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Volume 8 No. 8 (2020)

Article -1 Title An Effective Speed Control Strategy for Synchronous Generators of an Interconnected Hydropower System 4030 - 4036
Authors T.Mai-Phuong Dao, N.Khoat Nguyen   PDF
Article - 2 Title Properties of Hot Mix Asphalt Containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement of the Aleppo highways 4037 - 4043
Authors Fatima Alsaleh, Feras Al Adday   PDF
Article - 3 Title Implementation of a system for the development of virtual exams at the Universidad de Ciencias y Humanidades under the PMBOK approach 4044 - 4051
Authors Erick Canova-Rosales, Margarita Giraldo-Retuerto, Brian Malaver-Tuero, Antonio Rojas-Meneses, Enrique Lee Huamaní   PDF
Article - 4 Title The Effect of Additive on Pertalite to Increase Motorcycle Fuel Efficiency 4052 - 4055
Authors Iswanto, Wiwik Sumarmi, Ribangun B. Jakaria, Prantasi H. Tjahjanti   PDF
Article - 5 Title An Optimized SVM Using Multiple Grid Search and Particle Swarm Optimization for Medication Errors Detection 4056 - 4060
Authors Aloysius Ari Wicaksono, Antoni Wibowo   PDF
Article - 6 Title A Comparative Study for Sentiment Analysis: LDA and LDA2Vec 4061 - 4066
Authors Prerna Mishra, Ranjana Rajnish, Pankaj Kumar   PDF
Article - 7 Title Economical and Sustainable Practices towards Knit-Dyeing Plant Utilizing Enzymes 4067 - 4078
Authors Pranay Dutta, Mohammad Abu Sufian, Sheenrina Miyan Sheen, Sujoyanti Chowdhury   PDF
Article - 8 Title Hybrid Cooling System for Solar PV Panel 4079 - 4083
Authors Rickric O. Gratela, Joyce Ann S. Martes, Gerome I. Pagatpatan, Edmon O. Fernandez, Timothy M. Amado, Ira C. Valenzuela   PDF
Article - 9 Title Simulation Study of Elliptical Thin Walled Structure Crash Box with Holed Initiator through Axial and Oblique Impact 4084 - 4090
Authors Jeffery Jep Brown, Al Emran bin Ismail, Dave Kidau anak Willie Chiak Mong   PDF
Article - 10 Title Experimental Thermal evaluation of Fluidized Bed Cooling Tower (FBCT) with various Bed elevations and Spherical turbulent balls 4091 - 4096
Authors N.Mukilarasan, R.Karthikeyan   PDF
Article - 11 Title Fuzzy Logic Fed Novel Dual Winding Solid State Transformer based on Dual Active Bridge for Power Quality Improvement 4097 - 4101
Authors Saju N , Dr. Jegathesan V   PDF
Article - 12 Title Enactment of Conventional Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting CFBC Cyclone Separator Performance 4102 - 4111
Authors Dr.Vijayakumar M, Karthikeyan Subramanian, Prasanna N, Ajay S   PDF
Article - 13 Title Analysis of Performance Using IDE Frame Work 4112 - 4117
Authors Dr.M.Vijayakumar, N.Prasanna, M.Kishanth   PDF
Article - 14 Title Production of Recycled Plastic Coarse Aggregates and its Utilization in Concrete 4118 - 4122
Authors Ajey Kumar V G, Karthik M, Dr. Mangala Keshava   PDF
Article - 15 Title A Modern themed System for Patients Security of data exposure in semi-convinced Servers in the Cloud 4123 - 4127
Authors Parikshith Nayaka S K, Dayanand Lal.N, Vasudev Shahapur, Saritha A K, Nida Kousar   PDF
Article - 16 Title Mobile Application Design to Improve Accessibility for People with Visual Impairment 4128 - 4132
Authors Alexi Delgado, Juan Pacherres Alor   PDF
Article - 17 Title The Indirect method of obtaining Estimates of the Parameters of Radio Signals of covert means of obtaining Information 4133 - 4139
