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Volume 9 No. 1.1 (2020) S I

Article - 1 Title A Review on Green Logistics Paradox 1 - 5
Authors Rozelin A, Muhammad Z S, Mimi Suriani M D, Faradina A, M Ramzi M N, Hairul R S, Noor Idiana N   PDF
Article - 2 Title Swine Management System in PLF Integrating Image Processing for Weight Monitoring 6 -11
Authors Anrem J. Balontong, Bobby Gerardo and Ruji P. Medina   PDF
Article - 3 Title The Implementation of Global Position System (GPS) among the Cement Transporters and its Impact to Business Performance 12 -16
Authors Hairul Rizad Md Sapry, Ahmad Faiz Muzaffar, Abd Rahman Ahmad and Shathees Baskaran   PDF
Article - 4 Title Open IOT Service Platform Technology with Semantic Web 17 -21
Authors T. Rupa Rani, G. Lavanya, Dr. H. Shaheen, Anusha R and K.Nartkannai   PDF
Article - 5 Title Future of Audit with Pro-Auditor With Data Analytics 22 -27
Authors Mohamad Asyraaf Akmal Bin Haja Maidin and Savita Sugathan   PDF
Article - 6 Title Applying Modified TF-IDF with Collocation in Classifying Disaster-Related Tweets 28 -33
Authors Gleen A. Dalaorao, Ariel M. Sison and Ruji P. Medina   PDF
Article - 7 Title Convolutional Neural Network for Automatic Speech Recognition of Filipino Language 34 -40
Authors Felizardo Reyes Jr., Arnel Fajardo and Alexander Hernandez   PDF
Article - 8 Title Machine Learning for Cyber Threat Detection 41 - 46
Authors Pournima More and Pragnyaban Mishra   PDF
Article - 9 Title Modified Ensemble of Pruned set for non-linear dataset 47 - 50
Authors Oneil B. Victoriano and Arnel C. Fajardo   PDF
Article - 10 Title A Modified Apriori Algorithm to Mine Association Rules using Relative Multiple Supports 51 - 56
Authors Miriam P. Pariñas, Ariel M. Sison and Ruji P. Medina   PDF
Article - 11 Title Machine Learning Integration of Herzberg’s Theory using C4.5 Algorithm 57 - 63
Authors Alexen A. Elacio, Luisito L. Lacatan, Albert A. Vinluan and Francis G. Balazon   PDF
Article - 12 Title Prototype of a Compact Assistant Surveillance Robot for Search and Rescue Operations 64 - 68
Authors Elvin Yano, Louise Sebastian Reyes, Paul Randell Castro,Joseph Joshua Tarroza and Anthony James Bautista   PDF
Article - 13 Title Crime Data Forecasting using Exponential Smoothing 69 - 75
Authors Everly Chua and Gilbert Tumibay   PDF
Article - 14 Title Freshness Classification of Milkfish (Chanos chanos) using Wavelet Transformation in Image Extraction 76 - 79
Authors Renante A. Diamante, Bobby D. Gerardo and Arnel C. Fajardo   PDF
Article - 15 Title Investigating Implementation of Green Port Initiative at Johor Port Berhad 80 - 84
Authors Hairul Rizad Md Sapry, Farah Hanis Umar, Abd Rahman Ahmad and Shathees Baskaran   PDF
Article - 16 Title Secured Private Key Handling using Transposition Cipher Technique 85 - 89
Authors Maricel Grace Z. Fernando, Ariel M. Sison and Ruji P. Medina   PDF
Article - 17 Title Modification of Search Direction in Steepest Descent Method and Its Application in Regression Analysis 90 - 95
Authors Siti Farhana Husin, Mustafa Mamat, Mohd Asrul Hery Ibrahim, Mohd Rivaie and Mohamad A Mohamed   PDF
Article - 18 Title Feature-based Automatic Image Stitching Using SIFT, KNN and RANSAC 96 - 101
Authors Alex Caparas, Arnel Fajardo and Ruji Medina   PDF
