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Volume 8 No. 1.4 (2019) S I

Article - 1 Title Extending the Data Stream Processing Strategy to Scenario Analysis 1 - 8
Authors Mario José Diván and María Laura Sánchez Reynoso   PDF
Article - 2 Title An Improved Novel ANN Model for Detection Of DDoS Attacks On Networks 9 - 16
Authors Bilal Hikmat Rasheed, M.Sivaram, D.Yuvaraj and A. Mohamed Uvaze Ahamed   PDF
Article - 3 Title Information Retrieval Framework for Digital Resource Objects 17 -22
Authors Wafa’ Za’al Alma’aitah, Abdullah Zawawi Talib and Mohd Azam Osman   PDF
Article - 4 Title Measuring the Efficiency of MFWA Technique for Prioritizing Event Sequences Test Cases 23 - 28
Authors Johanna Ahmad, Salmi Baharom, Abdul Azim Abd Ghani, Hazura Zulzalil and Jamilah Din   PDF
Article - 5 Title Early detection of Alzheimer's disease using predictive k-NN instance based approach and T-Test Method 29 - 37
Authors Dinu A.J. and Ganesan R   PDF
Article - 6 Title Challenges of Applying E-Learning in the Libyan Higher Education System 38 - 43
Authors Entisar Alhadi Al Ghawail, Sadok Ben Yahia and Mohamed A. Alrshah   PDF
Article - 7 Title Nature Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm (ACO) for Efficient Detection of DDoS Attacks on Networks 44 - 50
Authors D.Yuvaraj, M.Sivaram, A. Mohamed Uvaze Ahamed and S.Nageswari   PDF
Article - 8 Title CREC: Camera-Based Mobile Robot for Elderly Care 51 - 56
Authors Mohamed Fitri Mohamad Jamatolail, Radzi Ambar, Chew Chang Choon, Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab, Mohd Norzali Haji Mohd, Hazwaj Mhd Poad and Muhammad Mahadi Abd Jamil   PDF
Article - 9 Title Zig-zag diagonal and ANN for English character recognition 57 - 62
Authors Neha Gautam and Soo See Chai   PDF
Article - 10 Title Emotions Detection of User eXperience (UX) for Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) Applications 63 - 67
Authors Jiaqi Zhang, Eiji Kamioka and Phan Xuan Tan   PDF
Article - 11 Title Improving Invisible Food Texture Detection by using Adaptive Extremal Region Detector in Food Recognition 68 - 74
Authors Mohd Norhisham bin Razali , Noridayu Manshor , Norwati Mustapha , Razali Yaakob and Mohammad Noorazlan Shah Zainudin   PDF
Article - 12 Title Study of Information Architecture using Card Sorting Technique: A Case in Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia, Official Website 75 - 82
Authors Mudiana Mokhsin, Amer Shakir Zainol , Siti Nordianah Hai Hom, Mohd Husni Mohd Som and Atiqqah Kamar Zaharuddin   PDF
Article - 13 Title The Impact of Myofascial Release over Pregnancy-Induced Pelvic Girdle Pain 83 - 89
Authors Susmitha Govind, Tan Chiaw Wen, Kshtrashal Singh, Yu Chye Wah, Mahesh V Hegde, Kavitha Shetty, Gokarakonda Sree Vamsi and Elanchezhian Chinnavan   PDF
Article - 14 Title Straight and Curve Lane Detection System for Car Safety using Hough Transform and Sobel Operator 90 - 96
Authors Prajakta R. Yelwande and Prof. Aditi Jahagirdar   PDF
Article - 15 Title Exploring Service Quality Dimensions of IT Shared Services in the Malaysian Public Sector 97 - 104
Authors Siti Mariam Shahar, Nurhizam Safie Mohd Satar and Khairul Azmi Abu Bakar   PDF
Article - 16 Title A Survey on Refinement in Formal Methods and Software Engineering 105 - 112
