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Volume 8 No. 1.1 (2019) S I

Article - 1 Title Assessment Instruments for Accreditation: A Data Management System Design & Implementation 1 - 7
Authors A.S. Elhassan and W.S. Elhassan   PDF
Article - 2 Title Controlling Energy Consumption by Internet of Things (IoT) Applications 8 - 11
Authors Asim Majeed, Rehan Bhana and Shaheed Parvez   PDF
Article - 3 Title Management Control Over Financial Reporting In The Local Government – Selected Issues 12 - 16
Authors Piotr Sołtyk   PDF
Article - 4 Title Life Cycle Assessment Use For Identification Of Environmental Profiles Of Different Scenarios For Handling Defective Products 17 - 21
Authors Tomasz Nitkiewicz and Katarzyna Grondys   PDF
Article - 5 Title Adults’ Digital Competence And Readiness For Online Learning: Preliminary findings on Latvian adult learners’ readiness to study online 22 - 27
Authors Evija Mirke and Sarma Cakula   PDF
Article - 6 Title The direction of the academic orientations of students in the process of implementation of the Education course as a value 28 - 30
Authors Dr.Habil.Psych, Prof. Mara Vidnere, Dr.Psych and Nikiforov   PDF
Article - 7 Title Courses of Information Technologies and Statistics for the Students of Health Care 31 - 34
Authors Oskars Rasnacs and Maris Vitins   PDF
Article - 8 Title Impact of Audit Quality on Earnings Management: Case of Lebanon 35 - 41
Authors Fleur C. Khalil and Rita G. Yammine   PDF
Article - 9 Title Real time License Saudi Plate Recognition Using Raspberry Pi 42 - 47
Authors Loay Alzubaidi and Ghazanfar Latif   PDF
Article - 10 Title Towards a New Critical Role of Information Systems in the Modern Decision Making Process 48 - 53
Authors Lile Ramona, Andrei-Mihai Luchian, Elena-Corina Boscoianu, Mircea Boscoianu and Victor Vladareanu   PDF
Article - 11 Title Integration of Case Study Approach, Project Design and Computer Modeling in Managerial Accounting Education with a Diploma Thesis Development as an Example 54 - 59
Authors Arkadiusz Januszewski   PDF
Article - 12 Title Entrepreneurship in the Area of Activity of Key ICT Clusters in Poland 60 - 66
Authors Tomasz Żminda   PDF
Article - 13 Title Coagulation Attacks Over Networked Uavs: Concept, Challenges, and Research Aspects 67 - 72
Authors Vishal Sharma , Ravinder Kumar, Kathiravan Srinivasan and Dushantha Nalin K. Jayakodyx   PDF
Article - 14 Title Mergers of Operators and Regulation: a Game – Theoretic Approach 73 - 78
Authors Olivier Lefebvre   PDF
Article - 15 Title The Applicability of Course Experience Questionnaire in Indian Students Context 79 - 83
Authors Pankaj Deshwal, Swati Sharma and , Anjali Mishra   PDF
Article - 16 Title Student Course Experience, Personality Type and Residence Distance 84 - 88
Authors Pankaj Deshwal, Nitin Kakkar, Apoorv Anand Srivastava and Priyank Khattar   PDF
Article -17 Title Facebook Blog Innovation Experience, Age and Residence Distance Daily Travel 89 - 93
Authors Pankaj Deshwal, Apoorv Anand Srivastava, Priyank Khattar and Nitin Kakkar   PDF
Article - 18 Title Mobile Learning Readiness and Time of Daily Use 94 - 99
Authors Pankaj Deshwal, Priyank Khattar, Apoorv Anand Srivastava and Nitin Kakkar   PDF
Article - 19 Title A Hybrid Model for Information Security Risk Assessment 100 - 106
Authors Sami Haji, Qing Tan and Rebeca Soler Costa   PDF
Article - 20 Title Novel Approach for the Continuous Flight Rescheduling Problem Resolution 107 - 112
Authors Kammoun Mohamed Ali and Rezg Nidhal   PDF
Article - 21 Title New digital technologies through Omni channels for Consumer Engagement- Case study: Catering Industry 113 - 115
