Title Development and Experimental Test Validation with a New High Efficiency LED Driver 5860 – 5866
Authors Balbayev Gani, Kalekeyeva Marina, Junusbekov Erlan, Orynbay Asfandiyar   PDF
Article - 247 Title High performance computer analysis for indexing emails in digital forensic analysis (Computer Forensics) 5867 – 5871
Authors Enrique Lee Huamaní , Lizbardo Orellano Benancio, Danny Lezama Vega, Alexi Delgado   PDF
Article - 248 Title Implementation of Queuing Models with SDN for Load Balancing in Multiple Controller Environment 5872 – 5879
Authors Deepjyot Kaur Ryait, Manmohan Sharma   PDF
Article - 249 Title Development of Automatic Speech Recognition for Kazakh Language using Transfer Learning 5880 – 5886
Authors Amirgaliyev Beibut, Kuanyshbay Darkhan, Baimuratov Olimzhan, Kutubayeva Madina   PDF
Article - 250 Title Freshwater pH Level Control and GUI System for Prawn Breeding 5887 – 5893
Authors Muhammad Naqiuddin Mohamad Yasin, Meor Mohd Azreen Meor Hamzah, Murizah Kassim, Norakmar Arbain   PDF
Article - 251 Title Development of Low Pass Filter Simulation Models 5894 – 5897
Authors Aaron Don M. Africa, Rency Evidente, Carlo Piamonte, Vince Sayoc, Jason Uy   PDF
Article - 252 Title Machine Learning Algorithms for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease 5898 – 5905
Authors Nancy Noella R S, J Priyadarshini   PDF
Article - 253 Title Development of Virtual Reality Training for Fire Safety Education 5906 – 5912
Authors H. Rahmalan, S.N.M. Mohamad, A.F.N. Abdul Rahman, A. Aziz and A. Ganasan   PDF
Article - 254 Title Distributed Computation Approach for Link Prediction in Graph Stream using DCS Features and Gradient Boosted Trees 5913 – 5920
Authors Tu-Anh Nguyen-Hoang, Khanh-Duy Le-Trinh, Anh-Thu Nguyen-Thi   PDF
Article - 255 Title Dynamic Resource Allocation and Memory Management Using Machine Learning for Cloud Environments 5921 – 5927
Authors Dipak Raghunath Patil, Dr. Manish Sharma   PDF
Article - 256 Title Methods and Tools for Protecting Information Systems based on the Neural Network Apparatus Register of State Property 5928 – 5932
Authors Natalia L. Krasyukova, Tatyana G. Popadyuk, Lyubov A. Plotitsyna, Vyacheslav V. Zubenko, Galina S. Izotova   PDF
Article - 257 Title E2S-AODV: An Energy Efficient Multipronged Reliable Strategy ensuring Secure and Scalable QoS over Disaster Response Applications 5933 – 5941
Authors Karan Singh, Rajeev Gupta   PDF
Article - 258 Title E-Commerce Product Recommendations using XGBoost with User Clusters and Clickstream 5942 – 5948
Authors Anditika Maulida Purnamasari, Antoni Wibowo   PDF
Article - 259 Title Elliptic Curves in Modern Cryptographic Systems 5949 – 5955
Authors Sahun A. V., Lakhno V. A., Kravchuk P. Y.., Kosenko S. S.., Kisiliuk E. M.   PDF
Article - 260 Title Lung Cancer Detection System Using Image Processing and Machine Learning Techniques 5956 – 5963
Authors Vikul J. Pawar, Kailash D. Kharat, Suraj R. Pardeshi, Prashant D. Pathak   PDF
Article - 261 Title Securing Hidden Message Communication in Social Media using Stenography 5964 – 5966
Authors Dr.A.Shanthini, Dr.M.B. Mukesh Krishnan   PDF
Article - 262 Title Thematic Textual Hadith Classification: An Experiment in Rapidminer using Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Naïve Bayes Algorithm 5967 – 5972
Authors Norzihani Yusof , Siti Aishah Rosidi, Nuzulha Khilwani Ibrahim, Ahmed ElMogtaba Banga Ali   PDF
