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International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering (IJATCSE) ISSN 2278 – 3091 is an International online journal published 6 issues ( February , April, June , August, October, December ) per year provides a chance for professionals and researchers in all fields of computer science and engineering to communicate recent progress in the area of computer systems and engineering. The major theme that will be covered in the journal will include the following topics (but not limited to):

High Performance Computing
Human-Computer Interaction
Intelligent Signal Processing
Optical Information Transmission
Cloud Computing
Data Mining
Information Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Operating System
Web Semantic
Wireless Sensor Networks
Knowledge Management Automation
Business Intelligent
Intelligent Software Agents
Decision-Support Systems
Graphic User Interface
Expert Systems
Artificial Neural Networks
Digital Logic
Data Communication Networks
Quantum Computing
Distributed Computing
Optical Computing
Embedded Systems
Digital Telecommunications
Hybrid Systems
Web Engineering
Scientific Computing
Knowledge Based Systems
Computer Networks

Electronic Devices / Systems

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