Article - 19 Title Query Optimization: Fund Data Generation Applying NonClustered Indexing and MapReduced Data Cube Numerosity Reduction Method 102 - 109
Authors Mercy Burawis and Rosmina Joy Cabauatan   PDF
Article - 20 Title A Study on the Crop evacuation process of Oil Palm Fresh Fruit bunch (FFB) 110 - 113
Authors Mohd Lutfi Nadzar and Hairul Rizad Md Sapry   PDF
Article - 21 Title Electromagnetic Interference in the Railway Spot Communication Systems 114 - 118
Authors Siti Fatimah Jainal and Chia Chao Kang   PDF
Article - 22 Title Assistive Technology for Locked-in Syndrome Patients Using Eye Tracker 119 - 124
Authors Ma. Magdalena V. Gatdula   PDF
Article - 23 Title Electroencephalogram Features Based on One Dimensional Local Binary Pattern 125 - 128
Authors Safie S I, Aimullah Taib and Rosuhana Rahim   PDF
Article - 24 Title Adoption Factors on Online Money Transfer Services in a Developing Country: A View on Extended Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology 129 - 137
Authors Jenie L. Plender, Junrie B. Matias and Jesterlyn Q. Timosan   PDF
Article - 25 Title Surface EMG Signal Analysis Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition for Ruqyah Recitation 138 - 141
Authors Safie S I, Rosuhana Rahim and Aimullah Taib   PDF
Article - 26 Title The Development of Ergonomics Risk Assessment Method using Infrared Thermal Imaging 142 - 148
Authors Mohamad Rashid M R, Mohd Amran M D, Ikbar A W and Khairanum S   PDF
Article - 27 Title Exploring Logistic Setup Challenges during a Scheduled Offshore Platform Shutdown 149 - 154
Authors Hairul Rizad Md Sapry and Noor Azirah Zainal Abidin   PDF
Article - 28 Title RFID Tag-Based Dashboard for Factory Production Line Improvement 155 - 157
Authors Ernie Mazuin Mohd Yusof, Muhamad Ikram Azmi, Mohd Shahizan Othman and Ahmad Rizal Mohd Yusof   PDF
Article - 29 Title Study of Students’ Concentration in the Classroom with Quranic Recitation Background using Electroencephalogram 158 - 165
Authors Z Azavitra, Safie S I, M I Yusof, Mohd Aimullah and N H Ja’far   PDF
Article - 30 Title Discrete Curvelet Transform Algorithm for Image Compression System 166 - 169
Authors Noor Huda Ja’afar, Syazmeer Sabudin and Afandi Ahmad   PDF
Article - 31 Title Potential of Global Solar Radiation as Future Energy Source in Southern Region of Peninsular Malaysia 170 - 173
Authors S. Siti Hafshar, A. Johari and H. Hashim   PDF
Article - 32 Title Development of Rational Selection Model for Improvement Initiatives 174 - 181
Authors Mohamad Ikbar A W, Khairanum S, Mohd Amran M D, Fairul Anwar A B, Mazlan A and Ishamuddin M   PDF
Article - 33 Title Mobile-Based Eggplant Diseases Recognition System using Image Processing Techniques 182 - 190
Authors Jake Guabes Maggay   PDF
Article - 34 Title The Implementation Effectiveness of Quality Tools and Techniques 191- 198
Authors Mohd Amran M D, Mohamad Ikbar A W, Fairul Anwar A B and Khairanum S   PDF
Article - 35 Title Comprehensive Measurement System for Electromechanical Relay 199- 204
Authors John Ernest Bombita, Jessie Rey Alsado, Glenn N. Ortiz and Mark Joseph B. Enojas   PDF
Article - 36 Title Automated Gardening Portable Plant Using IoT 205- 211
Authors Siti Nor Zawani Ahmmad, Muhamad Mubin Jaafar, Farkhana Muchtar and Mohd Ismail Yusof   PDF