Authors Oleg Barabash, Oleksand Laptiev, Volodymyr Tkachev, Oleksii Maystrov,Oleksandr Krasikov,Igor Polovinkin   PDF
Article - 18 Title Binary Logistic Gradient Transformation Based Behavioral Modeling for the Early Mental Health Illness Diagnosis 4140 - 4145
Authors Sandeepkumar Hegde, Rajalaxmi Hegde   PDF
Article - 19 Title The Simulation and Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Algorithm of Image Comparison in Correlation-Extreme Navigation Systems 4146 - 4151
Authors NataliiaYeromina, Sergey Petrov, Yurii Samsonov, Sergii Pisarevskiy, SergiyKaplun, IhorVlasenko   PDF
Article - 20 Title A Novel Approach to Comparative Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Energy Aware Multi-Layered Job Scheduling in Heterogeneous Cloud 4152 - 4159
Authors Vinod Kumar Saroha, Dr. Sanjeev Rana   PDF
Article - 21 Title A Novel Hybrid Machine Learning Approach to Classify the Sentiment Value of Natural Language Processing in Big Data 4160 - 4165
Authors Palli Suryachandra , Prof.P.Venkata Subba Reddy   PDF
Article - 22 Title Reengineering of the Construction Companies Based on BIM-technology 4166 - 4172
Authors TetyanaHoncharenko, Yuri Chupryna, Iryna Ivakhnenko, Miroslava Zinchenco, Tetiana Tsyfra   PDF
Article - 23 Title Implementation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer to Improve the Voltage Stability of a multi Bus System 4173 - 4177
Authors B Venkateshnaik, A Nagaraju, Sindhu M   PDF
Article - 24 Title Statistical Analysis and Prediction Models for Performance of Re-mixed Concrete in Hot Climate Regions 4178 - 4184
Authors Mereen H. Fahmi, Ayed Z. Saber, Khaleel H. Younis   PDF
Article - 25 Title Fuzzy-AHP based Decision Support Model for Assessing Public Transport Service 4185 - 4192
Authors Ditdit Nugeraha Utama, Ari Nur Rokhman, Nadinta Putri, Agam Riangga, Raffie Rizky Fauzi   PDF
Article - 26 Title Harnessing Green Cloud Computing- An Energy Efficient Methodology for Business Agility and Environmental Sustainability 4193 - 4200
Authors Bharani Dharan G, Dr.Jayalakshmi S   PDF
Article - 27 Title A Simple and Aggressive Dynamic Voltage/Frequency Scaling Technique for EDZL Scheduling on Multiprocessors 4201 - 4205
Authors Sangchul Han   PDF
Article- 28 Title AC Circulating Current Control in Modular Multilevel Converter based on Estimation of Capacitor Voltages through Kalman Observer 4206 - 4212
Authors M Venkatesh, Dr. K Chandra Sekhar   PDF
Article - 29 Title Development of Offset Microstrip Line Fed Patch Antenna for 4.9 GHz Public Safety WLAN 4213 - 4219
Authors A. Sudhakar, M. Sunil Prakash, M. Satyanarayana   PDF
Article - 30 Title Optimized Fuzzy Logic Solar Module MPPT Controller Modelling using PSO 4220 - 4225
Authors Pankaj Kumar Gupta   PDF
Article - 31 Title Leaching of Copper Ores: Effects of Operating Variables 4226 - 4235
Authors Yousef Mubarak   PDF
Article - 32 Title Aeration effect on bacteria morphology contained in Bioactivators for household waste water treatment 4236 - 4240
Authors O.G. Selivanov, A.A. Skop, E.S. Pikalov, A.S. Kolosova   PDF
Article - 33 Title An efficient reduced model applied to the study of the mechanical reliability of an Aircraft’s Wing 4241 - 4246
Authors Aziz Hraiba, Achraf Touil, Ahmed Mousrij   PDF
