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Special Issue of ICDCB 2016
Article 1 Title Indexing Strategies of MapReduce for Information Retrieval in Big Data 1 - 6
Authors Mazen Farid, Rohaya Latip, Masnida Hussin and Mohammed Abdulkarem   PDF
Article 2 Title A Cluster-Based Data Replication Technique for Preserving Data Consistency in Data Grid 7 - 11
Authors Zulaile Mabni, Rohaya Latip, Hamidah Ibrahim and Azizol Abdullah   PDF
Article 3 Title Deduplication Image Middleware Detection Comparison In Standalone Cloud Database 12 - 18
Authors Nadiah bt Yusof , Amirah Ismail and Nazatul Aini Abd Majid   PDF
Article 4 Title Framework of Fast Medical Data Transmission 19 - 23
Authors Rohaya Latip, Mien May Chong and Hamidah Ibrahim   PDF