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Volume 8 No. 6 (2019)

Article - 1 Title Computerized gender determination from human sternum& manubrium X-Ray Measurements 2686 - 2692
Authors Mahima Shanker Pandey, Sudhir Singh Soam and Surya Prakash Tripathi   PDF
Article - 2 Title Navigation System Based on the Fuzzy Logic Expert System 2693 - 2698
Authors Gennady G. Kalach and Gennady P. Kalach   PDF
Article - 3 Title A Dynamic Genetic-Based Context Modeling Approach in Internet of Things Environments 2699 - 2709
Authors Ahmed. A. A. Gad-Elrab, Shereen A. El-aal, Neveen I. Ghali and Afaf A. S. Zaghrout   PDF
Article - 4 Title Analysis of the factors that affecting intention to use Tourism Online Booking 2710 - 2715
Authors Adele Mailangkay, Eko Indrajit, Raymond Kosala and Acep Hidayat   PDF
Article - 5 Title Influence of the Composite Materials Nonlinear Properties with Radioisotope Inclusions on Reflected Radiation 2716 - 2720
Authors Savchenko Vitalii, Vorobiov Oleh, Tkalenko Oksana, Polonevych Olha, Shuklin German, Trembovetskyi Maksym, Zaika Viktor and Konopliannykova Marianna   PDF
Article - 6 Title A Response Assessment on the Implementation of Senior High School TVL Track through Data Mining Technique 2721- 2725
Authors Alicia Z. Maghuyop   PDF
Article - 7 Title Study of Indonesia Vehicle Insurance for New Scheme Applied Use Based Insurance Model 2726 - 2729
Authors Priatama Elko, Rifyansyah Pravasta , Tanujaya William, Gunawan Wang and Emil Robert Kaburuan   PDF
Article - 8 Title Brain Tumor segmentation using modified Fuzzy metric based Approach with Adaptive Technique 2730 - 2734
Authors D. SHERLIN and Dr. D. MURUGAN   PDF
Article - 9 Title Bezier Curve Based Medicinal Leaf Classification using Capsule Network 2735 - 2742
Authors Sandeep Dwarkanath Pande and Dr. Manna Sheela Rani Chetty   PDF
Article - 10 Title Cloud-based Framework for Issuing and Verifying Academic Certificates 2743 - 2749
Article - 11 Title Enhancing Operational Performance through ERP Performance 2750 - 2752
Authors Julbintor Kembaren, Dyah Budiastuti, Harjanto Prabowo and Ford Lumban Gaol   PDF
Article - 12 Title A Novel Sampling Approach for Balancing The Data and Providing Health Care Management System by Government 2753 - 2761
Authors B. Jabber, P. Sai Venkat, K. Sri Sai Nikhil and B. Lakshmi Avinash   PDF
Article - 13 Title Crowd Counting Using CSR-Net Architecture 2762 - 2767
Authors Pragnyaban Mishra, Raju, Sai Rupa and Pavithra   PDF
Article - 14 Title Software reliability prediction using Knowledge Engineering approach 2768 - 2772
Authors Mayuri H.Molawade and Dr. Shashank D. Joshi   PDF
Article - 15 Title Design of Augmented Reality for Engineering Equipment in Education 2773 - 2781
Authors Murizah Kassim and Muhammad Taufiq Hazmi Md Zubir   PDF
Article - 16 Title A Wrapper Feature Selection Based on Ensemble Learning Algorithm for High Dimensional Data 2782 - 2787
Authors Maryam and Noor Akhmad Setiawan   PDF
Article - 17 Title Study of Schrodinger Equation with Quantum Deformation for Three-Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator plus Inverse Quadratic Potential by Hypergeometric Method 2788 - 2793
Authors Dyah Ayu Dianawati, A Suparmi and C Cari   PDF
Article - 18 Title An Image Processing Approach of Multiple Eggs’ Quality Inspection 2794 - 2799
Authors Alvin S. Alon, Rufo I. Marasigan, Jr. , Jennalyn G. Nicolas- Mindoro and Cherry D. Casuat   PDF
Article - 19 Title Methodology Development of the University Teacher’s Creative Abilities with the Help of Information Technologies 2800 - 2805