Article - 34 Title Torsion Strength of Dissimilar Metals Friction Weld Joint of A6061-St41 Round Bar with Various One-Sided Chamfer Angle and Burn-Off Length 4247 - 4253
Authors Yudy Surya Irawan, Bastian Irvan Wasila, Tjuk Oerbandono   PDF
Article - 35 Title Effect of Chromium on High Performance Cement Mortar 4254 - 4261
Authors Ravi Sanker Reddy.B, Madhusudana Reddy .B   PDF
Article - 36 Title Performance Comparison of IPFC- Based Controllers for to Dampen Oscillations in the Power system 4262 - 4268
Authors Manjunatha S C , Dr.Shankarappa F Kodad , Dr.Dakka.Obulesu   PDF
Article - 37 Title An Efficient Siamese Network Based Multi-Biometric Key Distribution Protocol for Cloud Data Security 4269 - 4277
Authors Ruth Ramya Kalangi, Dr. M.V.P. Chandra Sekhara Rao   PDF
Article - 38 Title An Efficient Energy Saving Scheme Through Sorting Technique for Wireless Sensor Network 4278 - 4286
Authors Hitesh Mohapatra, Sourabh Debnath, Amiya Kumar Rath, Pravinkumar B Landge, S. Gayen, R. Kumar   PDF
Article - 39 Title An Experimental Study of Pavement Quality Concrete for Rural Roads in India Using Plastic and Industrial Wastes 4287 - 4292
Authors Karthik M , Shashank V B, Ajey Kumar V G   PDF
Article - 40 Title Android Mobile Augmented Reality Application for 3D Visualization of Museum Collectibles in Surakarta 4293 - 4300
Authors Heru Supriyono, Muhammad Wildan Hanani, Andrea Yahya   PDF
Article - 41 Title Artificial Neural Network for Classification of Immature and Mature Coffee Beans Using RGB Values 4301 - 4305
Authors William R. Eustaquio, Jesusimo L. Dioses Jr   PDF
Article - 42 Title Applying building energy simulation in the evaluation of the thermal behavior of an apartment in MOROCCO 4306 - 4311
Authors Abdellah Boussafi, Najat Ouaaline   PDF
Article - 43 Title Dynamic Performance of a Dual-Loop ControlledDC Shunt Motor with a Two-Quadrant DC Chopper 4312 - 4317
Authors Elmer R. Magsino, Gerald P. Arada   PDF
Article - 44 Title Smart Mirror Technology on Internet of Things to Enhance Interacive Learning 4318 - 4324
Authors Mochammad Haldi Widianto, Ranny, Nathasia Florentina Thejowahyono, Seto Benson Handoyo   PDF
Article - 45 Title Cattle Sperm Classification Using Transfer Learning Models 4325 - 4331
Authors Jessica S. Velasco, Nilo M. Arago, Roan M. Mamba, Maria Victoria C. Padilla, John Peter M. Ramos, Glenn C. Virrey   PDF
Article - 46 Title Speed of Plan as Parameter for Selection of Bend Types in Highway Geometric Planning 4332 - 4336
Authors Nila Prasetyo Artiwi , Euis Amilia, TB Arya Wiguna   PDF
Article - 47 Title Analysis of Nonstationary Transfer of 1:1 Electrolyte in Intensive Current Regimes 4337 - 4345
Authors Natalia Olegovna Chubyr, Vitaly Alexandrovich Gudza, Makhamet Khuseevich Urtenov, Inna Vladimirovna Shkorkina   PDF
Article - 48 Title Effect of garnet abrasive in water jet peening on AL 6063-T6 alloy 4346 - 4349
Authors D.S.Balaji, T.Jeyapoovan   PDF
Article - 49 Title Classification of Immature and Mature Coffee Beans Using HSV Features and Machine Learning Algorithms 4350 - 4356
Authors Larry B. de Guzman   PDF
Article -50 Title Vehicle Blind Spot Monitoring Phenomenon using Ultrasonic Sensor 4357 - 4365
Authors Adnan, Z., Hassan, M. Z., Ab Wahab N., Najib, S.M., Nasir, N.S   PDF
Article -51 Title Study of the Impact of Redundancy on the Reliability of Pumping units of Oil wells in West Siberia 4366 - 4369