Article - 263 Title Emotion Detection and Therapy System using Chatbot 5973 – 5978
Authors T. Karthick, A.V. Amith Sai, P. Kavitha, J. Jothicharan, T. Kirthiga Devi,*   PDF
Article - 264 Title Emotion Recognition from Blog Comments Based Automatically Generated Datasets and Ensemble Models 5979 – 5986
Authors Frederick F. Patacsil   PDF
Article - 265 Title The Information Technology for Building a Test Sequence to Control the Technical Condition of Digital Devices 5987 – 5993
Authors Hennadii Khudov, Vitalii Savran, Oleksandr Huk, Roman Nanivskyi, Irina Khizhnyak, Yuriy Solomonenko   PDF
Article - 266 Title Encoder-Decoder with Attention Mechanisms for Developing Question Generation Models in Education 5994 – 6000
Authors Bambang Dwi Wijanarko, Yaya Heryadi, Hapnes Toba, Widodo Budiharto   PDF
Article - 267 Title Multimodality in Education 4.0: A Case in an Engineering Context 6001 – 6006
Authors S. Indra Devi, Farah Shahnaz Feroz, K. Kasturi, Shamsuri Md Saad, M.S. Linda Khoo   PDF
Article - 268 Title Enhanced Evolutionary Computing Assisted K-Means Clustering Algorithm for BigData Analytics 6007 – 6017
Authors Sarada B, Dr Vinayaka Murthy M, Dr Udaya Rani V   PDF
Article - 269 Title An Efficient Mechanism for Brain Activity Recognition using Deep Neural Network 6018 – 6023
Authors CH Narsimha Reddy, Shanthi Mahesh, K Manjunathachari   PDF
Article - 270 Title ComicMart: Digital Comic Aggregator Platform with Monetization Schemes for Local Artists 6024 – 6030
Authors Ng Zhen Hao, Raja Rina Raja Ikram, Nor Mas Aina Md Bohari, Hea Choon Ngo, Lizawati Salahuddin, Nor Hafeizah Hassan   PDF
Article - 271 Title Techno-Economic Analysis of Tracker Based Rooftop PV System Installation Under Tropical Climate 6031 – 6035
Authors Syafii, Ali Basrah Pulungan, Wati, Rahmad Fahreza   PDF
Article - 272 Title Enhanced Robust Association Rules (ERAR)Method for Missing Values Imputation 6036 – 6042
Authors Awsan Thabet, NurulA. Emran, AzahK. Muda   PDF
Article - 273 Title Entropy Feature Based Outlier Detection using ANN for WSN Application 6043 – 6047
Authors Tanya Singh, Manmohan Singh Yadav, Dr. Shafeeq Ahmad   PDF
Article -274 Title Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Predicting the Stock Price in Law 6048 – 6052
Authors Sergey G. Eremin, Alexander M. Belyaev, Sergey G. Kamolov, Anna A. Kopina, Alexey M. Evsikov   PDF
Article -275 Title Estimation of Solar PV Models Parameters using WDO Algorithm 6053 – 6062
Authors Derick Mathew, Chinnappa Naidu Rani   PDF
Article -276 Title In situ developmental control of biomedical applications using human brain 6063 – 6066
Authors Bestley Joe S, Gomathi T, V Amala Rani, N R Krishnamoorthy   PDF
Article -277 Title Evaluation of Communication Technologies for Household Security System 6067 – 6073
Authors WooLim Kim , Sang Boem Lim   PDF
Article -278 Title Experimental Study on Software-Defined Network Implementation for DDoS Attack Detection and Mitigation 6074 – 6081
Authors Nurzuriana Mohd Zahri, Zul-Azri Ibrahim, Fiza Abdul Rahim, Yunus Yusoff   PDF
Article - 279 Title Exploring challenges using Smart Contract in Healthcare Industry 6082 – 6087
Authors Fathy Radhia, Hanifah Ahdiani, Gunawan Wang, Sfenrianto   PDF
Article -280 Title Evaluating the Credibility of Arabic News in Social Media through the use of Advanced Classifier Algorithms 6088 – 6102
