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International Journal of Information Systems and Computer Sciences (IJISCS) ISSN 2319 - 7595 ( 6 issues - February , April, June , August, October, December ) shall throw light on new advancements in both fields of information security and computational intelligence for enhancing the arsenal of existing information security infrastructures. Researchers, academicians and practitioners are invited to submit current research works in the field of information security, including relevant applications in solving information security challenges using computational intelligence methodologies. IJISCS is a scholarly open access online journal which helps to academic person as well as student community. IJISCS provides the academic community and industry related to Computer Science and Information Systems. The major theme that will be covered in this journal will include the following topics (but not limited to) :

Biomedical Pattern Analysis
Pattern recognition and Image processing
Information security approaches
Encryption and Cryptology
Intrusion detection
Neural Networks
Fuzzy Systems
Rough Set Theory
Evolutionary Algorithms
Practical Swarm, Ant Colony, Bacterial Foraging, Artificial Bees Algorithm
Network Vulnerability Analysis
Privacy Preserving Data Mining
Secure Mobile-Agent System
Cloud Computing
Software Protection
Authentication and Validation
Intelligent Environment
Ambient Intelligent
Security of Wireless and Mobile Technologies
Software Engineering
Software Management
Management Information Systems
IT Management
Interactive Multimedia Development
Virtual Reality
Multimedia Databases
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