Authors Pyalchenkov D. V., Pyalchenkov V.A   PDF
Article - 52 Title Cloud-based software development and implementation using SAP for teacher attendance monitoringCloud-based software development and implementation using SAP for teacher attendance monitoring 4370 - 4373
Authors Alexi Delgado, Estefo Tume Humberto, Chiara Carbajal   PDF
Article - 53 Title Computer modeling applications in Engineering Graphics lessons 4374 - 4377
Authors Smirnova, Z.V.,Vaganova O.I., Bystrova, N.V. , Kaznacheeva S.N., Krylova T.V.   PDF
Article - 54 Title Fractal Analysis of the Material Surface LayerFractal Analysis of the Material Surface Layer 4378 - 4382
Authors Marina Katanaeva, Tatyana Lartseva, Sergey Yudaev, Oleg Bavykin, Olga Tambovtseva   PDF
Article - 55 Title Simulation of Thermal Power on Bottomhole on the Basis of Experimental Studies of Drilling Tool Operation 4383 - 4389
Authors Mikhail Vasilyevich Merkulov, Rustam Umarkhanovich Juraev, Olga Borisovna Leontyeva, Galina Yurievna Makarova, Yana Borisovna Tarasova   PDF
Article - 56 Title Waste from ceramic bricks, as a raw material for the production of restoration materials 4390 - 4393
Authors Babayev Zabibulla Kamilovich, Masharipova Sharofat Muxammadovna, Musayev Alisher Azamatovich, Ataeva Farida Abdusharipovna   PDF
Article - 57 Title Design and Implementation of a Telescope for Blind People based on an Atmega Controller 4394 - 4398
Authors Fredy Criollo-Sánchez, Cristian Mosquera-Sánchez, Enrique Lee Huamaní   PDF
Article - 58 Title Long Range Communication Technology for Weather Buoy 4399 - 4404
Authors Nilo M. Arago, Edgar A. Galido, Maria Victoria C. Padilla, Lavern M. Tulin, Glenn C. Virrey, Jessica S. Velasco   PDF
Article - 59 Title Enhanced security in IoT Networks using ensemble learning methods-A Cognitive Radio Approach 4405 - 4412
Authors V.Nallarasan, Dr.K.Kottilingam   PDF
Article - 60 Title Machine Learning Based Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Data 4413 - 4419
Authors Khushboo H. Saglani1 Dr. Nitin J. Janwe   PDF
Article - 61 Title Design of a Circularly Polarized Antenna at 2.45GHz with Harmonic Suppression for Material Characterization 4420 - 4425
Authors Maizatul Alice Meor Said, Mohamad Harris Misran, Zahriladha Zakaria, Muhamad Fakhrur Razy Mohd Zin, Lailatul Niza Muhammad   PDF
Article - 62 Title Upper Stomach Disorder Detection System using Backpropagation Artificial Neural Network 4426 - 4432
Authors Fitria Hidayanti, Hari Hadi Santoso, Handoko Endo Prasetyo   PDF
Article - 63 Title Fuzzy Based Classification of X-Ray Images with Convolution Neural Network 4433 - 4436
Authors Simhadri Chinna Gopi, Kaveti Kiran Kumar, Mothukuri Veerabrahmam, Yalanati Ayyappa   PDF
Article - 64 Title Design of EV Charging System by Integrating Renewable Energy Sources with Multiport Converter Modeling 4437 - 4442
Authors Suvvala Jayaprakash, K. Sathish Kumar   PDF
Article - 65 Title Design of a Low-power Smart Antenna System Algorithm 4443 - 4448
Authors Aaron Don M. Africa, Raine Mattheus C. Manuel, Joshua Vincent G. Ligayo, Francis Xavier Asuncion, Janos Lance Tiberio, Raymund Miguel Francisco A. Munchua   PDF
Article - 66 Title Kinetic Analysis of Sequencing Batch Reactor for the Treatment of Tannery Waste water 4449 - 4455