Authors Muhammed Basheer Jasser , Mar Yah Said , Jamilah Din and Abdul Azim Abdul Ghani   PDF
Article -17 Title CNDS-Cybersecurity: Issues and Challenges in ASEAN Countries 113 - 119
Authors Nor Shazwina Mohamed Mizan, Muhamad Yusnorizam Ma’arif, Nurhizam Safie Mohd Satar and Siti Mariam Shahar   PDF
Article - 18 Title Optimization of Idea Mining Model based on Text Position Weight 120 - 125
Authors Azreen Azman, Mostafa Alksher, Eissa Alshari3, Razali Yaakob and Shyamala Doraisamy   PDF
Article - 19 Title Towards a Multimodal Analysis to Predict Mental Illness in Twitter Platform 126 - 130
Authors Nurul Nadhrah Kamaruzaman, Nor Azura Husin, Norwati Mustapha and Razali Yaakob   PDF
Article - 20 Title A Fuzzy Multi-Layer Color QR Code Decoder Algorithm 131 - 137
Authors Bakri Badawi, Teh Noranis Mohd Aris, Norwati Mustapha and Noridayu Manshor   PDF
Article - 21 Title QABR: A QoE-Based Approach to Adaptive Bitrate Selection in Video Streaming Services 138 - 144
Authors Chanh Minh Tran, Tho Nguyen Duc, Phan Xuan Tan and Eiji Kamioka   PDF
Article - 22 Title An Analysis of Flood Forecasting Criteria 145 - 152
Authors Salimeh Malekpour Heydari, Teh Noranis Mohd Aris, Razali Yaakob and Hazlina Hamdan   PDF
Article - 23 Title Comparing Performance of Machine Learning Algorithms in a Flood Prediction Model with Real Data Sets 152 - 157
Authors Fadratul Hafinaz Hassan and Nur Amiera Azelan   PDF
Article - 24 Title AIBD-A Data-Driven Model for Ontology Property Alignment 158 - 164
Authors Mansir Abubakar, Hazlina Hamdan, Norwati Mustapha and Teh Noranis Muhd Aris   PDF
Article - 25 Title Using Traffic Control Scheme In Intelligent Transportation System 165 - 172
Authors Ali Ghasempour, Zurina Mohd.Hanapi, Mohammad Salehi and Zeinab Vahdati   PDF
Article - 26 Title A Seamless Multi-Touch Interaction for Collocated Multi-Mobile System 173 - 177
Authors Teo Rhun Ming, Ong Beng Liang, Noris Mohd Norowi, Rahmita Wirza O.K. Rahmat and Azrul Hazri Jantan   PDF
Article - 27 Title OTS: An Optimal Tasks Scheduling Algorithm Based on QoS in Cloud Computing Network 178 - 181
Authors Mohammed Ameen Alhakimi and Rohaya Latip   PDF
Article - 28 Title CNDS-SYN Flood Prevention Using Distributed Firewall in Software-Defined WAN Architecture 182 - 186
Authors Bambang Wahyuaji and Kalamullah Ramli   PDF
Article -29 Title Performance Optimization Method in OFDM Based on Majorization and Minimization Technique 187 - 194
Authors Alaa Abdullah Al-Saadi, Rohaya Latip and Abdullah Muhammed   PDF
Article - 30 Title Impact of computer-based discussion forums on the success of learners in a distance learning computer device: the case of continuing education for Moroccan teachers 195 - 201
Authors Abdelmajid Tahiri, Ahmida Chikhaoui and Jalal Assermouh   PDF
Article - 31 Title Augmentation of NavIC with GPS Over Indian Region 202 - 205
Authors Sudershan Reddy Kotla, Sameeha Fahmeen, Quddusa Sultana and D Krishna Reddy   PDF
Article - 32 Title An Efficient Virtual Machine Scheduling Algorithm To Minimize Makespan And Maximize Profit Using Hyper Heuristic Approach 206 - 216
Authors Ahmad Alauddin Ariffin, Aws Fadhil Ibrahim, Sazlinah Hasan and Rohaya Latip   PDF
Article - 33 Title Energy Efficient Path Reconstruction in Wireless Sensor Network using iPath 217 - 224
Authors Sazlinah Hasan, Wamidh Jwdat Abd and Ahmad Alauddin Ariffin   PDF