Authors Virgil Popa   PDF
Article - 22 Title Information System Governance in Moroccan Universities: Case of Student Affairs 116 - 120
Authors El Mostafa Rajaallah, Youmna El Hissi and Abdelkrim Haqiq   PDF
Article - 23 Title Business Intelligence as a Future Analysis And Interpretation Of Data In Real Time 121 - 126
Authors Małgorzata Oleś   PDF
Article - 24 Title Improvement of the Material’s Mechanical Characteristics using Intelligent Real Time Control Interfaces in HFC Hardening Process 127 - 132
Authors Luige Vladareanu, Mihaiela Iliescu, Victor Vladareanu, Alexandru Gal, Octavian Melinte, Florentin Smarandache and Adrian Margean   PDF
Article - 25 Title Reliability Approach of a Compressor System using Reliability Block Diagrams 133 - 138
Authors Dan Iudean, Alexandru Cretu, Radu Munteanu jr. Rozica Moga, Nicoleta Stroia, Daniel Moga and Luige Vladareanu   PDF
Article - 26 Title Application for Position and Load Reference Generation of a Simulated Mechatronic Chain 139 - 144
Authors Victor Vladareanu, Sergiu Boris Cononovici, Marcel Migdalovici, Hongbo Wang, Yongfei Feng and Florentin Smarandache   PDF
Article - 27 Title Facebook Blog Innovation Experience, Course and Hosteller 145 - 150
Authors Pankaj Deshwal and Rishikesh Ranjan   PDF
Article - 28 Title Demand Forecasting in an Automobile Supply Chain Using Time Series Model 151 - 154
Authors Umang Soni, Pankaj Deshwal and Ayush Trivedi   PDF
Article - 29 Title Hostel Service Quality Assessment among Technical Students 155 - 159
Authors Pankaj Deshwal, Umang Soni and Ayush Sultania   PDF
Article - 30 Title Implementation of Cost-Effective RFID based Smart Parking Management System with Enabled GSM Feature 160 - 163
Authors Yuvraj Zala, Akash Patel, Deval Makwana and Ravi Botta   PDF
Article - 31 Title Algorithm for Manufacturing Planning Under Unavailability Constraints 164 - 168
Authors Wajih Ezzeddine, Je´re´mie Schutz and Nidhal Rezg   PDF
Article - 32 Title Vehicular ad hoc networks: From simulations to real-life scenarios 169 - 174
Authors Rejab Hajlaoui, Tarek Moulahi and Hervé Guyennet   PDF
Article - 33 Title A Web Development System for Producing an Interactive Electronic Book 175 - 180
Authors Mutaz Rasmi Abu Sara and Ahmad Abdulqader Abuseeni   PDF
Article - 34 Title An Arabic Language-Processing Computer Program for Building Verb Formats Using a New Method That Incorporates Pronunciation 181 - 185
Authors Ahmad Abdulqader Abuseeni , Mutaz Rasmi Abu Sara and Rashad J. Rasras   PDF
Article - 35 Title IoT and Big Data in well-aging: the IoTEA project 186 - 190
Authors Víctor M. González, José R. Villar, Enrique de la Cal, Manuel Menéndez, Javier Sedano and Juan Álvarez   PDF
Article - 36 Title The Relationship between Unified Communications and Big Data Analytics 191 - 194
Authors Bola Abimbola and Qing Tan   PDF
Article - 37 Title Technology of Structural Optimization for Subsidiary in Enterprise Information Systems 195 - 201
Authors Saif Q. Muhamed, Mohammed Q. Mohammed, Thaker Nayl, DmitriyMikhnov and Alina Mikhnova   PDF
Article - 38 Title Robot Advanced Intellectual Control developed through Flexible Intelligent Portable Platform 202 - 208
Authors Luige Vladareanu, Victor Vladareanu, Hongnian Yu, Hongbo Wang and Florentin Smarandache   PDF
Article - 39 Title On Environment’s Mathematical Model and Multi- legged Walking Robot Stable Evolution 209 - 215
Authors Marcel Migdalovici, Sergiu Cononovici, Victor Vladareanu, Gabriela Vladeanu, Miahi Stelian Munteanu, Daniela Baran, Hongbo Wang and Yongfei Feng   PDF