Authors R.Senthilnathan, Dr. K. Thirumavalavan   PDF
Article - 67 Title Supervised Machine Learning algorithm using Sentiment Analysis based on customer feedback for smart phone product 4456 - 4462
Authors K Gurumoorthy, Dr.P Suresh   PDF
Article - 68 Title The Small Air Objects Detection Method on the Basis of Combination of Single-position and Different Receipt of Signals 4463 - 4471
Authors Hennadii Khudov, Andrii Lykianchykov, Dmitry Okipniak, Oleksii Baranik, Oleksii Ovcharenko, Nazar Shamrai   PDF
Article -69 Title On Design of Intelligent Load-Frequency Controllers Considering Variation of Parameters and Generation Rate Constraint 4472 - 4480
Authors Khoat Nguyen   PDF
Article -70 Title Designing Security Testing systems integration using Service Oriented Architecture 4481 - 4484
Authors Alexander Granada Murdoch, Ahmad Nurul Fajar   PDF
Article - 71 Title Development of a Real-Time ECG Signal Transmission Monitoring Algorithm 4485 - 4491
Authors Aaron Don M. Africa, Antonio Miguel Sarmiento Alejo, Grant Lewis Milan Bulaong, Samantha Maxine Ronquillo Santos, Jerrick Spencer KehyengUy   PDF
Article - 72 Title Dual Axis Solar Tracking System with LDR 4492 - 4495
Authors B.Mohan, M.V.Ramesh, Melimi Ravi Kumar, T.Srinivasa Rao,P. Muthukumar   PDF
Article - 73 Title Effect of Elevated Temperature on Performance of Concrete Containing Supplementary Cementitious Material Derived from Coir Industry 4496 – 4501
Authors Balagopal V, Viswanathan T.S   PDF
Article - 74 Title Evaluation of surface profile of holographic diffraction reflective coatings on scattering chart using in laser alarm systems 4502 – 4507
Authors SergeyHerasimov, Yaroslav Kozhushko, Evgeniy Roshchupkin, Volodymyr Dekadin, Volodymyr Djus,Yevgen Melenti   PDF
Article - 75 Title Design of Decoupled Current Controller for Grid Connected Modular Multilevel Converter 4508 - 4514
Authors K. Shivashanker, M. Janaki   PDF
Article - 76 Title Design and Implementation of Fault Tolerant FFT using Original Modules and Redundant Modules 4515 - 4519
Authors Naganaik Mudhavathu , Dr.P.Karpagavalli   PDF
Article -77 Title Noise Distribution Mapping and Ideal Settlement in the Airport Area 4520 - 4525
Authors Fitria Hidayanti, Erna Kusuma Wati, Kiki Rezki Lestari, Hari Hadi Santoso, Widianto Nugroho   PDF
Article -78 Title Innovative Tools for Management the Lifecycle of Strategic Objectives of the Enterprise-Stakeholder in Construction 4526 - 4532
Authors Dmytro Ryzhakov, Oleksandr Dikiy, MaksimDruzhynin,Hanna Petrenko, TetyanaSavchuk   PDF
Article - 79 Title Repair of Slide Guides of Metal Cutting Machines using Composite Materials 4533 - 4536
Authors Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Ivanov   PDF
Article - 80 Title Reducing the Nitrogen Oxides Content in The Internal Combustion Engine Exhaust Gases by Using the Waste Heat Engine 4537 - 4543
Authors M.L. Khasanova, M.S. Dmitriyev, V.V. Rudnev, E.P. Merkulov, V.G. Ulyanova   PDF
Article - 81 Title Lanthanum oxide application for modifying the properties of chemically resistant ceramics produced with Galvanic Sludge additive 4544 - 4547
Authors I.A. Vitkalova, A.S. Uvarova, E.S. Pikalov, O.G. Selivanov   PDF
Article - 82 Title Meticulous Elephant Herding Optimization based Protocol for Detecting Intrusions in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks 4548 - 4554