Authors Sergeeva M.G., Ogurechnikova N.L., Zarembo G.V., Nikashina N.V., Nagornova E.V., Vasilenko S.A. and Baranova E.A.   PDF
Article - 20 Title Content-Social Based Features for Fake News Detection Model from Twitter 2806 - 2810
Authors Adnan Hussein , Farzana Kabir Ahmad and Siti Sakira Kamaruddin3   PDF
Article - 21 Title NotiPoy: Early Notification of Detected Fire Using Image Processing Applying Convolutional Neural Network 2811 - 2816
Authors Jennalyn G. Nicolas-Mindoro , Mon Arjay F. Malbog, Joshua S. Gulmatico and Jennifer B. Enriquez   PDF
Article - 22 Title Architecture of Social Media Marketing Using Gamification 2817 - 2820
Authors Muhammad Rizki, Risalatulina Dwi, Fitrahtur Rahman and Gunawan Wang   PDF
Article - 23 Title Social Tension and Crime Related Events Detection Method on Twitter 2821 - 2824
Authors Nurul Syafidah Jamil, Siti Sakira Kamaruddin and Farzana Kabir Ahmad   PDF
Article - 24 Title MLC based Classification of Satellite Images for Damage Assessment Index in Disaster Management 2825 - 2830
Authors Darala Siva and Polaiah Bojja   PDF
Article - 25 Title The Development of IoT Tele-Insomnia Framework to Monitor Sleep Disorder 2831 - 2839
Authors Novi Azman, Mohd Khanapi Abd Ghani, Sandy Rachmat Wicaksono and Lizawati Salahuddin   PDF
Article - 26 Title The Method of Hidden Transmitters Detection based on the Differential Transformation Model 2840 - 2846
Authors Laptiev Oleksandr, ShuklinGerman, Savchenko Vitalii, Barabash Oleg, MusienkoAndrii and Haidur Halyna   PDF
Article - 27 Title Artificial Intelligence with the Internet of Things on Healthcare systems: A Survey 2847 - 2854
Authors S. Mahalakshmi and Dr.R.Latha   PDF
Article - 28 Title Detection of single-trial EEG of the neural correlates of familiar faces recognition using machine-learning algorithms 2855 - 2860
Authors Abdulmajeed Alsufyani, Roobaea Alroobaea and K Ashfaq Ahmed   PDF
Article - 29 Title Multi-Objective Optimization for Worldview Image Segmentation Funded on the Entropies of Tsallis and Rényi 2861 - 2870
Authors Salah Eddine MECHKOURI, Saleh EL JOUMANI, Rachid ZENNOUHI and Lhoussaine MASMOUDI   PDF
Article - 30 Title Multiple Intelligences and Reading Comprehension of Senior High School Students: A Response Evaluation through Educational Data Mining Technique 2871 - 2876
Authors Nenita S. Buot   PDF
Article - 31 Title Review of Combinatorial Testing Strategy 2877 - 2881
Authors J M Altmemi, R R Othman and R Ahmad   PDF
Article - 32 Title Analysis of Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Metering Protocols for Smart Grid Systems 2882 - 2886
Authors Nishant Doshi   PDF
Article - 33 Title The Role of Information Technology in Mediating the Effect of Medical Resources on Hospital Clinical Performance 2887 - 2892
Authors Daniel Kartawiguna, Harjanto Prabowo and Tjibeng Jap   PDF
Article - 34 Title Automated Leaf Disease Detection in Corn Species through Image Analysis 2893 - 2899
Authors Lakshmi Praneetha.S.K, Anusha.K, Geetha Viharika.R, Divya Sree.M and Vidyullatha.P   PDF
Article - 35 Title 2-Fair Dominating Sets in Some Class of Graphs 2900 - 2903
Authors Jayasree T G and Radha Rajamani Iyer   PDF
Article - 36 Title Engineering and Deploying a Cheap Recognition Security System on a Raspberry Pi Platform for a rural Settlement 2904 - 2909
Authors Victor Osamor, Onyeka Emebo, Barka Fori and Moses Adewale   PDF
Article - 37 Title Relationship between Glomerular Filtration Rate and Resistive Renal Artery Index as the Basis for Kidney Function Diagnostics 2910 - 2914