Authors Mai A. Fadel   PDF
Article -281 Title Fault Tolerance Analysis of Cloud Virtual Nodes in Real Time Applications 6103 – 6110
Authors Mridula Dhingra, Dr. Neha Gupta   PDF
Article -282 Title Formal Perspectives on Conceptualization of Cyberspace 6111 – 6120
Authors Anas Mu’azu Kademi, Ahmet Koltuksuz   PDF
Article - 283 Title Monitoring and Forecasting Model State of the Telecommunications Network using Fuzzy Neural Networks 6121 – 6126
Authors Alexey G. Burov , Greg N. Santana   PDF
Article -284 Title Framelets with Three Generator by Unitary Extension Principle 6127 – 6133
Authors Kanchan Lata Gupta, Gopal Gupta ,V. K Singh , B. Kunwar   PDF
Article -285 Title Frequency Response modeling of Active Filters 6134 – 6139
Authors Aaron Don M. Africa, Adrian Co, Nathan Delgado, Jose Medalla, Aaron Sarmiento, Elijah Tesalona   PDF
Article - 286 Title Fuzzy based Decision Support Model on Determining the Most Eligible Location of National Multi-Sport Event 6140 – 6146
Authors Ditdit Nugeraha Utama, Isnaini Monita Safitri, Nada Rahmi Safira, Ahmad Labib Alfaleh, Fikri Rama Singgih   PDF
Article -287 Title Improving classification accuracy :The KNN approach 6147 – 6150
Authors Dr.Dhimant Ganatra, Dr.Dinesh Nilkant   PDF
Article -288 Title Classification of Android Malware using its Image Sections 6151 – 6155
Authors Deepak Thakur, Jaiteg Singh, Parvez Faruki, Tanya Gera   PDF
Article -289 Title Using Neural Network for Simulations to Improve the Quality of Disease Diagnosis: Technical Aspects 6156 – 6159
Authors Denis V. Gilev , Oleg V. Loginovsky   PDF
Article -290 Title Computational Approach for Character Identification and Retrieval of Grantha Inscription 6160 – 6166
Authors S. Dhivya, S.Deepanjali, Rijo Jackson Tom, Sathish Kumar   PDF
Article -291 Title Model of Control in a UAV Group for Hidden Transmitters Detection on the Basis of Local Self-Organization 6167 – 6174
Authors Vitalii Savchenko, Halyna Haidur, Sergii Gakhov, Svitlana Lehominova, Tetiana Muzshanova, Iryna Novikova   PDF
Article -292 Title Survey on Security Monitoring and Intrusion Detection in the Big Data Environment 6175 – 6179
Authors Alaeddine BOUKHALFA, Nabil HMINA, Habiba CHAOUI   PDF
Article -293 Title Fuzzy Logic Based Controller Design for Universal Motor Performance Enhancement 6180 – 6183
Authors Shashank Shrivastava, Imran Khan, Mohd. Asif Ali   PDF
Article -294 Title Prospects for Creating Sub-Millimeter Magnetrons 6184 – 6188
Authors Mykhailo Kopot, M. Ayaz Ahmad, Vyacheslav Lyashenko, Syed Khalid Mustafa   PDF
Article -295 Title HarBest: An e-Commerce Agricultural Product Delivery Service Analyzed and Designed Using Progressive UI Framework and MySQL 6189 – 6196
Authors Ruth G. Luciano, Kenn Bryan L. Agregado, Warren John C. Capinpin, Johnny C. Galvez, Cosme C. Planos, Jr.   PDF
Article -296 Title Human Machine Interface for Step-up DC-DC Converter 6197 – 6201
Authors Krismadinata Krismadinata, Sesrima Badri, Ricky Maulana,Asnil Asnil, Irma Husnaini   PDF
Article -297 Title Support Vector Machine-Based Hoax Detection on Indonesian Online News 6202 – 6207
Authors Pangondian Prederikus Sihombing, Riyanto Jayadi, Edward Chandra, Stefanie Liu   PDF
Article -298 Title Hypertension Prediction using Machine Learning Technique 6208 – 6213
Authors Youngkeun Choi, Jae Won Choi   PDF
Article - 299 Title Identification of Fake Identities on Social Media using various Machine Learning Algorithm 6214 – 6220