Authors J.Ramkumar, Dr. R.Vadivel   PDF
Article - 83 Title Mobile application analysis and design with geolocation and data from hospitals near home 4555 - 4559
Authors Alexi Delgado, Asuncion Natalia Caballero-Bedon, Chiara Carbajal   PDF
Article - 84 Title Modrak Algorithm to Minimize Completion Time for n-Jobs m-Machines Problem in Flexible Manufacturing System 4560 - 4566
Authors Dr.M.Nageswara Rao, K.Dileep, Shaik Khadar Basha, Vara Kumari.S   PDF
Article - 85 Title MQTT_SN_QoS: an enhanced MQTT protocol for wireless sensor network in smart parking 4567 - 4573
Authors Hicham Ouldzira, Ahmed Mouhsen, Mohamed Hassoun, Rachid Habachi, Mustafa Elalami   PDF
Article -86 Title Trust Based Technique for the Multicasting in IoT 4574 - 4579
Authors Jaspreet Kaur, Navpreet Kaur   PDF
Article -87 Title Multi-Objective Physician Scheduling using Non-Dominated Sorting Native Binary Particle Swarm Optimization with Deallocation Method 4580 - 4587
Authors Reinardo William Aristya , Antoni Wibowo ,Mira Hidayati , Syariza Abdul Rahman   PDF
Article - 88 Title Multi Feature Grain Repository Structure with Security 4588 - 4595
Authors Ranjitha.V, ShivaPrasada.K.H, Dayanand Lal.N, Asha.G   PDF
Article - 89 Title NHAF-512: New Hash Algorithm Applying Feistel Cipher Structure 4596 - 4600
Authors Christine Charmaine G. San Jose, Sabas G. Lazaro, Jr.   PDF
Article - 90 Title PLI Cancellation from ECG signal Using Modified Sign-Regressor Normalized Least Mean Square Sub band Adaptive Algorithm 4601 - 4606
Authors Madduri Venkateswarlu, S. Nagakishore Bhavanam   PDF
Article - 91 Title Power Quality Enhancement of Grid Integrated Distribution System with Renewable Energy Sources 4607 - 4612
Authors K Lokeswara Rao, SLV Sravan Kumar   PDF
Article - 92 Title Preliminary Study on Yoke Sizing of Concentric Magnetic Gear 4613 - 4617
Authors Mohd Firdaus Mohd Ab Halim, Erwan Sulaiman, Irfan Ali Soomro, Syed Muhammad Naufal Syed Othman   PDF
Article - 93 Title Recognizing Credit Card Fraud Transaction using Spending Behavior-based Transaction Features 4618 - 4624
Authors Sihar Simbolon, Yaya Heryadi   PDF
Article - 94 Title Semantic Web Design of RFID Pharmaceutical Drugs Analytics and Clinics Tracking System 4625 - 4631
Authors Murizah Kassim, Ismail Din, Roslina Mohamad, Norsuzila Ya’acob   PDF
Article - 95 Title Simulation Study of Memristor-Based Digital Logic Circuit using Stateful Logic 4632 - 4639
Authors Ahmad Syaiful Bukhori Abdul Hamid, Syed Abdul Mutalib Al Junid*, Mohd Faizul Md Idros, Abdul Hadi Abdul Razak, Fairul Nazmie Osman, Muhammad Adib Haron   PDF
Article - 96 Title Smart Sleep Monitoring System 4640 - 4647
Authors Chhavi Saksena, Farhaj Rehana, Kanimozhi G and Umayal.C   PDF
Article - 97 Title Comparative Analysis of Thermodynamic Efficiency of Cycles for Various Flowcharts of Refrigerating Unit 4648 - 4653
Authors Larisa Vladimirovna Sumzina, Aleksandr Vasilievich Maksimov   PDF
Article - 98 Title Text Encryption Approach using DNA Computation and Chaotic Indexing 4654 - 4658
Authors Siham Oleiwi Tuam , Sahar Adill Kadum, Fayiz Ali Rashad   PDF
Article - 99 Title The Objects Detection Increasing Probability Method on Integrated Images of the Sight Surface in Difficult Observation Conditions 4659 - 4665