Authors Wadah M. Ali1,3, *Lana Haider Ahmed, Iman A Babiker, Albin Babu M Wilson, Altahir Abdalmalik Abukhiar, M.E.M. Garelabi, Hussien Abdelrhman Hussien, Mayada A. Emak, Vyacheslav Lyashenko and Mohamed M Abuzaid   PDF
Article - 38 Title Performance Evaluation of Wide Area Network using Cisco Packet Tracer 2915 - 2919
Authors Sanam. Nagendram, P. Sai Anil, E. V. S. Pavan and V. Amarendra   PDF
Article - 39 Title Performance Analysis of Human Detection and Tracking in Changing Illumination 2920 - 2924
Authors Mhalsakant Sardeshmukh and Vaishali Sardeshmukh   PDF
Article - 40 Title Detection and Classification Methods for EEG Epileptic Seizures 2925 - 2934
Authors Sreelekha Panda , Satyasis Mishra and Manas Ranjan Senapati   PDF
Article - 41 Title Electronic Devices Monitoring based Wireless Gateway Network using Cisco Packet Tracer 2935 - 2939
Authors K.Sony, N.Durga Indira, S.vinay kumar, V.Bhanu Prakash and D.jaya Chandra sekhar   PDF
Article - 42 Title Game Education of Disaster Mitigation: A Systematic Literature Review 2940 - 2943
Authors Endah Sudarmilah, Iis Hamsir Ayub Wahab, Devi Afriyantari Puspa Putri, Wiwien Dinar Pratisti and Irma Yuliana   PDF
Article - 43 Title Computer Optimization of Schematic Model for Sawing a Log into Rectangular and Trapezoidal Cross-section Boards for Panel Products 2944 - 2950
Authors Serhii Shevchenko, Anastasiia Suska, Yriy Gradiskiy, Natalia Zaslavska and Anatoly Babich   PDF
Article - 44 Title Stability in Delay Functional Differential Equation established using the BANACH Fixed Point Theorem 2951 - 2955
Authors Sizar Abid Mohammed, Sadeq Taha Abdulazeez and Diyar Hashim Malo   PDF
Article - 45 Title Survey on Abstractive Text Summarization using various approaches 2956 - 2964
Authors Arun Krishna Chitturi and Saravanakumar Kandasamy   PDF
Article - 46 Title Plasma Decay at Low Pressure 2965 - 2969
Authors Igor A. Murog, Valery F. Gnido, Elena V. Tinina, Valentina A. Anisimova and Igor A. Ilchuk   PDF
Article - 47 Title Towards an outlier detection model in text data stream 2970 - 2973
Authors Awab Noori, Siti Sakira Binti Kamaruddin and Farzana Binti Kabir Ahmad   PDF
Article - 48 Title Machine Learning Approach to Predict Lung Cancer using CT scan Images 2974 - 2976
Authors Dr.A.Nagarajan and J. Vasanth Wason   PDF
Article - 49 Title Design of Loyalty Systems based on Service Oriented Architecture at XYZ Company 2977 - 2983
Authors Andika Syafiq Baskara and Sfenrianto   PDF
Article -50 Title A Critically Review of Data Mining Segment: A New Perspective 2984 - 2987
Authors Dr. Brijesh Kumar Bhardwaj   PDF
Article - 51 Title What Features Emerge when Asian Countries are Matched Across Productivity and Social Media Use? : A Basis for Complex Adaptive Analysis 2998 - 2992
Authors Jessica Rose E. Fernandez and Gracechell M. Pascua   PDF
Article - 52 Title Developing the Security and Protection of the Electronic Passport 2993 - 2997
Authors Dr. Omar Radhi Alzuobi , Dr. Bilal Radhi Alzuobi, Dr. Hamza A .Ibrahim and Marwan A. Al-Namari   PDF
Article - 53 Title Continuous Professional Education of Specialists in Demand in the Labor Market with the Help of Information Technologies 2998 - 3003
Authors Sergeeva M.G., Nagaeva S.N., Firova I.P., Pudovkina O.I., Solomonova V.N., Sidenko I.K. and Ignatjeva O.A.   PDF
Article - 54 Title Factors Affecting Acceptance of Mobile Health Insurance in Indonesia: TAM Applicability 3004 - 3011
Authors Gunawan Wang, Sofia Alatas and Andreas Wiraniagara   PDF
Article - 55 Title Big Data Analytics for Value-Based Care: Challenges and Opportunities 3012 - 3016
