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Cryptology is the field that contains two main sub fields: cryptography, is a key technology for achieving information security in communications, computer systems, electronic commerce, and, more generally, in the emerging information security. While the Cryptanalysis is the important sub field that related to methods and algorithms for breaking the crypto-systems. Information Security – the protection of information in potentially hostile environments – is a crucial factor in the growth of information-based processes in industry, business and administration

International Journal of Multidisciplinary in Cryptology and Information Security (IJMCIS ) ISSN 2320 –2610 journal ( 6 issues - February , April, June , August, October, December ) will cover all relevant topics in Cryptology and Information Security, ranging from theory to advanced applications. All papers about Cryptology and Information Security are relevant, and selected topics include (but not limited to):

Quantum Cryptology
Chaos Based Cryptology
Biometric Based Cryptology
Code Based Cryptology
DN Based Cryptology
DSP Based Cryptology
Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
Mathematical and Algorithmic Foundations of Applied Cryptography
Design and Analysis of Cryptographic Algorithms and Protocols
Pairing Based Cryptography
Authentication and Digital Signatures
Provable Security for Cryptographic Primitives
Block/Stream Ciphers
Hash Functions
Cryptography Applications
Privacy and Anonymity
Watermarking and Steganography
Access Control
Intrusion Detection and Traps
Malware Analysis
Spam Detection
Security in Social Networks
Security in Embedded Systems
Computer Forensics
Quantum Cryptography
Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Public Key Cryptography
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