Authors Volodymyr Tarshyn, Alexander Tantsiura, Yaroslav Kozhushko, Volodymyr Vasylyshyn, Viktor Mosharenkov, Yuliia Tarshyna   PDF
Article -100 Title Triple-Junction Solar Cell Modelling Simulation using the PC1D Application 4666 - 4670
Authors Fitria Hidayanti, Erna Kusuma Wati, Kiki Rezki Lestari, Fitri Rahmah, Alvin Liyanto   PDF
Article - 101 Title Analysis and Synthesis of Energy Efficient Techniques in Cloud Computing 4671 - 4680
Authors L. Rajesh, G. Rajesh, X. Mercilin Raajini, K. Martin Sagayam, Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab, Nabihah Ahmad   PDF
Article - 102 Title A Comprehensive Review on Hybrid Multiport Converters for Energy Storage Devices Control and Performance of Electric Motor in EVs 4681 – 4696
Authors Suvvala Jayaprakash, K. Sathish Kumar   PDF
Article -103 Title Fault Distance Estimation Method for Two-Terminal Transmission Line 4697 - 4702
Authors Dr. Ravi Gupta, Preet Lata   PDF
Article - 104 Title Creation of a Rotor-Type UAV with Flight Controllers, Based On a ATmega2560 and STM32f405 Microprocessors 4703 - 4710
Authors Serhii Lienkov, AlexanderMyasischev, Larysa Komarova, Nataliia Lytvynenko, Viktor Shvab, Olexander Lytvynenko   PDF
Article - 105 Title Characteristics of Concrete Modified with Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag (GGBS) as Binding Material 4711 - 4718
Authors Jawad Ahmad, Aneel Manan, Muhammad Asim, Shaheed Ullah, Rahat Ullah, Asif Ali   PDF
Article - 106 Title Novel Trust based ranking for Intrusion Detection and Security Using Deep Learning 4719 - 4725
Authors Josemila Baby, J. R. Jeba   PDF
Article - 107 Title Effect of Antimony Oxide Nanoparticles on Structural, Optical and AC Electrical Properties of (PEO-PVA) Blend for Antibacterial Applications 4726 – 4738
Authors Ranya Mahmood Mohammed , Majeed Ali Habeeb, Ahmed Hashim   PDF
Article - 108 Title Neuro-Fuzzy based MPPT for Solar PV Panel 4739 – 4743
Authors Gerome I. Pagatpatan , Jessa P. Pagkaliwangan, Diether Kyle A. Torcuato, Glenn C. Virrey, John Peter M. Ramos, Ira C. Valenzuela   PDF
Article - 109 Title PI Controlled SVC for Power System Stability 4744 – 4749
Authors Z. Kamis, M.R.A. Ghani, M. Sulaiman, M.N. Kamarudin, H.N.M. Shah   PDF
Article - 110 Title Edge Detection and Identification for Tooth Saw Butt Joint 4750 – 4757
Authors Hairol Nizam Mohd Shah, Muhammad Shadiq Lagani, Zalina Kamis, Mohd Rizuan Baharon   PDF
Article- 111 Title Machine Reliability Analysis and Classification of The Critical Level of A Spare Part Using The Reliability-Centered Spares Method 4758 – 4762
Authors Imam Sodikin , Rahayu Khasanah, Simanullang, Hanna Isabel K   PDF
Article - 112 Title Bio-Oil from Pyrolysis of Pine Fruit as Renewable Alternative Energy Using Ni/Mo/Zeolite as Catalyst 4763– 4767
Authors Suratno Lourentius , Setiyadi, Albert Gunadhi   PDF
Article - 113 Title Camera Based Artificial Intelligence for A Smart Vehicle Braking System 4768– 4772
Authors Sonki Prasetya, Hasvienda M. Ridlwan , Hendri DS Budiono , Ario Sunar Bhaskoro , Agung Shamsuddin , Mohammad Adhitya , Danardono A Sumarsono   PDF
Article - 114 Title Heat Transfer Prediction of a Zeolite Bed Through Addition of Metal Additives 4773 – 4776
Authors Andi Taufan, Umi Hanifah   PDF
Article - 115 Title The Thickness Effect of Exothermic Sleeve Made From Rice Husk on Its Performance as A Riser in Steel Casting 4777– 4783