Article - 37 Title A Review on Applications of Optimization Using Bat Algorithm 212- 219
Authors Siti Nor Zawani Ahmmad and Farkhana Muchtar   PDF
Article - 38 Title Objective Assessment of Surgeon’s Skill using Needle Grasping Virtual Reality Module 220 - 224
Authors Nor Zawani Ahmmad, Eileen Su Lee Ming, Yeong Che Fai, Suneet Sood and Anil Gandhi   PDF
Article - 39 Title Extracting Time-Aligned Topic Segments and Labels from the Speech Transcripts of Video Lectures 225 - 228
Authors Melbert R. Bonotan, Rio Anthony Apego, Daniel Jonell Gorne and Joanna Victoria Saga   PDF
Article - 40 Title Survey on Quality of Services (QoS) at Larkin Central Terminal (LCT), Johor Bahru 229 - 232
Authors Noor Irdiana Ngadiman, Nuur Fathin Roslan, Fauziah Abdul Rahman, Faradina Ahmad, Mimi Suriani Mat Daud and Rozelin Abdullah   PDF
Article - 41 Title Energy Efficient Quadcopter Drone Design using Design of Experiment (DOE) Method 233 - 236
Authors MH Zakaria, Norsahaliza MR and Wan Ibrahim WD   PDF
Article - 42 Title Pearson Correlation Analysis between Radius and Surface Roughness (Ra) Measurements during Turning Processes 237 - 241
Authors Mukhtar N F H, Zawawi F N and Ismail M A   PDF
Article - 43 Title Case Study: The Concept of Subsidising Public Transportation 242 - 245
Authors Mohd Hilmi Abdul Rahman, Donnovan Tan Kong Weng and Rayner Tan Wing Shin   PDF
Article - 44 Title Effect of KOH Concentration on the Properties of Undoped Porous GaN on Sapphire Substrate Prepared by UV assisted Electrochemical Etching 246 - 251
Authors Azzafeerah Mahyuddin, Ashraf Rohanim Asari, Azrina Arshad, Mohd Zaki Mohd Yusoff   PDF
Article - 45 Title Lean Six Sigma Implementation on Reducing Incoming Processes Time in QA Department at Reckitt Benckiser Sdn Bhd 252 - 258
Authors Fairul Anwar A B, Mohd Amran M D, Mohamad Ikbar A W, Khairanum S, Ishamuddin M and Mazlan A   PDF
Article -46 Title Feeding Behavior Classification of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) using Convolutional Neural Network 259 – 263
Authors Ben Saminiano, Arnel Fajardo and Ruji Medina   PDF
Article - 47 Title Development Of Wireless Power Transfer Using Electromagnetic for Mouse Application 264 – 271
Authors Chia Chao Kang   PDF
Article - 48 Title Digital Data Classification and Extraction for Records Management of PAPS and PACS Documents 272 – 277
Authors Jennifer E. Sabugaa and Glenn S. Lahayon   PDF
Article - 49 Title Blended Online and Offline Robotics Learning Program Using Low-Cost Mobile Educational Robot 278 – 282
Authors Anthony James C. Bautista   PDF
Article -50 Title Assessing the Supply Chain Management among Bumiputera Entrepreneurs in Johor 283– 287
Authors Khairul Firdaus Adrutdin, Muhammad Imran Qureshi and Nordiana Norazlan   PDF
Article - 51 Title Authentication and Authorization Model for Safeguarding Mission Critical Applications in Pervasive Environment 288– 298
Authors Norhusna Binti Baharom and Manmeet Mahinderjit Singh   PDF
Article - 52 Title Industrial Guideline for Injection Moulding : Case of Jaundice Meter 299– 303
Authors Naqibah Azman, Nik Hisyamudin Muhd Nor, Mohd Fahrul Hassan, Mohd Hafiz Bin Burhan, Siti Zarina Muhd Muji, Fariza Mohamad, Faiz Mohd Turan, Abdul Rahman Bahasa and Yokoyama Seiji   PDF