Authors Bharat S. Borkar, Dr. Manish Sharma   PDF
Article -300 Title A Comparative Performance Evaluation of a Load-balancing algorithm using Contiki: “RPL vs QU-RPL 6221 – 6226
Authors Svilen Stoyanov, Baraq Ghaleb, Safwan M. Ghaleb   PDF
Article -301 Title Identification of Normal and Diseased Lungs using X-ray Images through Transfer Learning 6227 – 6231
Authors Jessica Velasco, John Ric Ang, Jholrey Caibigan, Francis Matthew Naval, Nilo Arago, Benedicto Fortaleza   PDF
Article -302 Title Implementation of the Tree Counting Process in the Process of Urban Reclamation with the use of Fuzzy Neural Network for Agro forestry 6232 – 6237
Authors Sergey E. Lazarev, Alexandrа V. Semenyutina, Alexander I. Belyaev   PDF
Article -303 Title Identification of violent behavior using Handwriting 6238 – 6250
Authors Deepti Jain , Dr. Sandhya Arora , Dr. C.K. Jha   PDF
Article - 304 Title Evaluating e-Learning Google Classroom tools for Computer Science Subjects during COVID-19 Pandemic 6251 – 6258
Authors Nurul Akhmal Mohd Zulkefli, Haslinda Hashim, Syerina Syahrin   PDF
Article - 305 Title Point Cloud accuracy of Smartphone Images: Applications in Cultural Heritage Environment 6259 – 6267
Authors Costantino D., Pepe M., Alfio V.S.   PDF
Article - 306 Title Image Focus Measure by Wavelet Transform with Gaussian Derivative and Spatial Frequency and Image Enhancement using Fuzzy Logic 6268 – 6278
Authors Jyoti B. Kulkarni, Manna Sheela Rani Chetty   PDF
Article - 307 Title Image Noise Type Identification in Microarray Images Using CNN-INC 6279 – 6288
Authors Priya Nandihal, Dr. Vandana Sreenivas, Dr. Jagadeesh Pujari   PDF
Article - 308 Title Improved Deep Learning Framework For Multi Food Instance Segmentations 6289 – 6296
Authors Suhaila Farhan Ahmad Abuowaida, Huah Yong Chan   PDF
Article - 309 Title Improved Performance of Customer Satisfaction Using Facial Expression and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) 6297 – 6302
Authors Moulay Smail Bouzakraoui , Abdelalim Sadiq, Abdessamad Youssfi Alaoui   PDF
Article - 310 Title Sentiment Analysis of Tweets on Social Issues using Machine Learning Approach 6303 – 6311
Authors Chhinder Kaur, Dr. Anand Sharma   PDF
Article - 311 Title IoT Enhanced Smart Mirror for Personal and Commercial Applications 6312 – 6318
Authors P.Selvaraj, Lakshmi Kanthan Narayanan   PDF
Article - 312 Title Improving TCP Performance with Intelligent Loss Differentiation for Mobile Adhoc Networks 6319 – 6323
Authors Hardik K. Molia, Dr. Amit D. Kothari   PDF
Article -313 Title Improvement of Supply Chain Performance on PT Surya Toto Indonesia Tbk 6324 – 6330
Authors Fabiola Julia Yovita , Rich Randy , Vincent Chrisnata , Firdaus Alamsjah   PDF
Article - 314 Title Indoor Positioning System Using Combination of Trilateration and Fingerprinting Methods 6331 – 6339
Authors Irwan Hadi Saputra, Gede Putra Kusuma   PDF
Article - 315 Title Support Vector Machine Based Intelligent Driver Drowsiness Monitoring System 6340 – 6345
Authors Kaushal Gandavadi, Vikram Raju Reddicherla, Roheet Bhatnagar   PDF
Article - 316 Title Intelligent Predictive String Search Algorithm Using Two Sliding Windows in Parallel Environment 6346 – 6355
Authors Wafa Dababat , Mariam Itriq   PDF
Article - 317 Title Information System for Decision Support in the Field of Tourism Based on the Use of Spatio-Temporal Data Analysis 6356 – 6361