Authors Wiwik Purwadi, Dewi Idamayanti , Beny Bandanadjaja, Muhammad Zanet, Muhammad Rizki Gorbyandi Nadi   PDF
Article - 116 Title Chemical preparations, crystal data for monophosphates and condensed Phosphates associated to manganese and IR studies of their anions 4784 - 4798
Authors Hamza Marouani, Rachida Oubouaza, Soufiane Zerraf, Ali Ouasri, MalikaTridane Said Belaaouad   PDF
Article - 117 Title The Effect of Fiber Pretreatment On Physical and Mechanical Properties in Water Hyacinth Fiber Composite , 4799 - 4805
Authors Jarwo Darmanto, Sulardjaka, Agus Suprihanto   PDF
Article - 118 Title The Application of Coffee Grinding Machine to increase the Production Capacity of Temanggung Coffee 4806 - 4811
Authors Vivi Endar Herawati , Lintan Dian Saraswati , Muhammad Arfan , Gilar Pandu Annanto, Rahmat Mafuh Ihsan   PDF
Article - 119 Title Rice Husk Ash Selection as Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Sealing Ceramic Material 4812 - 4818
Authors Gunawan, Sulistyo, Iwan Setiawan, Agus Suprayitno   PDF
Article - 120 Title Integration of Quality Function Deployment and Value Engineering: A Case Study On Waiting Chair Products 4819 - 4827
Authors Imam Safi’i, Silvi Rushanti Widodo, Dyah Lintang Trenggonowati   PDF
Article - 121 Title Overloading Vehicle Impact Analysis on the Performance of Toll Road Traffic 4828 - 4833
Authors Deni Setiawan, Tri Tjahjono   PDF
Article - 122 Title Product Transportation System Model Design of Category IV Gamma Irradiator Using Object Oriented Simulation 4834 - 4839
Authors Fatin Yuniarti, Adi Abimanyu, Hartomo Soewardi   PDF
Article - 123 Title Changes of Mechanical Properties and Color from Arabica Coffee Cherry to Green Bean 4840 - 4844
Authors Arie Sudaryanto, Dadang D Hidayat, Ashri Indriati, Seri Intan K, Mirwan A. Karim   PDF
Article - 124 Title Effect of Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) at Temperatures of 900 and 950oc for 5 Minutes on Microstructural Formation of Fe-25Ni-17Cr Austenitic Stainless Steel 4845 - 4853
Authors M. Dani1, S. Mustofa, Parikin, Sumaryo, T. Sudiro, B. Hermanto, D. R. Adhika, A. Insani, A. Dimyati, Syahbuddin, Sri Hardjanto, E. A. Basuki, C. A. Huang   PDF
Article - 125 Title Synthesized Silica Mesoporous from Silica Geothermal Assisted with CTAB and Modified by APTMS 4854 - 4860
Authors Silviana Silviana, Adi Darmawan, Atikah Ayu Janitra, Amar Ma’ruf, Isabel Triesty   PDF
Article - 126 Title Silicon preparation derived from geothermal silica by reduction using magnesium 4861 - 4866
Authors Silviana Silviana , Amar Ma’ruf   PDF
Article - 127 Title Designing the label giving Robot Arm in the packing box 4868 - 4874
Authors Hans Kevin, Hendra Tjahyadi, Arnold Aribowo , Alfa Satya Putra   PDF
Article - 128 Title LiNi 0.80 Co 0.15 Al 0.05 O2/LiCoO2 blends for high performance li-ion batteries 4875 - 4880
Authors Muhammad Nur Ikhsanudin, Setia Utaminingtyas, Cornelius Satria Yudha, Hendri Widiyandari , Agus Purwanto   PDF
Article - 129 Title Synthesis and characterization of Tali Bamboo Particle Reinforced Polyester Composites 4881 - 4887
Authors Martijanti, Ariadne L. Juwono1,Sutarno   PDF
Article - 130 Title Genetic Algorithm Based Optimal Trajectories Planning for Robot Manipulators on Assigned Paths 4888 - 4893
Authors Obe O. O., Ajayi E. A., Odewale O. O.   PDF