Authors Ibrahim A. Atoum and Nasser A. Al-Jarallah   PDF
Article - 56 Title Artificial intelligence is transforming recruitment effectiveness in CMMI level companies 3017 - 3021
Authors Nishad Nawaz   PDF
Article - 57 Title Education 4.0: The Impact of Computer Architecture and Organization Course on Students’ Computer Anxiety and Computer Self-Efficacy 3022 - 3025
Authors Suhazlan Suhaimi, Ahmad Nurzid Rosli, Asma Hanee Ariffin, Thinesswaran Muniandy and Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab   PDF
Article -58 Title Automation of Speech Quality Assessment in Speech Rehabilitation 3026 - 3030
Authors Dariya Novokhrestova, Evgeny Kostyuchenko and Ekaterina Kosenko   PDF
Article - 59 Title Employee Performance Prediction using Naïve Bayes 3031 - 3035
Authors Riyanto Jayadi, Hafizh M. Firmantyo, Muhammad T. J. Dzaka, Muhammad F. Suaidy and Alfitra M. Putra   PDF
Article - 60 Title The Process of Network Flows Distribution based on Traffic Engineering Method 3036 - 3042
Authors Melnyk Yurii , Matsko Olexander , Ilin Oleh, Hnidenko Nikolay, Dakova Larisa, Dakov Serhii, Domracheva Kateryna and Dovzhenko Nadii   PDF
Article - 61 Title Designing Enterprise Architecture Systems Information on Cloud Computing based TOGAF ADM Clinic (Case Study in Healthy Family Clinic In Kampar District) 3043 - 3048
Authors Romai Lidyawati, Nilo Legowo and Gunawan Wang   PDF
Article - 62 Title Factors that Determine Customer Decisions in the Use of E-Payment in the Culinary Business 3049 - 3052
Authors Zahrotur Rohimah, Antonius Deni Paul Elga and Gunawan Wang   PDF
Article - 63 Title A Modified Adaptive Synthetic SMOTE Approach in Graduation Success Rate Classification 3053 - 3057
Authors Hazel A. Gameng, Bobby D. Gerardo and Ruji P. Medina   PDF
Article - 64 Title Interactive Educational Animal Identification Game for Primary Schoolchildren with Intellectual Disability 3058 - 3064
Authors Fatah Yasin Al Irsyadi, Supriyadi and Yogiek Indra Kurniawan   PDF
Article - 65 Title Experimental Evaluation of a Hybrid Intrusion Detection System for Cloud Computing 3065 - 3073
Authors Abdallah Ghourabi and Mohamed Jelidi   PDF
Article - 66 Title Youtuber Personal Branding Content Analysis. A study on Indonesian Youtuber “Atta Halilintar” 3074 - 3080
Authors Karenina and Amia Luthfia   PDF
Article - 67 Title Model for representation the relations between geometric objects and Drawing a figure of the problem in Plane geometry 3081 - 3086
Authors Hien D. Nguyen, Khang Le, Phong T. Luc, Minh N. Phan and Vuong T. Pham   PDF
Article - 68 Title Architecture Internet of Things Based on Cluster Housing Security System Using Fog Computing 3087 - 3090
Authors Stefan Gendita Bunawan, Muhammad Aldenny, Dina Ikramina Setiani and Gunawan Wang   PDF
Article - 69 Title Designing Courier Service (Jastip) Application by using Spark-based Big Data technology 3091 - 3094
Authors Ananda Dessi, Fauzan Nasafi, Gresshinta and Gunawan Wang   PDF
Article -70 Title Breast Cancer Predictive Analytics Using Supervised Machine Learning Techniques 3095 - 3104
Authors Jide E. T. Akinsola, Moruf A. Adeagbo and Ayomikun A. Awoseyi   PDF
Article - 71 Title Formal Concept Analysis and Rough Set Theory for an Effective Representation of Arabic Short Text 3105 - 3111
Authors Mohammed Bekkali and Abdelmonaime Lachkar   PDF
Article - 72 Title Developing Computer Application for Interactive Javanese Letters Learning 3112 - 3119
Authors Heru Supriyono, Rifqi Fauzi Rahmadzani and Muhammad Syahriandi Adhantoro   PDF