Authors Valeria Baranova, Olena Orlenko, Alla Vitiuk, Natalia Yakimenko-Tereschenko, Vyacheslav Lyashenko   PDF
Article - 318 Title Information Systems Using Object Counting and Background Subtraction from Video in Supermarket 6362 – 6369
Authors Falih Farhanza, Samuel Mahatmaputra Tedjojuwono   PDF
Article - 319 Title Information Technologies for Managing of the Plants’ Condition on the Example of Photosynthesis’ Online Monitoring 6370 – 6374
Authors Serhii Lienkov, Larysa Komarova, Anastasiia Bernaz, Andrii Diachuk, Nataliia Lytvynenko, Igor Tolok   PDF
Article - 320 Title Integrating courses' relationship into predicting student performance 6375 – 6383
Authors Thanh-Nhan Huynh-Ly, Huy-Thap Le, Thai-Nghe Nguyen   PDF
Article - 321 Title Intrusion Detection System Various Supervised Learning Techniques 6384 – 6388
Authors Rashmi Bhaskarrao Kale, Dr. Shafi Pathan   PDF
Article - 322 Title Material Modification by using Neural Network for Optimal Mixing 6389 – 6392
Authors Rugat Y. Khamidullin   PDF
Article - 323 Title Modelling Heterogeneous Data Transmission Systems Based on Queueing System Networks 6393 – 6399
Authors Oleg Jakovlevich Kravets, Alexey Petrovich Ryzhkov, Evgeny Efimovich Krasnovskiy   PDF
Article - 324 Title Large Scale Cooperative Wireless Networks: Relay Selection and Performance Analysis 6400 – 6405
Authors D. Praveen Kumar, P. Pardha Saradhi, M. Sushanth Babu   PDF
Article - 326 Title Leveraging IoT towards Sustainable Manufacturing Applications Based on Text Analytics 6415 – 6428
Authors Sharifah Sakinah Syed Ahmad, Zuraini Othman, Fauziah Kasmin   PDF
Article - 327 Title Mirror Microsoft Ml Network for Recognition and Organization of Objects in Law 6429 – 6432
Authors Sergey G. Eremin, Konstantin E. Lukichev, Alexander M. Belyaev, Irina I. Romashkova, Maria A. Khvatova   PDF
Article - 328 Title Machine Learning in Consumer Credit Risk Analysis: A Review 6440 – 6445
Authors Jae Young Seo, Samuel Mahatmaputra Tedjojuwono   PDF
Article - 329 Title Missing Point on the Corner by using Extension Cases of Advancing Front Mesh Method 6446 – 6454
Authors Noorehan Awang, Rahmita Wirza Rahmat, Ng Seng Beng, Azmi Jaafar, Puteri Suhaiza Sulaiman , Mohd Rijal Ilias   PDF
Article - 330 Title Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy Controller for Double Lane Traffic Intersections 6455 – 6463
Authors Oluborode K. O, Obe O. O, Olabode O, Adeboje O. T   PDF
Article - 331 Title Epileptic Seizure Detection using Simulated Annealing based Optimal Feature Subset Selection with Kernel Extreme Learning Machine Classification Model 6464 – 6470
Authors P. Suguna, B. Kirubagari, R. Umamaheswari   PDF
Article - 332 Title MISTMATIC: Automatic Misting Control System for Indoor Garden with Rule-Based Approach 6471 – 6476
Authors Mon Arjay F. Malbog, Julius C. Castro, Christopher Franco Cunanan, Nelson M. Pateña, Bobby M. Bastes   PDF
Article - 333 Title Mobile Cloud Correlated Digital Forensic Process Model based on UML Design 6477 – 6484
Authors Puneet Sharma, Deepak Arora, T.Sakthivel   PDF
Article -334 Title Mobile Expert System for Diagnostic Human State in Emergency Situations 6485 – 6489
Authors Oleksandr Kuzomin, Oleksandra Dudka, Oleksii Vasylenko, Radion Shylo, Vyacheslav Lyashenko   PDF
Article -335 Title Performance Evaluation of Laser Based FSO Communication System in Turbulent Atmosphere 6490 – 6495