Article - 53 Title Construction of Nanorod-TiO2/p-Cu2O Heterostructure Thin Films for Solar Cell Application 304– 310
Authors Nurliyana Mohamad Arifin , Fariza Mohamad, Lok Yong Sheng, Anis Zafirah Ismail , Norazlina Ahmad, Nik Hisyamudin Muhd Nor and Masanobu Izaki   PDF
Article - 54 Title The Framework to Analyze the Factors and Aspects of Information Security Program Maturity Grid 311– 315
Authors Asadullah Shaikh   PDF
Article - 55 Title Fever Monitoring and Alert System for Children using Thermographic Camera 316– 327
Authors Munirah Ab. Rahman, Saw Zheng Yi, Nor Shahida Mohd Shah and Mohd Aiman Irfan   PDF
Article - 56 Title Large Scale Topographic Map Comparison Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Imagers and Real Time Kinematic (RTK) 328– 338
Authors Mohd Yazid Abu Sari, Asmala Ahmad, Yana Mazwin Mohmad Hassim, Shahrin Sahib, Nasruddin Abu Sari and Abd Wahid Rasib   PDF
Article - 57 Title Intelligent Bothouse: Trend of Development of Industry 4.0 339– 349
Authors Ruhaya Ab. Aziz, Chan Kah Chun, Hanayanti Hafit and Adila Firdaus Arbain   PDF
Article -58 Title Experimental Analysis on Kapton Material using Peltier Thermoelectric De-vice 350– 354
Authors AH Dahalan,2,M. Z. A. Abd. Aziz, M.A. Othman and MS Amri   PDF
Article - 59 Title Visual Inspection of High Risk Slope by Micro-UAV Air-craft 355– 360
Authors Norhayati Ngadiman, Masiri Kaamin, Mohamad Ridzuan Bin Rosdi and Mohd Effendi Daud   PDF
Article -60 Title An Enhanced Concept Based Approach for User Centered Health Information Retrieval to Address Medical and Vocabulary Mismatched Issues 361– 369
Authors Ibrahim Umar Kontagora, Isredza Rahmi A. Hamid and Nurul Aswa Omar   PDF
Article - 61 Title Plant Watering System using Mobile Application 370– 373
Authors Mohd Soperi Mohd Zahid and Nur Nabila Abdul Wahab   PDF
Article - 62 Title Bitcoin Price Forecasting using Different Artificial Neural Network and Training Algorithm 374– 378
Authors Loh Eng Chuen, Shuhaida Ismail and Aida Mustapha   PDF
Article - 63 Title Data Mining Techniques in Food Safety 379– 384
Authors Rajina R Mohamed, Razali Yaacob, Mohamad A Mohamed, Tengku Azahar Tengku Dir, F A Rahim and Abd Rasid Mamat   PDF
Article - 64 Title JARI – Malaysian Sign Language Translator 385 - 394
Authors Sofiah Sajap, Norhanifah Murli and Nurul Amirah Paham   PDF
Article - 65 Title Iot-Based Tropical Plant Monitoring 395 -399
Authors Norfaradilla Wahid and Nur Liesa Mohammad Azemi   PDF
Article - 66 Title A Development of Logical Design Flowchart for Computerized System of Problem Solving and Improvement Procedure 400 - 407
Authors Mohd Amran M D, Nur Afiqah S, Rahimah K, Mohamad Ikbar A W and Khairanum   PDF
Article - 67 Title Binary Voting Fragmented Database Replication Model 408 - 413
Authors Noraziah Ahmad, Ainul Auni Che Fauzi, Syifak Izhar Hisham, Zarina Mohd and Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab   PDF
Article - 68 Title A Distributed Big Data Model for Education Sector 408 - 413
Authors A.Fairuzullah, Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab, A.Noraziah and M. Zarina   PDF
Article - 69 Title Performance Evaluation of Active Canopy Sensor towards a Wireless Variable-Rate Fertilizer Application System in Paddy Production 418 - 424