Article - 73 Title Interpolation Methods of Spatial Distribution Salt Price During Scarcity Period in Malang Raya Using Geographic Information System 3120 - 3123
Authors Sri Harini, Angga Dwi Mulyanto, Atiek Iriany and Cindy Cahyaning Astuti   PDF
Article - 74 Title A New Quasi-Newton (SR1) With PCG Method for Unconstrained Nonlinear Optimization 3124 - 3128
Authors Salah Gazi Shareef and Alaa Luqman Ibrahim   PDF
Article - 75 Title Artificial Intelligence based Automatic Decelerating Vehicle Control System to avoid Misfortunes 3129 - 3134
Authors A. Christy, S.Vaithyasubramanian, Viji Amutha Mary and Naveen Renold J   PDF
Article - 76 Title The Development of Engine Control Module Manipulator Module Based on Arduino to Increase Power and Torque of Motorcycle Engine 3135 - 3139
Authors Supriyono, Iman Mawardi and Waluyo Adi Siswanto   PDF
Article - 77 Title Enhancing is Risk Assessment through using Combination Vector Matrix and Octave Methods 3140 - 3146
Authors Rivo Mahatvira Vijayanto, Devyana, and Gunawan Wang   PDF
Article - 78 Title Sequential Pattern Mining and Deep Learning to Enhance Readability of Indonesian Text Summarization 3147 - 3159
Authors Dian Sa’adillah Maylawati, Yogan Jaya Kumar, Fauziah Binti Kasmin and Basit Raza   PDF
Article - 79 Title The Role of Intelligence in e-Learning Usage: An Extension of UTAUT Model 3160 - 3165
Authors Erwin Setiawan Panjaitan and Rahmat Budiarto   PDF
Article -80 Title Development of the cost-effective, miniaturized vein imaging system with enhanced noise reduction 3166 - 3170
Authors Young Soo Jang, Young Han Kook, Jeong-lae Kim and Hyun-Woo Jeong   PDF
Article - 81 Title Design of Compact Raspberry Pi Based Tracker to Improve Conversion Efficiency of Solar Energy 3171 - 3175
Authors Syafii, Lovely Son, Ali Basrah Pulungan and Nur Asni   PDF
Article - 82 Title Business Process based GNSS Modeling Method 3176 - 3181
Authors Sang Young Lee   PDF
Article - 83 Title A Comparative Study of Hysteresis Current Controller and PI Controller in Grid-Connected Inverter 3182 - 3187
Authors Christopher Ngadi Anak Julius, Lailatul Niza Muhammad, Hamdan Daniyal, Norazila Jaalam, Nor Rul Hasma Abdullah and Suliana Ab Ghani   PDF
Article - 84 Title PHR System using Blockchain Technology 3188 -3193
Authors Sang Young Lee   PDF
Article - 85 Title Gesture Recognition of Dance using Chain Code and Hidden Markov Model 3194 - 3199
Authors Joko Sutopo, Mohd Khanapi Abd Ghani , M.A.Burhanuddin and Zulhawati   PDF
Article - 86 Title Honeypot Cowrie Implementation to Protect SSH Protocol in Ubuntu Server with Visualisation Using Kippo-Graph 3200 - 3207
Authors Devi Afriyantari Puspa Putri and Aulia Rachmawati   PDF
Article - 87 Title Fused Random Pooling in Convolutional Neural Network for Herbal Plants Image Classification 3208 - 3214
Authors Ian Val P. Delos Reyes, Ariel M. Sison and Ruji P. Medina   PDF
Article - 88 Title Performance of Transmission Delay and Energy Consumption of Adaptive Listening Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks 3215 - 3220
Authors Yung-Fa Huang, Jong-Shin Chen and Li-Ming Wang   PDF
Article -89 Title Information Technologies of the Processing of the Spaces of the States of a Complex Biophysical Object in the Intellectual Medical System HEALTH 3221 -3227
Authors Asaad Ma. Babker , Abd Elgadir A. Altoum , Irina Tvoroshenko and Vyacheslav Lyashenko   PDF
Article - 90 Title Developing new Multilevel security algorithm for data encryption-decryption (MLS_ED) 3228 - 3235
Authors Rashad J. Rasras , Ziad Alqadi, Mutaz Rasmi Abu Sara and Belal Zahran   PDF