Authors Vijayashri Belgaonkar, R. Sundaraguru   PDF
Article - 336 Title Modification of Logical Reasoning through an Informal Gamification Platform 6496 – 6500
Authors Jhon Holguin-Alvarez, Aquila Montañez-Huancaya, Fernando Ledesma-Pérez, Juana Cruz-Montero, Fany Figueroa-Hurtado   PDF
Article -337 Title Role-Playing Computer Game to Improve Speech Ability of Down Syndrome Children 6501 – 6508
Authors A. N. Che Pee, M. H. L. Abdullah, M. H. Zakaria, H. Asyrani, S. S. Rahim, L. C. Chuan   PDF
Article -338 Title Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols in NS-2 and NS-3 Simulators 6509 – 6517
Authors Munsifa Firdaus Khan, Indrani Das   PDF
Article -339 Title A Comparison of ANFIS, SVM and KNN models for the face recognition in unconstrained environment 6518 – 6526
Authors Dr. Hossam Fraihat   PDF
Article -340 Title Network anomaly detection technique based on LSTM network and UNSW-NB15 dataset 6527 – 6532
Authors Lai Van Duong , Tisenko Victor Nikolaevich, Pham Thi Thuong, Dong Xuan Anh, Nguyen The Lam   PDF
Article -341 Title Stream Control Transmission Protocol for IoT Data Communication Framework 6533 – 6540
Authors M. Padma, Dr.N. Kasiviswanath   PDF
Article - 342 Title Numerical Modeling of the Thermo Mechanical Behavior of a Polymer Reinforced by Horn Fibers 6541 – 6548
Authors Aziz Moumen, Mustapha Jammoukh, Laidi Zahiri, Khalifa Mansouri   PDF
Article -343 Title Numerical simulation of two aquarius Horizons 6549 – 6554
Authors N Ravshanov, Sh.K. Daliev, O. Tagaev   PDF
Article - 344 Title Open Government Data (OGD) portals selection using Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) Algorithm 6555 – 6562
Authors Nor A. M. Sabri, Nurul A. Emran, Norharyati Harum   PDF
Article -345 Title Optimal Design the Compliant Bistable Mechanism based on NSGA-II 6563 – 6568
Authors Ngoc Dang Khoa Tran, Truong Giang Nguyen, Thanh Lam Tran   PDF
Article -346 Title Optimization of Test Cases: A Meta-Heuristic Approach 6569 – 6576
Authors Prakash B, Saleena B, Shravan S, Vijayanandh R   PDF
Article - 347 Title Optimized threshold based EM Fusion Technique for Shrimp White Spot Disease Detection 6577 – 6584
Authors Dr. G.Lakshmi , Dr. R. Vijaya Kumar Reddy, Dr. B. Srinivasa Rao , Dr. G. Rajesh Chandra   PDF
Article -348 Title Performance Analysis of Arithmetic Logic Unit with Reversible Logic 6585 – 6590
Authors Greeshma Arya, D S Chauhan   PDF
Article -349 Title Performance Tuning for Optimal Backup Process on Database Server 6591 – 6597
Authors Yosua Dwi Raharjo, Abba Suganda Girsang   PDF
Article -350 Title Methodological Foundations Assessment of Security Control of the Information And Telecommunications Network Register of Municipal Property 6598 – 6602
Authors Popadyuk, N.K., Rojdestvenskaya, I.A., Gladyshev, A.G., Izotova, G.S., d Danilkevich, M.A   PDF
Article -351 Title Predicting Crypto Currency Prices Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques 6603 – 6608
Authors Lokesh Vaddi, Vaishnavi Neelisetty, Bhavana Chowdary Vallabhaneni, Kolla Bhanu Prakash   PDF
Article -352 Title Predicting Software Defects using Machine Learning Techniques 6609 – 6616
Authors Mohammad Amimul Ihsan Aquil, Wan Hussain Wan Ishak   PDF
Article -353 Title Predicting the Number of Multiple Chronic Conditions in Arizona State Using Data Mining Algorithms 6617 – 6621
