6 issues per year (January ,March, May, July, September, November)

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Indian Authors : Rs.1500

Foreign Authors : USD 50

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The World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering


 Submissions are invited for next issue of IJNS

IJNS provides the academic community and industry for the submission of original research and applications related to Networks and Systems. The major theme that will be covered in this journal will include the following topics (but not limited to) :

Computer Systems

• Computational and Artificial Intelligence
• Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality
• Simulation and Modeling
• Parallel and Distributed Computing
• Computer Architecture
• Operating Systems
• Security and Cryptography
• Embedded Systems
• Data Management
• Databases
• Data Communications
• Data Compression
• Data Encryption
• Web Data Management
• Web Information Systems
• Multimedia DB’s
• Mining Data, Text and Web
• Algorithms
• Automated Software Engineering
• Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing
• Biomedical Engineering
• Compilers and Interpreters
• Computer Architecture & VLSI
• Control Systems
• Digital Signal and Image Processing
• Distributed and Parallel Processing
• Distributed Systems
• E-Commerce and E-Governance
• Expert Systems
• High Performance Computing
• Genetic Algorithms and Modeling, Fuzzy Logic and Approximate Reasoning
• Artificial Neural Networks
• Expert and Decision Support Systems
• Finance and Economics Modeling and Optimization 

Learning Systems

• Adaptive e- and u-Learning and Intelligent Applications & Tools
• Adoption of e- and u-Learning by academic and industry staff
• Distance Learning and Distance Teaching
• Distributed e- and u-Learning environments
• e- and u-Learning adoption and Pedagogy
• e- and u-School and e- and u-University
• e-Books
• Integrated learning and Educational environments
• Learning Content Management Systems & Learning Management Systems
• Mobile Learning
• Pedagogy for e- and u-Learning teachers
• Remote and Wireless teaching technologies
• Simulations and Collaborative e- and u-Learning
• Social and Collaborative e- and u-Learning
• Synchronous and Non-Synchronous e- and u- Learning
• The future of e- and u-Learning

Networks and Communications Systems

• Network Protocols & Wireless Networks
• Network Architecture
• High Speed Networks
• Routing, Switching and Addressing Technologies
• Next Generation Internet
• Next Generation Web Architecture
• Network Operations & Management
• Ad hoc and Sensor Networks
• Ubiquitous Networks
• Mobile Networks & Wireless LAN
• Wireless Multimedia Systems
• Wireless Communications
• Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
• Peer to Peer and Overlay Networks
• QoS and Resource Management
• Network Based Applications
• Network Security
• Self-Organizing Networks and Networked Systems
• Optical Networking
• Mobile & Broadband Wireless Internet
• Ad hoc and Mesh Networks
• Coding, Detection and Modulation
• Cognitive Radio
• Communication Networks Architecture Design
• Communication Reliability and Privacy
• Cooperative Communications
• Embedded Distributed Systems
• Global Networks
• MIMO and OFDM Technologies
• Satellite Communication
• Sensor Networks
• UWB Technologies
• Wave Propagation and Antenna Design