Article - 91 Title Styles and effect OF Delivering Distance Learning as an Emerging Technology Wave 3236 - 3242
Authors Khalil Alsaadat   PDF
Article - 92 Title Analyzing Cyber-Attack Intention for Digital Forensics Using Case-Based Reasoning 3243 - 3248
Authors Mohammad Rasmi Al-Mousa   PDF
Article - 93 Title Performance Evaluation of Task Scheduling using Hybrid Meta-heuristic in Heterogeneous Cloud Environment 3249 - 3257
Authors Faten A. Saif, MN Derahman, Ali A. Alwan and Rohaya Latip   PDF
Article - 94 Title Towards A Job Recommender Model: An Architectural-Based Approach 3258 -3264
Authors Adeagbo M. A. , Akhigbe B. I. and Afolabi B. S.   PDF
Article - 95 Title An Optimized Newton-Raphson Algorithm for Approximating Internal Rate of Return 3265 - 3268
Authors Narene M. Nagares, Dr. Ariel M. Sison and Dr. Ruji P. Medina   PDF
Article - 96 Title Creation of Arabic Ontology for Hadith Science 3269 - 3276
Authors Abdelkarim Abdelkader, Moath Najeeb, Marwan Alnamari and Hamid Malik   PDF
Article - 97 Title Applying Neurointerface for Provision of Information Security 3277 - 3281
Authors Alexandr Alexandrovich Emelyanov, Elena Yurevna Avksentieva, Sergey Yurevich Avksentiev and Nikolai Nikolaevich Zhukov   PDF
Article - 98 Title Effective Communication Technologies 3282 - 3288
Authors Tatyana Vladimirovna Dikova, Tatyana Anatolyevna Kovaleva, Elena Alekseevna Smirnova, Yuliya Ivanovna Aleevskaya and Dmitriy Nikolaevich Oreshin   PDF
Article - 99 Title 360 Video Protection and Streaming 3289 - 3296
Authors Nikolai Valerievich Bradis, Sergei Sergeevich Smirnov, Dmitrii Aleksandrovich Sytnik, Andrei Ivanovich Kardakov and Alexey Yuryevich Lebedev   PDF
Article - 100 Title Multiple Level Information Security Using Image Steganography and Authentication 3297 - 3303
Authors Marilou O. Espina, Arnel C. Fajardo, Bobby D. Gerardo and Ruji P. Medina   PDF
Article - 101 Title Digital Entrepreneurship and Education: Support for Innovative Projects 3304 - 3311
Authors Elena Nikolaevna Muraya, Vladimir Robertovich Roganov, Elena Ivanovna Skiteva, Irina Vladimirovna Evgrafova and Ismail Lemievich Daudov   PDF
Article - 102 Title System of Internal Monitoring of Performance of Indicators of Efficiency of the University 3312 - 3317
Authors Oleg Victorovich Ovchinkin, Alexey Ivanovich Pykhtin, Elena Anatolievna Bessonova, Ekaterina Vladimirovna Kharchenko and Natalia Borisovna Chernykh   PDF
Article - 103 Title An Extensive Study of Honeypot Technique 3318 - 3326
Authors Ahood h. Althobaiti, Mohammed A. AlZain, Jehad Al-Amri, Mohammed Baz and Mehedi Masud   PDF
Article - 104 Title CBARG-Cultural Based Optimized Association Rule Generation Method to improve Knowledge Discovery in Autism Spectrum Disorder 3327 - 3333
Authors R.Abitha and Dr S. Mary Vennila   PDF
Article - 105 Title Analyzing Wireless Local Area Network Traffic Authentication Delay in Different Metrics to Improve Its Performance 3334 - 3344
Authors Dr. J. Sebastian Nixon and Roba Seyoum Tola   PDF
Article - 106 Title An Effective Approach to Classify Retina Images for Diabetic Retinopathy 3345 - 3350
Authors Venubabu Rachapudi, T. Krishna Sai, S. Hari Priya and K. Pushpahas   PDF
Article - 107 Title Five Phase Distribution Static Compensator in Five Phase Distribution System 33531 - 3356
Authors K. P. Prasad Rao and Srinivasa Varma P   PDF
Article - 108 Title A Concept of Cassava Phytoplasma Disease Monitoring and Mapping System using GIS and SMS Technology 3357 - 3361
