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Volume 4 No. 3 (2015) Special Issue of ICCET 2015
Article - 1 Title Design of an Assessment Tool for Courses Offered Using Blackboard 1-7
Authors Suban Krishnamoorthy,Zhenguang Gao   PDF
Article - 2 Title Evaluating the Effect of Network Scalability for Token BucketBased Congestion Control Protocol 8-13
Authors Harpreet Singh , Dr. Tanu Preet Singh   PDF
Article - 3 Title Enhanced multi-objective Fuzzy Clustering base protocol for 3D WSNs 14-20
Authors Harjot Kaur , Dr.Tanupreet Singh   PDF
Article - 4 Title Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony and rendezvous nodes based leach protocol for Mobile Sink based WSNs 21-31
Authors Harleen, Dr.Tanupreet Sing   PDF
Article - 5 Title New Enhanced Hybrid Data Dissemination System Based On Genetic Algorithm And Fuzzy Inference In Vehicular Adhoc Networks (VANETS) 32-42
Authors Bhawna Dhawan, Tanupreet Singh   PDF
Article - 6 Title Estimation of Energy Dissipation Rate in a Taylor-Couette Reactor using Particle Image Velocimetry 43-48
Authors Harminder Singh, José A. S. Gonçalves, Roberto de C. Giordano, Claudio A. T. Suazo, Alain Liné   PDF
Article - 7 Title A Study on Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Beams 49-53
Authors Farhana Naznin, Dr.( Mrs) Nayanmoni Chetia   PDF
Article - 8 Title Implementation and Performance Analysis of DCWA MAC Protocol for Multihop Wireless Networks 54-59
Article - 9 Title Hybridization of Fuzzy and Region Growing Segmentation based Tumor detection using trilateral filter 60-66
Authors Simran Arora , Gurjit Singh   PDF