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International Journal of Bio-Medical Informatics and e-Health (IJBMIeH)

International Journal of Bio-Medical Informatics and e-Health (IJBMIeH) ISSN 2321 – 9017 is a peer-reviewed International online journal that publishes technical papers describing recent research and development work in all aspects of bioinformatics, medical informatics and health informatics. IJBMIeH provides an international forum for presentation of original papers and reviews on the latest developments in all aspects of bioinformatics, medical informatics, medical knowledge-based systems and health informatics. IJBMIeH is published 6 issues (January, March, May, July, September,November ) per year in Online versions.

The topics covers by IJBMIeH are including and not limited to the following research areas:

• Health Care Information Systems
• Clinical Information Systems
• Medical Image Processing and Techniques
• Medical Intelligent Systems for different medical tasks
• Medical Expert Systems
• Medical Robotics
• Applications in Medical and Health Sciences
• Bioinformatics and Biostatics
• Telemedicine Software, Portals, Devices and Telehealth
• Web-based and Remote Medicine
• Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Medicine
• Machine Learning-based Medical Systems
• Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Health Sciences
• Medical Databanks, Databases and Knowledge Bases
• Neurocomputing in Medicine
• Ontology and Medical Information Science
• Bioethics and Health Informatics
• Virtual Reality in Health Care
• Nursing Informatics
• Electronic Medical/Health Records
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