Article - 40 Title Shortest Path Problem under Interval Valued Neutrosophic Setting 216 - 222
Authors Said Broumi, Assia Bakali, Mohamed Talea, Florentin Smarandache, K. P. Krishnan Kishore and Rıdvan Şahin   PDF
Article - 41 Title Personalized Learning Style for Adaptive E-Learning System 223 - 240
Authors Nashwa AbdelAziz Ali, Fathy Eassa and Essam Hamed   PDF
Article - 42 Title ADSS: Automated Decision Support Systems 231 - 237
Authors Manal Abdulllah, Waad Alshehri, Samar Alamri and Norah almutairi   PDF
Article - 43 Title WDSS: Web-Based Decision Support Systems 238 - 244
Authors Manal Abdullah, Manahil Alqulaity and Wejdan Bajaber   PDF
Article - 44 Title Agent-based Big Data Mining 245- 252
Authors Nojod M. Alotaibi, Manal Abdullah and Hala Mosli   PDF
Article - 44 Title Agent-based Big Data Mining 245- 252
Authors Nojod M. Alotaibi, Manal Abdullah and Hala Mosli   PDF
Article - 45 Title Arabic Handwriting Recognition Model based on Neural Network Approach 253 - 258
Authors Manal Abdullah, Afnan Agal , Mariam Alharthi and Mariam Alrashidi   PDF
Article - 46 Title E - Collaboration Knowledge Management 259 - 265
Authors Manal Abdullah , Monirah Almalki and Hanaa Blahmer   PDF
Article - 47 Title Daniel of Service Attack Detection using Classification Techniques in WSNs 266 - 272
Authors Manal A. Abdullah, Bdoor M. Alsolami, Hana M. Alyahya and Maha H. Alotibi   PDF
Article - 48 Title Data & Information Management In Decision Making Processes In An Intelligent Enterprise 273 - 279
Authors Monika Łobaziewicz   PDF
Article - 49 Title Analysis and Comparison of the National Diagnostic Paper-Based and Online Tests 280 - 286
Authors Loreta Juskaite   PDF
Article - 50 Title Extracting Information Based on Partial or Complete Network Data 287 - 293
Authors James Carbaugh, Matthew Fletcher, Ralucca Gera, Woei Chieh Lee, Russell Nelson and Joyati Debnath   PDF
Article - 51 Title Corporates Governance : A Complementary Model for Multi Frameworks and tools 294 - 299
Authors Fekry Fouad   PDF
Article - 52 Title A Model for the Development of A Chatter Bot/Chat Bot for Field of Public Health using the Example of Automated Online Breast Feeding Helper 300 - 302
Authors Himanshi. H. L.N and Karunathilake. I. M   PDF
Article - 53 Title The Computer Simulator - a Modern Training Method of Objects of an Economic Profile 303 - 307
Authors Tea Munjishvili and Akaki Mikaberidze   PDF
Article - 54 Title Decentralized Social and Economic Network as an Alternative Economic Relations Development In Society 308 - 313
Authors Larysa Nekrasenko, Antonina Kalinichenko, Anna Brzozowska and Bohdan Lazurenko   PDF
Article - 55 Title Mobile Commerce in Europe - Comparative Study 314 - 318
Authors Aleksandra PTAK   PDF
Article - 56 Title The Selected Relationships in the Area of Transport Management of the Analyzed Company 319 - 324
Authors Marta Kadłubek   PDF
Article - 57 Title Discharge Curve Analysis of a Lead-Acid Battery Model 325 - 330
Authors José H. F. Viana, Juliana O. Costa, Iago C. Nilson, David C. C. Freitas and Hugerles S. Silva   PDF
Article - 58 Title Design and Analysis of a Spatial Four-DOF Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot 331 - 337
Authors Hongbo Wang Yongfei Feng, Xincheng Wang, Lingxue Ren, Jianye Niu and Luige Vladareanu   PDF
Article - 59 Title Study of Losses in the Production Line of Large Footwear Company 338 - 343
Authors Marcelo S. Alencar, He´lio M. Mesquita and Thiago T. Alencar   PDF
Article - 60 Title The Role of Maturity Driven Software Process Improvement in an Industry 344 - 350
Authors Asadullah Shaikh   PDF