Authors Irma T. Plata, Edward B. Panganiban, Bryan B. Bartolome, Freddie E. Rick Labuanan, and Allan C. Taracatac   PDF
Article - 109 Title Pregnancy Monitoring and Mapping Using Integrated Mobile Application and Geographic Information System 3362 - 3368
Authors Arief Setyanto, Suwanto Raharjo, Gunawan Wicahyono, Arief Munandar, Edwin R Toha and Candra R Prasetya   PDF
Article - 110 Title Young Customers’ Perception on Influencer Endorsement, Customer Review and E-tailing Channel 3369 - 3374
Authors Diena Dwidienawati, Sri Bramantoro Abdinagoro, Dyah Gandasari and Nadira   PDF
Article - 111 Title Active and Reactive Voltage Control for DFIG Interface 3375 - 3380
Authors Anjali Deshpande and Dr.V.A. Kulkarni   PDF
Article - 112 Title Modeling and Implementation of Web Services Composition Based on MARDS 3381 - 3388
Authors Nouha ADADI, Mohammed BERRADA, Mohamed HALIM and Driss CHENOUNI   PDF
Article - 113 Title Analysis of Students Online Learning Behavior in a Pedagogical Model combining Blended Learning and Competency Based Approach 3389 - 3395
Authors Sami Hachmoud, Adil Hachmoud, Anwar Meddaoui and Hakim Allali   PDF
Article - 114 Title Proposal of a framework and integration of artificial intelligence to succeed IT project planning 3396 - 3404
Article - 115 Title Convolutional Neural Network based on Transfer Learning for Medical Forms Classification 3405 - 3411
Authors Adil Alharthi, Nouf Alzahrani and Ikram Moalla   PDF
Article - 116 Title Toward a Semantic search engine for E-Commerce 3412 - 3422
Authors Abdelhadi BAHAFID, Kamal El GUEMMAT, 3El Habib BEN LAHMAR and Mohamed TALEA   PDF
Article - 117 Title New Approach to the Construction of Multimedia Test Signals 3423 - 3429
Authors Nameer Hashim, Aram H. Mohsim, Ranjdr M. Rafeeq and Volodymyr Pyliavskyi   PDF
Article - 118 Title Development and Usability Evaluation of Proposed E-Learning Platform for Teaching ICT Courses in Isabela State University 3430 - 3437
Authors Irma T. Plata   PDF
Article -119 Title Contribution to development of a new transformer with a single magnetic shunt for industrial microwave generators 3438 -3446
Authors Rajaa Oumghar, Mohammed Chraygane, Hamid Outzguinrimt, Mouhcine Lahame and Ali Bouzit   PDF
Article - 120 Title Breast Cancer Image Classification Using the Convolution Neural Network 3447 -3453
Authors Mohammed Y. Alzahrani and Ahmed H. Alahmadi   PDF
Article - 121 Title Trimet Graph Optimization (TGO) based methodology for Scalability and Survivability in Wireless Networks 3453 - 3460
Authors Shanmuk Srinivas Amiripalli and Veeramallu bobba   PDF
Article - 122 Title Prediction-Based Model for Student Dropouts using Modified Mutated Firefly Algorithm 3461 - 3469
Authors Ariel O. Gamao and Bobby D. Gerardo2   PDF
Article - 123 Title Engineering Analysis of Neuro-Educational Strategies in Monitoring Diabetic Patients: Case of Public Health Doctors 3470 - 3475
Authors Rajaa Essellouti, Mustapha Bassiri, Omar Tanane, Rachid Saile and Anass Kettani   PDF
Article - 124 Title Representation Learning for Dental Image Identification 3476 - 3480
Authors Ade Jamal, Ali Akbar Septiandri, Rayza Al Khensa, Latifah Effendhi, Endang Nizar and Teguh Widodo   PDF
Article - 125 Title Advanced Information Technology: Automated and Individual Learning Systems 3481 - 3487
Authors Svetlana Pivneva, Diana Denisova, Nataliaya Vitkovskaya, Rafina Zakieva, Elena Muraya and Galina Ushakova   PDF
Article - 126 Title Visual Programming Environment Scratch in The Study of the School Subject “Fundamentals of Life Safety” 3488 - 3491
Authors A.M. Popova, V.V. Mironov and N.I. Romanchuk   PDF