Authors Ani Liza Asnawi, Jusnaini Muslimin, Muhammad Naim and Badril Hisham   PDF
Article - 70 Title Initial-Value Problem of the First-Order Ordinary Differential Equations Graphical User Interface Excel Spreadsheet Calculator using Visual Basic Application Programming 425 - 429
Authors K. G. Tay, T. H. Cheong, S. L. Kek and R. Abdul-Kahar   PDF
Article - 71 Title C-Heart: Augmented Reality of 3D Heart Anatomy 430 - 435
Authors Z. A. Aida Zamnah, M. Siti Azreena and Muhammad Biki Saputra   PDF
Article - 72 Title The Influence of Urban Morphology on Ambient Air Temperature at Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia 436 - 442
Authors Nur Atikah Mohd Zinal, Norpadzlihatun Manap, Amnorzahira Amir, Mohd Yamani Yahya and Marcel Ignatius   PDF
Article - 73 Title Effect of Post-Reflow Cooling Rate on IMC Formation between Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu-0.5Ni (SACN30505) Lead-Free Solders and Electroless Nickel/Immersion Silver (ENIMAG) 443 - 445
Authors J. Zolhafizil, O. Saliza Azlina, A.B. Mohammad Hafiz and Mohd Hilmi Othman   PDF
Article - 74 Title Near-Duplicate Images Detection and Clustering in Large-Scale Image Dataset: A Systematic Literature Review 446 - 460
Authors Nadiah Yusof, Amirah Ismail and Nazatul Aini Abd Majid   PDF
Article - 75 Title Utilization of PEFB Reinforced Box Waste Coated Super-hydrophobic Coating for Shoe Sole Applications 461 - 465
Authors Muhammad Haikal Mohd Fodzi, Noraini Marsi and Chow Li Kien   PDF
Article - 76 Title A Palm Oil Fresh Fruit Bunch Feature Extraction for CBIR Ripeness System 466 – 471
Authors Danial Md Nor, Nor Afifa Md Noor, Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab, Ibrahim Masood and Ashari Kasmin   PDF
Article - 77 Title Classification of Metamorphic Virus using N-grams Signatures 472 – 476
Authors Isredza Rahmi A Hamid, Nur Sakinah Md Sani , Zubaile Abdullah, Cik Feresa Mohd Foozy and Kuryati Kipli   PDF
Article - 78 Title Triangular Fuzzy Number Generator (TriGen) 477 – 482
Authors Muhammad Shukri Che Lah and Nureize Arbaiy   PDF
Article - 79 Title Automated Smoking Cessation Pattern Development through Information Retrieval 483 – 489
Authors Raseeda Hamzah, Amiza Supian, Nursuriati Jamil and Rosniza Roslan   PDF
Article - 80 Title Deep transfer learning for ear recognition: A comparative study 490 – 495
Authors Ali Abd Almisreb, Nursuriati Jamil, Syamimi M. Norzeli and Norashidah Md Din   PDF
Article - 81 Title Framework for document feature extraction based on unoccupied space using triangle model 496 – 500
Authors A. Tahir, M. S. Azmi, N. Ahmad, N. A. Arbain and A. R. Radzid   PDF
Article - 82 Title Methodology for Multi-Stage Document Segmentation in Mushaf Al-Quran using Dominant Foreground: A Preliminary Work 501 – 509
Authors Amirul Ramzani Radzid, Mohd Sanusi Azmi, Intan Ermahani A. Jalil, Zahriah Othman, Azrina Tahir and Nur Atikah Arbain   PDF
Article - 83 Title The Effect of Annealing Treatment on n-Cu2O Thin Film for Homostructure Application 510 – 515
Authors Anis Zafirah Mohd Ismail, Fariza Mohamad, Nurliyana Mohamad Arifin, Norazlina Ahmad, Nik Hisyamudin Muhd Nor and Masanobu Izaki   PDF
Article - 84 Title Effect of TBOT Concentration n-nanorod Tio2 and p-Cu2O for Heterojunction Thin Film Solar Cell Application 516 – 521
