Scientists, Academicians, Professionals, Researchers can apply for the Member of WARSE

If your organization is interested in hosting a collaborative conference in your premises, then WARSE is the right choice for this. WARSE has a strong network of researchers, academicians and scholars around the world. WARSE website has high number of visitors visiting regularly.

If you are interested to organize a Special Session or Workshop, send a proposal to conference@warse.org along with the conference name and place in which the same should be organized. If the proposal is accepted by the WARSE, the Special Session or Workshop organizer should provide the details regarding the same. Special Session or Workshop organizer is exempted from the Conference Registration fee.

Contact us

For Queries : queries@warse.org
Proposal for Conference : conference@warse.org
Proposal for New Journals : journal@warse.org
Proposal for Special Issues : specialissues@warse.org
For Advisory Board Members : editor@warse.org