Article - 127 Title Analysis of Road Accidents to Indentify Major Causes and Influencing Factors of Accidents – A Machine Learning Approach 3492 - 3497
Authors Tirumuru Ketha and S Sagar Imambi   PDF
Article - 128 Title HOSVD based Hybrid CNN-ELM model for Scene Categorization 3498 - 3503
Authors Ramesh Ragala and G. Bharadwaja Kumar   PDF
Article - 129 Title Exploring the Essentials and Principles of Software Development 3504 - 3510
Authors Sandeep Dalal, Kamna Solanki, Sudhir and Diksha   PDF
Article - 130 Title Outlier Detection for Improving Data Robust by ODAD Clustering Technique 3511 - 3519
Authors Deepti Mishra and Devpriya Soni   PDF
Article - 131 Title Myanmar News Sentiment Analyzer using Support Vector Machine Algorithm 3520 - 3525
Authors Thein Yu and Khin Thandar Nwet   PDF
Article - 132 Title TCP with Machine Learning - Advances and Opportunities 3526 - 3534
Authors Hardik K. Molia and Dr. Amit D. Kothari   PDF
Article - 133 Title Modified Biperiodic Structures for Linear Particle Accelerators 3535 - 3539
Authors Vladimir Kuzmich Shilov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich Filatov and Aleksandr Evgenevich Novozhilov   PDF
Article - 134 Title Trends of Web Service Composition 3540 - 3548
Authors Khalid Mansour   PDF
Article - 135 Title The Implementation of a Hybrid Fuzzy Clustering on the Public Health Facility Data 3549 - 3554
Authors Samingun Handoyo, Agus Widodo, Waego Hadi Nugroho and Imam N. Purwanto   PDF
Article - 136 Title Cassava leaf NDVI - Artificial Neural Network (CaNDVI-ANN): A Low Cost, Portable and Non-Invasive Cassava Plant Health Monitoring Device 3555 - 3559
Authors Edward B. Panganiban, Irma T. Plata, Bryan B. Bartolome, Allan C. Taracatac and Freddie Rick E. Labuanan   PDF
Article - 137 Title Comparative study of TCP congestion control algorithms 3560 - 3564
Authors Kaoutar Bazi and Bouchaib Nassereddine   PDF
Article - 138 Title RE-AODV an Enhancement of AODV Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks 3565 - 3569
Authors Saloua Outazgui and Youssef Fakhri   PDF
Article - 139 Title Diabetic Retinopathy Detection and Grading Using Machine Learning 3570 - 3576
Authors Dr. D. K. Kirange, Dr. J.P. Chaudhari, Dr. K. P. Rane, Dr. K. S. Bhagat and Dr. Nandini Chaudhri   PDF
Article - 140 Title The development of the Geographical Information System (GIS)-based Mapping of Infectious Diseases using Spatial Data Analysis 3577 - 3583
Authors Darios B. Alado, Irma T. Plata and Bryan B. Bartolome   PDF
Article - 141 Title Delay Estimation of Different Approximate Adders using Mentor Graphics 3584 - 3587
Authors M.Siva Kumar, Syed Inthiyaz, J. Dhamini, A.Sanjay and U.Chandu Srinivas   PDF
Article - 142 Title Designing and Developing Predictive Rehabilitation Management System for Patient Registry in northern Borneo 3588 - 3595
Authors Soo Fun Tan, Fatimah Ahmedy and Suun Yie Teh   PDF
Article - 143 Title Improving the Open Stack Authentication system through federation with JASON Tokens 3596 - 3614
Authors M Trinath Basu and JKR Sastry   PDF
Article - 144 Title A New Approach for Solving Rough Interval MCDM Problems Based on BWM and WASPAS Methods 3615 -3620
Authors Mohamed F. El-Santawy and Soha Mohamed   PDF
Article - 145 Title A Business Rule for a B-School using Machine Learning 3621 - 3627
Authors Dr. Dhimant Ganatra and Dr. Dinesh Nilkant   PDF
Article - 146 Title Fertilizer Optimization by an Smart Soil Analyzer with a Soil Tester for Agriculture Applications 3628 - 3631
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