Article - 34 Title Fracture and Inequality of Digital Skills Among Moroccan Ph.D. Students "Hassan II University-Casablanca”, as a Case of Study 225 - 228
Authors RedouaneFikri, MalikaTridane and Said Belaaouad   PDF
Article - 35 Title Survey on Optimization of The Energy Consumption and Load Balancing in Wireless Sensor Network 229 - 235
Authors Khairul Nadilah Bt Z. A. and Sazlinah Hasan   PDF
Article - 36 Title A Conceptual Modeling for Achieving a Performance and Sustainability on SMEs Using Cloud Computing Technology 236 - 242
Authors Fekry Olayah   PDF
Article - 37 Title Clustering Arabic Tweets for Saudi National Vision 2030 243 - 248
Authors Ibtihal Ferwana, Dana Alhenaki, Aljohara Alfayez and Souad Larabi Marie-Sainte   PDF
Article - 38 Title Computer Simulations as a Complementary Educational Tool in Practical Work: Application of Monte-Carlo Simulation to Estimate the Kinetic Parameters for Chemical Reactions 249 - 254
Authors Jabran Daaif, SoufianeZerraf, Malika Tridane, Mohammed El Mahi Chbihi, Mohammed Moutaabbid, Said Benmokhtar and Said Belaaouad   PDF
Article -39 Title Constraints Related to the Integration of the Information and Communication Technologies for Secondary Learners in the Learning of Physical Sciences in Morocco 255 - 260
Authors OussamaDardary, Zineb Azar, Malika Tridane and Said Belaaouad   PDF
Article - 40 Title Design of a Training Device Based on Integrative Alternation Teachers While Harnessing Artificial Intelligence 261 - 266
Authors El yadari Abdelbasset, Tridane Malika, Radid Mohamed and Belaaouad Said   PDF
Article - 41 Title Digital in the administrative management of Moroccan School: Contributions, Challenges and Constraints 267 - 271
Authors Abderrazak Mazouak , Malika Tridane and Said Belaaouad   PDF
Article - 42 Title CNDS-Performance Analysis of Parallel Programming Models for Compute-Intensive Problems in Multi-core Environment 272 - 280
Authors Gamil Gardan, Nor Asilah Wati Abdul Hamid and Mustafa Saleh Al-Khaffaf   PDF
Article - 43 Title Performance Evaluation of an Adaptive Forwarding Strategy in Named Data Networking 281 - 287
Authors Raja Azlina Raja Mahmood, Nor Faizah Jemangin and Masnida Hussin   PDF
Article - 44 Title Engineering Emotional Intelligence in Moroccan University 288 - 293
Authors Muftisada Jaouad, Mustapha Bassiri, Malika Tridane and Said Belaaouad   PDF
Article - 45 Title Engineering of a Training Device and Skills Through the Integration of New Information and Communication Technologies in the Field of Exact Sciences 294 - 299
Authors Oussama Dardary, Zineb Azar, Malika Tridane and Said Belaaouad   PDF
Article - 46 Title Engineering of a training program for future teachers based on information and communication technologies 300 - 305
Authors El yadari Abdelbasset, Tridane Malika, Radid Mohamed and Belaaouad Said   PDF
Article - 47 Title Identification of Photo-taking behaviors using Optical Flow Vector 306 - 312
Authors Yuhi Kaihoko, Phan Xuan Tan and Eiji Kamioka   PDF
Article - 48 Title Improvement of Customer Satisfaction in Amusement Park by Modeling Spontaneous Position Exchange between Restaurant and Attraction 313 - 317
Authors Yoshihiro Nagano, Phan Xuan Tan and Eiji Kamioka   PDF
Article - 49 Title An Integrated Conceptual Model of Visually Impaired Users’ Experience and Technology Acceptance of a Website 318 -322