Authors Najah Al-Shanableh, Mohammed Salem Atoum   PDF
Article -354 Title Stock Prices Time Series Forecasting by Deep Learning using Three-Point Moving Gradient 6622 – 6630
Authors Wong Pee Shoong, Siti Azirah Asmai, Tay Choo Chuan   PDF
Article -355 Title Spread spectrum modulation investigation using MATLAB developed tool on automotive DC-DC converter 6631 – 6639
Authors Sivanyanam Rajamanickam, Zuccollo Andrea, Siva Kumar Subramaniam, Zamre bin ABD Ghani   PDF
Article -356 Title Processes for Detecting Information Vulnerabilities in Distance Learning Systems 6640 – 6648
Authors Shamshieva Barno Makhmudjonovna, Nasrullaev Nurbek Bakhtiyorovich, Fayzieva Dilsora Salimovna   PDF
Article -357 Title Proposed real-time obstacle detection system for visually impaired assistance based on deep learning 6649 – 6652
Authors Fatima ZahraeAitHamou Aadi,Abdelalim Sadiq   PDF
Article -358 Title Software Vulnerability Classification based on Machine Learning Algorithm 6653 – 6659
Authors Markad Ashok Vitthalrao, Mukesh Kumar Gupta   PDF
Article -359 Title Quality assessment of surface water associated with a copper mine in Peruusinggrey systems 6660 – 6668
Authors Alexi Delgado, Johann Culqui, Gabriel Tasayco, Andrea Millán, Eduardo Tirado, Chiara Carbajal   PDF
Article -360 Title Representation of Concept Based Censor Production Rules using Neural Networks 6669 – 6674
Authors Nabil M. Hewahi   PDF
Article -361 Title Redundant Data Normalization using the Novel Data Mining Algorithms 6675 – 6683
Authors Palash Chaudhari   PDF
Article -362 Title Reliability of the BTS-BSC System with Different Types of Communication Lines Between Them 6684 – 6689
Authors Davronbekov Dilmurod Abdujalilovich, Matyokubov Utkir Karimovich   PDF
Article -363 Title Reversible steganographic method based on interpolation and genetic algorithm 6690 – 6699
Authors Amine Benhfid, El Bachir Ameur, Youssef Taouil, Ismail Kich   PDF
Article -364 Title Room Surveillance using Convolutional Neural Networks - Based Computer Vision System 6700 – 6705
Authors Roy Francis Navea   PDF
Article -365 Title Root Cause Detection and Test Case Generation for Student Academics 6708 – 6709
Authors T.Mamatha, B. Rama Subba Reddy, C Shoba Bindu   PDF
Article -366 Title Software implementation of a Computational Algorithm for accounting for the presence of local Superficial Heat Exchanges in Rods of variable section 6710 – 6716
Authors Mukaddas Arshidinova,Azat Tashev, Anarbay Kudaykulov   PDF
Article -367 Title Cloud-based CRM systems: Analysis of Technologies and Opportunities to Communicate with Consumers 6717 – 6723
Authors Deni Dokkaevich Saydulaev, Valery V. Bezpalov , Tatyana Vladimirovna Deeva   PDF
Article -368 Title Secured Message Delivery in Vehicular Networks Based on Blockchain and FDRO Algorithm 6724 – 6730
Authors H.Prabavathi, Dr.K.Kavitha   PDF
Article -369 Title Smartphone – Based Oximetry Monitoring Device in the Android Platform 6731 – 6736
Authors Roy Francis Navea, James Rafael Hernandez, Nico Roque, Donneil FredericheYabut   PDF
Article -370 Title Secure Scalable Attribute Based Access Control (SS-ABAC) in Cloud Environment 6737 – 6741
Authors Rudragoud Patil, R. H. Goudar   PDF
Article -371 Title Deep Neural Network Elements and their Implementation in Models of Protective Forest Stands with the Participation of Shrubs 6742 – 6746