Authors Norazlina Ahmad, Fariza Mohamad, Fadilah Norazni Fahrizal, Anis Zafirah Mohd ismail, Nurliyana Mohamad Arifin, Nik Hisyamudin Muhd Nor and Masanobu Izaki   PDF
Article - 85 Title Study of Plasma Induced Damage (PID) through Surface Volt-age Measurement for Helical Resonator Plasma (HRP) Ashers 522 – 528
Authors S.Kanthaana, N. Nafarizalb, Zainab-Ismaila and S.K. Roshnia   PDF
Article - 86 Title Alms-Giving (Zakat) Ontology in the Pillars of Islam 529 – 533
Authors Norsyafeeqa Abdullah Syukor, Nurul Aswa Omar, Asliaty Atim and Aida Mustapha   PDF
Article -87 Title Effect of Streamwise Spacing on the Sound Generated by Flow through Two Square Cylinders in Tandem Arrangement 534 – 541
Authors B. Manshoor I. Zaman, A. Khalid, M.F. Ghazali and Manish K. Khandelwal   PDF
Article - 88 Title Effective Requirement Elicitation Process using Developed Open Source Software Systems 542 – 549
Authors Muhammad Yaseen, Aida Mustapha, Noraini Ibrahim and Umar Farooq   PDF
Article - 89 Title A Modified Cuckoo Search-Markov Chain Monte Carlo: The Alternative Gradient Free Optimisation Algorithm 550– 559
Authors Noor Aida Husaini, Rozaida Ghazali, Lokman Hakim Ismail, Nureize Arbaiy and Habib Shah   PDF
Article - 90 Title Slope Inspections with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) 560– 565
Authors M Kaamin, N B Hamid, M E Daud , N Ngadiman,S Sahat, M E Sanik and M A A.Zahari   PDF
Article - 91 Title Indoor Smart Lighting Controlling using Human Detection 566– 570
Authors Rajina R. Mohamed, M. A Mohamed, Khairul Azmi, Eswara Rao and Wahidah Hashim   PDF
Article - 92 Title Feature Selection for Malware Classification and Detection: A Literature Review 571 – 577
Authors Babak Bashari Rad and Mohammad Kazem Hassan Nejad   PDF
Article - 93 Title Identifying the Correlation of Rainfall and Water Level and Rainfall with Stream Flow In Sungai Johor by using Pearson Correlation Coefficient 578 – 582
Authors Suhaila Sahat, Nur Asyikin Mokhtaruddin, Saifullizan Mohd Bukari, Masiri Kaamin, Mardiha Mokhtar, Nor Baizura Hamid and Norhayati Nyadiman   PDF
Article - 94 Title Analysis of Noise Reduction in Micro Gas Turbine 583 – 588
Authors Anis Elyas Muiz, A. Khalid, A. M. Leman, W. Razzaly2, Azwan Sapit, Azahari Razali and H. Salleh   PDF
Article - 95 Title The Visualization of Sentiment Analysis for Malaysia Financial News Headlines 589 – 594
Authors Shuhaida Mohamed Shuhidan, Nur Aini Shuhada Fadzil and Saidatul Rahah Hamidi   PDF
Article - 96 Title Freight Transport by Road: Challenges Towards the Freight Transport Efficiency 595 – 599
Authors Mimi Suriani Mat Daud, Zuhra Junaida Mohamad Husny Hamid, Muhammad Zaly Shah Muhammad Hussein, Mohd Saipuddin Suliman, Mohd Ramzi Mohd. Nor, Noor Irdiana Ngadima, Rozelin Abdullah and Faradina Ahmad   PDF
Article - 97 Title Internet of Thing (IoT) to Enhance Knowledge Sharing between Faculties, Best Practice and Proposed Modified Systems for Middle East and Gulf Region Area 600 – 605
Authors Ashraf Badawood and Hamad AlBadri   PDF
Article - 98 Title The Association between the Effectiveness of Human Resource Management Functions and the Use of Artificial Intelligence 606 – 612
Authors Omar A. Baakeel   PDF