Authors Mariam Azwa Yazid and, Azrul Hazri Jantan   PDF
Article - 50 Title Durian Species Recognition based on Fast Discrete Curvelet Transform and K-Nearest Neighbour 323 - 331
Authors Nur Delliera Shahiera Shaharom, Mas Rina Mustaffa, Lili Nurliyana Abdullah and Fatimah Khalid   PDF
Article - 51 Title Systematic Literature Review: Leveraging Data Deduplication Strategies & Hashing Techniques to Eliminate Data Redundancy in Cloud Environments 332 -339
Authors M.A. Fazlina, Rohaya Latip, Hamidah Ibrahim and Azizol Abdullah   PDF
Article - 52 Title The Optimization of Resources Allocation to Minimize Energy Consumption Within Data Center in Cloud 340 -349
Authors Fahrul Hakim Ayob, Punaya Jayatis and Shamala Subramaniam   PDF
Article - 53 Title KLIKTani: A Concept of a Smart Edible Garden using IOT for Indigenous Community in Malaysia 350 - 355
Authors Norshuhani Zamin, Norita Md. Norwawi, Hazeem Ahmad Taslim and Wan Mohd Fadhlullah Wan Mohd Rosdi   PDF
Article - 54 Title CNDS-Rules and Pattern Based Signal Recovery for Multi-level Signal Decision Making 356 - 362
Authors Mohd Noor Derahman, Amir Rizaan Amir Rizaan Abdul Rahiman, Mohamad Afendee Mohamed and Amin Malekmohammadi   PDF
Article - 55 Title Jawi Alphabot: A Jawi Teaching Robot for Children with Autism 363 - 367
Authors Norshuhani Zamin, Norita Md. Norwawi, Noreen Izza Arshad and Mohamad Amirul Asraf Ismail   PDF
Article - 56 Title Make Me Speak: A Mobile App for Children with Cerebral Palsy 368 - 373
Authors Norshuhani Zamin, Norita Md. Norwawi, Nursyafira, Noreen Izza Arshad and Dayang Rohaya Awang Rambli   PDF
Article - 57 Title NS2 Based Performance Comparison Study between DSR and AODV Protocols 379 - 393
Authors Ahmed Mohammed Fahad, Sameer Alani, Sarmad Nozad Mahmood and Nadia Mohammed Fahad   PDF
Article - 58 Title On the Development of a Novel approach for Lung Pathology Diagnosis based on Voice Processing using HMM 384 - 390
Authors Mohamed Fezari, Zakaria Naili, Ibrahiem M. M. El-Emary and Bader.A.Alyoubi   PDF
Article - 59 Title Estimation and Analysis of Instrumental Biases for GPS and NavIC Satellites and Receivers 391 -394
Authors Sana Fathima, Sudershan Reddy Kotla, Sameeha Fahmeen, Quddusa Sultana and Desireddy Krishna Reddy   PDF
Article - 60 Title Application of a New Questionnaire to Measure the Usability: A Case Study in the E-Commerce Domain 395 - 397
Authors Freddy Paz   PDF
Article - 61 Title SEIS-Smart Spatium for Active Teamwork Collaboration 398 - 403
Authors Salfarina Abdullah, Nur Farahshazwani Nor Azmi and Sazly Anuar   PDF
Article - 62 Title Modelling of Grid Connected DC/AC Converter for Photovoltaic Application 404 - 407
Authors Shyam P. Zarikar and M.R.Bachawad   PDF
Article - 63 Title Perception of E-Learning in Continuing Education by Midwives in Hospital Centers in the Casablanca-Settat Region 408 - 414
Authors Amina LHBIBANI, Said LOTFI , Malika TRIDANE and Said BELAAOUAD   PDF
Article - 64 Title Simulation of Grid Connected EV Charging Station with Renewable Energy Source 415 - 419
Authors Gourav Prakash Shirsat   PDF
Article - 65 Title An Energy Efficient Multicast Scheduler for Multicast Protocol WEEM in Ad Hoc Networks 420 - 423
Authors Subhankar Ghosh and Dr. Anuradha Banerjee   PDF
Article - 66 Title Anycast Scheduler For Ad Hoc Networks 424 - 427