Authors Aliya Sh. Huzhahmetova, Alexandra V. Semenyutina, Victoria A. Semenyutina   PDF
Article - 372 Title Service Broker Algorithm for Datacenter Selection with light and heavy load in Cloud Computing 6747 – 6751
Authors Amrita Jyoti, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pathak, Dr. Pratap Singh   PDF
Article - 373 Title Rigid Pavement Planning and Road Retaining Wall 6752 – 6759
Authors Telly Rosdiyani, Dasa Aprisandi, Julfika Fauzi   PDF
Article - 374 Title Design of Reconfigurable Low Power Pipelined ADC for Bio-Impedance Measurement 6760 – 6765
Authors Hari Kishore Kakarla, Mukil Alagirisamy   PDF
Article - 375 Title Heart Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning Model Ensemble-Random Forest with Simple Regression 6766 – 6773
Authors Dr.K.Venkata Subba Reddy, Anusha Surakarapu, Dr.Mohammed Umar Khan , Sunitha Avula   PDF
Article - 376 Title The Kinetic Study of DPT Using Mathematica as an Efficient Optimization Tool 6774 – 6782
Authors M. H. El Dewaik, Mamdouh Gadalla , M. A. Radwan, M. A. Sadek, Hany A. Elazab   PDF
Article - 377 Title Experimental Analysis of the Influence of Depth of Cut, Time of Cut, and Machining Speed on Vibration Frequency during Turning of AL1060 Alloy 6783 – 6789
Authors I.P. Okokpujie, O.S. Ohunakin, C.A. Bolu, D.S. Adelekan, E.T. Akinlabi   PDF
Article - 378 Title Advancement of Modular Rotor Permanent Magnet Flux Switching Motor Using Local Optimization Approach 6790 – 6795
Authors Irfan Ali Soomro, Erwan Sulaiman, Mohd Firdaus Mohd Ab Halim, Hassan Ali Soomro, Laili Iwani Jusoh   PDF
Article - 379 Title Logistic regression and Random forest-based hybrid classifier with recursive feature elimination technique for diabetes classification 6796 – 6804
Authors Aruna Kumari G L , Dr Padmaja P , Dr Jaya Suma G   PDF
Article - 380 Title Development of Mobile Application for Geotagged Fault Lines in Southern Mindanao, Philippines using ArcGIS and Google Earth 6805 – 6811
Authors Paterson P. Soroño, Karl Vincent F. Eran, Kit James R. Medina, Rodrigo S. Pangantihon Jr.   PDF
Article - 381 Title Ephemeral Schnorr Signcryption for Secure Data Transaction in Cloud 6812 – 6820
Authors Kavitha K, Saravanan V   PDF
Article - 382 Title Development of Toilet Air Quality Assessment and Monitoring System 6821 – 6828
Authors Ronald James A. Basan, Kevin T. Arizobal, Naomi Claire T. Obas, Rodrigo S. Pangantihon Jr.   PDF
Article - 383 Title Deep Learning with Recursive Neural Network for Temporal Logic Implementation 6829 – 6833
Authors Ajeet K. Jain, Dr.PVRD Prasad Rao , Dr. K. Venkatesh Sharma3   PDF
Article - 384 Title A Comparative Performance Evaluation of A load-balancing Algorithm using Contiki: “RPL vs QU-RPL” 6834 – 6839
Authors Svilen Stoyanov , Baraq Ghaleb, Safwan M. Ghaleb   PDF
Article - 385 Title The Quantitative Use of Heavy Equipment for Excavataion And Embankment Work Items in Road Improvement Project 6840 – 6845
Authors Bambang Hariyanto, M. Ichwanul Yusup, Rizky Firdaus   PDF
Article - 386 Title Machine Learning Approaches for Analysis of Covid-19 Data in India: A Case of Pandemic 6846 – 6852
Authors Iyyanki Muralikrishna, A V Senthil Kumar, Amit Dutta, Ismail Bin Musirin   PDF
Article - 387 Title The Technical Evaluation of Fixed Weir the Body Stability Planning in Cikamunding at Ciliman River Of Lebak District 6853 – 6866
Authors M. Ichwanul Yusup, Bamabang Hariyanto, Novi Mustaram   PDF