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Volume 4 No. 5 (2015) Special Issue of ICCTE 2015
Article - 1 Title Trends of the guests of Girl's Care Foundation in Holy Makkah about the library and library services 1-6
Authors Suzan Ahmad Al-Afghan   PDF
Article - 2 Title Digital Information Services at sites of Saudi Medical Journals on the Internet 7-14
Authors Dr. Mohamed Amin Marghlani , Majed Mohammed AbuShrahah   PDF
Article - 3 Title A novel secure system for E-Learning: Schools in MOE in Jordan Case Study 15-19
Authors Shadi R. Masadeh, Jamal Zraqou, Mohammad Wadi   PDF
Article - 4 Title Design and implementation of Human Computer Interactive system using Gesture Recognition 20-25
Authors Parag K Rabade, Sivaram Rajeyyagari   PDF
Article - 5 Title Visualizing and Processing Solar Images Efficiently 26-33
Authors Jamal Zraqou, Shadi R. Masadeh   PDF
Article - 6 Title Economy-Aware Cloud Resource Provisioning Under SLA Constraints 34-39
Authors Fatimah Alghamdi, Muhammad Mostafa Monowar   PDF
Article - 7 Title Digital Secure Signature Using Digital Colored Images as a Communication Carrier 40-43
Authors Abdallah Al-Tahan Al-Nu’aimi   PDF