Authors Subhankar Ghosh and Dr. Anuradha Banerjee   PDF
Article - 67 Title A Comparison of Functionality-Based Packaging Using GA and Adaptive KNN Clustering as Two Approaches to Package Software 428 - 433
Authors Shouki A. Ebad and Moataz Ahmed   PDF
Article - 68 Title The ICT-Empowered Pedagogy of Educational Supervisors and the Engineering of their Accompanying Role as Conductive to Quality Teacher Performance 434 - 438
Authors Boulahouajeb Adil, Bassiri Mustapha , Tridane Malika and Belaaouad Said   PDF
Article - 69 Title User Interface Guidelines for Dyslexic Game-Based Learning on Selected Usability Test Method 439 - 445
Authors Muhammad ‘Azizi Che Sulaiman and Ainita Ban   PDF
Article - 70 Title The Multi-Agent System A Key Pillar in The Modeling And Engineering of Digital Assessment Platforms For A Real Competency Mapping 446 - 451
Authors Aichi Yassir, Mustapha Bassiri, Said Belaaouad and Said Benmokhtar   PDF
Article - 71 Title Towards an effective and innovative accompanying approach in the ICT- statured 21st Century: Case of the Professional Integration of Novice Teachers 452 - 458
Authors Boulahouajeb Adil , Bassiri Mustapha, Malika Tridane and Said Belaaouad   PDF
Article - 72 Title Use of computer-assisted experimentation (CAEx) in teaching science in Moroccan High Schools 459 - 462
Authors Youssef El Ouargui, Bouchra Gourja, Malika Tridane and Said Belaaouad   PDF
Article - 73 Title A Mediating Effect on ERP KM Model for the Performance of Oil and Gas Sector in Klang Valley: A Preliminary Study 463 - 468
Authors Muhamad Yusnorizam Ma’arif, Nurhizam Safie Mohd Satar, Dalbir Singh Valbir Singh and Seyed Mohammad Motahar   PDF
Article - 74 Title An Improved User Authentication Model for Mobile Application Systems: An Expert Review Verification 469 - 473
Authors Kartini Mohamed, Fatimah Sidi, Iskandar Ishak, Marzanah A. Jabar and Siti Raba’ah Hamzah   PDF
Article - 75 Title Children Involvement in Participatory Design Process: A Background Review 474 - 483
Authors Mohammed Alhatem, Azrina Binti Kamaruddin, Norhayati Mohd Ali and Abdul Azim Abd Ghani   PDF
Article - 76 Title The Challenges of IT Shared Services to Increase Service Performance in Public Sector 484 - 489
Authors Siti Mariam Shahar, Nurhizam Safie Mohd Satar and Khairul Azmi Abu Bakar   PDF
Article - 77 Title Development of Multi Criteria Tacit Knowledge Acquisition Framework (MC-TKAF) to Support Talent Development Intervention Program in A Malaysian Comprehensive University 490 - 500
Authors Yau’Mee Hayati Hj Mohamed Yusof, Ruzaini Abdullah Arshah and Awanis Romli   PDF
Article - 78 Title The Measurement of Safety Criteria in Safety Critical Systems 501 - 506
Authors Muhammed Basheer Jasser, Jamilah Din , Rodziah Atan and Yusmadi Yah Jusoh   PDF
Article - 79 Title Requirement Patterns: An Approach for Streamlining Requirements Engineering in Software Product Families 507 - 514
Authors Badamasi Imam Ya’u, Azlin Nordin, Norsaremah Salleh and Saleh Waziri Mustapha   PDF
Article - 80 Title Unified and Stable Privacy Model 515 - 521
Authors Mohamed E. Fayad, Gaurav Kuppa and David Hamu   PDF
Article - 81 Title Evaluation of Healthcare Information System Using Delone and McLean Quality Model, Case study KSA 522 - 527
Authors Muna Elsdaig and Dua' A. Nassar   PDF